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Chapter 2020: Being recognized

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Feng Jiu touched her face. Even though she had put on a disguise, she seemed to have this same appearance when she had last seen the old man. She was sure that even if she had put something on it to hide her face from him, he would have recognized her when she met him. After all, her mystical spirit body couldn’t escape his eyes!

What about sneaking away?

But where? It was not easy for her to join this team. Besides, she’s had a good time here and couldn’t bear to leave now! But if she didn’t slip away, once she was recognized, the old man wouldn’t let her go easily.

For a moment, her mind turned quickly. Just then, she heard a faint voice from the front.

“Second Master Chai, this is our Senior Uncle, Sage Hun Yuan. This is Young Master Zhuo.” Fan Yixiu introduced them to everyone.

When all the members of the Chai family heard that it was Sage Hun Yuan of the Nebula Immortal Sect, their eyes lit up and their faces excited. “It’s Immortal Lord Hun Yuan indeed. I’m sorry for my disrespect, I am ..”

Feng Jiu listened to the Second Master Chai giving an enthusiastic introduction, calling the Chai family’s younger generation to come forward and pay their respects, and declaring his great admiration with many words. Finally, he was interrupted by the old man.

“Alright, alright. I heard there was a young man named Little Jiu here? Which one is he?” Sage Hun Yuan glanced around and didn’t see any particularly outstanding boys.

“Oh, it’s Little Jiu. He was resting under this tree just now.” Second Master Chai answered with a smile and pointed to the big tree not far behind. But, when he saw that the young man had disappeared from there, he was stunned. After walking over to the place, he couldn’t help smiling as he returned to Sage Hun Yuan. “Little Jiu seemed to be tired and fell asleep against the big tree.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Sage Hun Yuan leaned forward and caught a glimpse of the corner of the cyan robe, becoming more and more curious. Is this the kid who used a trick to save everyone here?

He took little steps forward and arrived at the back of the tree to take a look. His eyes immediately widened. With trembling hands, he pointed to the sleeping young man in azure. “You, you, you! It’s you, little scoundrel! ”

Zhuo Junyue, who had always kept a blank face, saw it with a flicker in his eyes. After taking a glance at Sage Hun Yuan, he walked to the big tree and couldn’t help being stunned.

The young man’s face was handsome, but not dazzling. His facial features were harmonious, making him very good-looking. The more he looked at the young man, the more familiar he felt. When he thought of Sage Hun Yuan calling this young man ‘little scoundrel’, his facial expression became strange as if he recalled something.

Fan Yixiu and others also gathered around them. Second Master Chai looked at Sage Hun Yuan and asked him with some doubts. “Does Immortal Lord know Little Jiu?” Then, he felt that this question was inappropriate to ask. Little Jiu was originally with Fan Yixiu and others. Since they were all from the Nebula Immortal Sect, they should have known each other.

But, after giving it some thought, he felt that it’s incorrect. Sage Hun Yuan had always been elusive and possessed a special position in the Nebula Immortal Sect. How was it possible for him to know an insignificant disciple? However, looking at his appearance, it seemed that there had been some intersection between him and Little Jiu.

Intersection? When he thought of this, he could only shake his head and smile inwardly. What intersection would these two people have?

“Senior Uncle, do you know Little Jiu?”

Fan Yixiu was also puzzled. He looked at the young man who was sleeping against the tree and thought to himself. Little Jiu is a disciple of the Chai family, and that is also a collateral disciple to boot. How could his teacher and uncle know him?