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Chapter 2023: What am I afraid of?

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Zhuo Junyue saw the young man talking to the people around him and smiled from time to time. As if aware of his gaze, the young man looked at him with a smile in his eyes. When their eyes met, Zhou Junyue’s heart skipped a bit and his pace slowed down. He let the people around him go first and he fell behind in the middle and came to the young man.

Seeing that the man had something to say to Little Jiu, Chai Feng consciously stepped back and left them some s.p.a.ce.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Jiu looked at the man who walked next to her and asked.

“I owe you a debt of grat.i.tude.” Zhuo Junyue inclined his head to look at Feng Jiu. Seeing that her height only reached his neck, he bowed his head slightly to be able to look at her. “Thank you so much for saving me last time.”

Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed. “I don’t remember it at all.”

“I still remember it even if you don’t.” He answered, then said again, “My name is Zhuo Junyue.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Hmm, I see.”

As they were speaking, they saw all of a sudden that the team at the front stopped and everyone looked questioningly at Sage Hun Yuan who motioned everyone to stop.

“Immortal Lord, what’s wrong?” Second Master Chai inquired while simultaneously taking a watchful look towards the surroundings.


Someone cried out. Immediately, Sage Hun Yuan released his divine sense to explore the area at the front. Feng Jiu and Zhuo Junyue also released their divine senses to explore their surroundings. Almost at the same moment, the three recalled their divine senses back.

“Run quickly! This way!”

Sage Hun Yuan shouted loudly and pointed to the front left. “Run quickly! If you slow down, you’ll lose your life! d.a.m.n it, when I say go, why do you just scatter around? Do you hate being alive?”

While scolding, he was looking behind. His gaze swept the crowd and fell on Feng Jiu and Zhuo Junyue. He shouted at Zhuo Junyue. “Junyue! Take care of that muddled kid, don’t let him die!” As soon as he said this, he quickly commanded the crowd to flee.

“Senior Uncle, what has happened?” Fan Yixiu inquired hurriedly and followed him to escape.

At this time, a child of the Chai family who had previously cried out once again screamed in panic and fear. “Ah…save me, save me…”

When the crowd heard the cry and looked back, they saw a swarm of red man-eating ants about the size of the human finger were crawling from behind. The Chai family’s child who had lost his voice and cried for help was surrounded by the man-eating ants in the blink of an eye. His whole body was covered with the ants and in a split second his flesh and blood were eaten clean, leaving only a suit of clothes on the ground.

Seeing this, the crowd gasped and their faces turned deathly pale. “Man-eating ants! One of the five poisons of the Volcano Forest! Run!” At this moment, they finally know why Sage Hun Yuan scolded them. It’s because a disciple poked the man-eating ants’ nest!


The young disciples cried in fear. One of the girls turned pale with fright and sat paralyzed on the ground. She wanted to get up and run for her life, but she felt as if her strength had been taken away. She could not lift her strength at all.

“Get up! Run!”

Chai Feng came to help the clan sister up and propped her up. While looking back, he saw that the last ones were Zhuo Junyue and Little Jiu. He could not help shouting. “Little Jiu, run!”

Zhuo Junyue saw the young man next to him looked calm without a trace of fear on his face. His eyes moved slightly. “You aren’t afraid?”

“I won’t die. What am I afraid of?” Feng Jiu replied. With a move of her palm, a flame flew out from her hand.