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Chapter 2019: A surprise

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If it was the enemy, Fan Yixiu should have given them a warning. But, there was no peculiar movement. So, was this person his acquaintance?

She could have used her divine sense to probe, but since she perceived that the other’s divine sense was very powerful, naturally she wouldn’t use it. Otherwise, it would have attracted the other party’s notice and suspicion.

As for who that person was? She was sure that she would soon find out.

After a while, Sage Hun Yuan had finished listening to Fan Yixiu’s story about what had happened to them after they entered the Volcano Forest. He nodded, looked at him and said, “What kind of luck your team has! Even after staying here for several days, we still haven’t encountered the Scorpion Mercenary Group. Yet, as soon as you enter the inner area, you’re immediately being surrounded.”

“Tsk, tsk. Your luck was also against the heavens. The fact that all of you survived the Scorpion Mercenary Group without any fatalities, still alive and well even after being injured, you must have had some luck!”

With that, he looked aside to Zhuo Junyue. “Look at their luck, then look at yours. Tsk, tsk. ”

Zhou Junyue glanced at the old man with a deadpan look, closed his eyes indifferently and couldn’t be bothered to talk with him.

“It’s our luck to have Little Jiu. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for us to avoid this calamity.” Fan Yixiu answered. Looking at the old man in front of him, he proposed, “Senior Uncle, are you also looking for the Volcanic Flare Stone? Would you please come with us?”

He hung his head in shame. “Only after arriving here did Disciple realize that he could not even protect himself. Now, several junior brothers and sisters are following. If we’re to return, there’s no way we can report without bringing the Volcanic Flare Stone. But if we’re to get in the forest, there’s a worry that Disciple and others will die here. So, so…”

Sage Hun Yuan stroked his beard but didn’t respond. Instead, he looked at the man standing still next to him and asked, “Junyue, what do you think?”

“As you wish.” His answer was brief, not at all wordy.

After thinking about it, Sage Hun Yuan nodded. “That’s alright It’s just the two of us, anyway. This guy is dull. It’s boring to stay with a guy who doesn’t say much.”

Hearing this, Fan Yixiu thanked him happily. “Thank you so much, Senior Uncle. Thank you so much…” He suddenly remembered that Senior Uncle didn’t seem to tell him the Young Master’s name.

“His surname is Zhuo. His name is Zhuo Junyue.” Sage Hun Yuan didn’t give a more detailed introduction.

“Thank you so much, Young Master Zhuo.” Fan Yixiu saluted quickly, then glanced at the people on the ground.

“Never mind these people. They won’t pose a big problem even if they aren’t dead. Let’s go! ” Sage Hun Yuan waved and told him to lead the way.

At this time, the Chai family and the Nebula Sect’s people were worried since Fan Yixiu had not come back for such a long time.

“What’s taking him so long? Is there anything wrong?”

“Why don’t I go and take a look?”

“No need. Look, he’s back. But, who are those two?” One of them said, looking at the old man and the man who came with Fan Yixiu.

And Feng Jiu, who was sitting under the tree drinking water, glanced at them casually. When he saw the old man and the man coming, she couldn’t help but choke.


As she patted her chest, she quickly moved to the back of the tree, twisted the water sac and put it into the s.p.a.ce, then poked her head out stealthily from behind the tree to look at the two men.

That’s right! Those people were really Sage Hun Yuan and the man called Zhuo Junyue. How did these two end up here and meet her again?