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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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In another part of the Nine Entrapment Woods, Feng Jiu who had had her fill of fragrant roasted meat had however not proceeded further in.

She was seated under a tree deep in thought. Although the poison in her had already been purged, and her life was safe for now, if she left the Nine Entrapment Woods just like that and returned back to the Feng household, she was thinking it would be hard for the members of the Feng Family to believe that she was the real Feng Qing Ge.

Even though she was Feng Qing Ge, with the exception of that Su Ruo Yun and herself, who would believe that she was the genuine article? As compared to a person who had been disfigured, the Feng Qing Ge with her unparalleled beauty currently in the Feng household would be the one that all of them would rather believe to be real.

She was guessing that if she were to boldly go up to the doors of the Feng Family and proclaim that she was Feng Qing Ge and that Su Ruo Yun was the imposter, it was highly probable that she would not even make it past the main doors of the Feng Family and would even be beaten to death right there and then.

There was another thing. That Su Ruo Yun was no simpleton either! Without an infallible plan, there was no way she would be able to return to the Feng Family.

“Haiz! This body’s previous owner had really left her in a unbelievable pickle.” She clasped her hands together behind her head and laid back to lean against the tree and looked up into the sky above.

“That’s right! I should make use of this chance to lead the energy into my body once more!” Her eyes lit up as she mumbled to herself: “Although I do not know the methodology of how I am to induce the energies to enter the body, but it’s right there in the memories in my brain right! ?”

When that realisation came to her mind, she suddenly felt really excited about it. The people in this world cultivated Immortality. No doubt, more people cultivated Mystical energies as on average, only one or two people in a hundred were able to cultivate Mystical energies, but for Spirit energies cultivation, it was said that the chances were only one or two in ten thousand people.

The difference between Mystical energy cultivation and Spirit energy cultivation was that Mystical energy cultivation was the training of the material body while Spirit energy cultivation was on the Immortal body.

Immortals, ride the clouds and stand on air, summoned the rain and controlled the wind, moved the mountains and overturned the seas, all with a snap of their fingers.

But as people who were able to cultivate Spirit energies were extremely few and rare, and the fact that examiners for Spirit energy cultivators would not exist in a ninth grade small country like the Sun Glory Country, hence, regardless whether they were from aristocratic families or even members of royalty, they were usually just tested as Mystical energy cultivation and they would begin their cultivation from there.

Unless they were extremely highly gifted, and they had a chance to come out of the Sun Glory Country and go to another small country that was seventh grade and above, they might be able to test themselves for Spirit energy cultivation. And from the memories in her mind, she knew that in the entire Sun Glory Country, the number of people who had been able to cultivate Spirit energy came to a grand total of only three.

But the three people who cultivated Immortality that she remembered from the memories had already left the Sun Glory Country for many years and even then, their families in this Sun Glory Country still held a high standing that was unshakable.

Following her heart’s desires, she immediately set to it.

In an instant, she sat with her legs crossed in the lotus position, closed her eyes and followed the cultivation rhyme in her head to lead the energies into her body…..

But, the mind’s imaginations always painted a beautiful picture, but reality was instead cruel.

When she purged her mind of all distracting thoughts and emptied her consciousness, reciting the rhyme for cultivation silently to attempt to lead the energies into her body for almost half a day, she had due to having her eyes closed and having cleared her mind of all thoughts while sitting still for such a long time, carelessly fallen asleep…..


From deep in the woods, a howl from a beast rang out and woke her up.


Opening her still sleep filled eyes, she gave a long big yawn, her entire being still languid with sleep. When she realised that she had fallen asleep while meditating to lead energies into her body, she shook her head helplessly and laughed to herself. “Not thinking of a darned thing and having my eyes closed, it’s really too hard not to doze off!”

Ma.s.saging her neck, she stood up to limber up her legs and as she had just woken up from a nap, her entire person was feeling a whole lot more refreshed. Hence, she sat down once again under the tree in a lotus position. Having had prior experience, this time she remained vigilant with her consciousness, and recited again the rhyme for cultivation.

As time gradually pa.s.sed, about four hours later, at the edges all around her body, the dim presence of mystical power s.h.i.+mmered faintly…..