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Chapter 2022: Really doesn’t know him

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Zhuo Junyue glanced at Sage Hun Yuan and then at the young man, asking in an indifferent tone. “Didn’t he say that he didn’t know you?”

“You stinky brat, that’s why I asked you. Is he that little scoundrel?” Sage Hun Yuan replied with a stare.

Zhuo Junyue said nothing. He pursed his lips and looked somewhere else.

Seeing that the situation turned stiff, Fan Yixiu came forward after being given a signal by Second Master Chai. “Senior Uncle, anyway, we’re all here. We still have to get along for some time in this area.” His words implied that even though they’re really acquainted, don’t bother since Little Jiu didn’t admit it. They’re going to stay together for some time, anyway, why not just get reacquainted?

“Hmph!” Sage Hun Yuan snorted. He didn’t make any more comments and stared at Feng Jiu who smiled mockingly at him.

“Kid, didn’t you say that you didn’t know me? That’s alright, this old man will say it again. I’m Sage Hun Yuan of the Nebula Immortal Sect!”

“Oh, Senior Hun Yuan.” She stood up and saluted him, but cursed at him inwardly. What Sage Hun Yuan? He’s clearly an old scoundrel.

She smiled after the salute. When she was about to step back, Sage Hun Yuan stared at her and asked, “Kid, what are you going to do?”

After a brief surprise, she answered blankly. “I’m not going to do anything! I’m just thinking that we’ve taken a rest for some time already. Should we continue our journey?”

Everyone was stunned. They looked at each other and then at Second Master Chai and Sage Hun Yuan. Sage Hun Yuan only held his beard without saying anything. Second Master Chai could only come over to him with a smile. “Immortal Lord Hun Yuan, look…”

“Let’s go! A monk might run away, but the temple won’t go anywhere. I don’t think this kid will dare to escape.” With one hand behind his back and the other hand stroking his beard, he began to move forward.

Second Master Chai muttered in his heart, This young man is from your Nebula Immortal Sect, wasn’t it easy for you to find him? Even if he really ran away, the sect could find his family. Naturally, the monk could not run away from the temple.

On the other hand, Sage Hun Yuan thought in his heart that since the little scoundrel was a member of the Chai clan, even if he slipped away again, he could still find the Chai family. So, he did not believe that Feng Jiu would dare to slip away under his nose this time.

Both believed that the young man belonged to the other. They had no idea that she created this misconception in order to infiltrate the team.

The team walked on. At the front were Second Master Chai, Sage Hun Yuan, Zhuo Junyue and several others, while Feng Jiu still walked in the middle and got along with Chai Feng.

“Little Jiu, why did Immortal Lord Hun Yuan say that he knows you? Have you met somewhere and you’ve you forgotten about it?” Chai Feng was curious and asked in a low voice. He saw that Sage Hun Yuan looked back at Little Jiu from time to time. From the way he looked at her, it didn’t seem as if they weren’t acquainted as Little Jiu said earlier.

Feng Jiu sighed.”I don’t know. Maybe I’ve met him before but I forgot.” She spread her hands with a helpless look.

“It’s alright if you forgot. Don’t worry too much about it. I don’t think he means any harm.” Chai Feng consoled her.

“Mm, I know.”

Of course, she knew that the old man didn’t mean any harm to her. The old man just wanted her to wors.h.i.+p him as a teacher. However, she refused and swindled his treasured Aurora Transportation Device. However, she couldn’t be said to be stealing. That’s what she deserved after she solved Zhuo Junyue’s medicine.

Zhuo Junyue, who was walking at the front, saw that Sage Hun Yuan looked back from time to time, he also took a sideways glance at the young man and his eyes flickered.