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Chapter 2018: A chance encounter in the forest

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In front, more than twenty men were on the ground wailing. They were all wounded. The air was filled with a faint stench of blood. Although they were injured, their wounds were not fatal.

To his surprise, those people on the ground were men in their twenties and thirties. Next to them, an old man in grey was sitting with his feet up on top of two men who were stacked up together on the ground. With an impatient look, he urged, “It took so long to deal with these twenty-odd people. Say, isn’t it better to wipe them off directly with the blade? That’s more efficient.”

“Senior Uncle!” After recovering from his shock, Fan Yixiu came over to him with an excited shout.

Sage Hun Yuan was startled by this greeting and jumped down. He looked at Fan Yixiu, who came striding towards him, up and down. “Who are you? What senior uncle? Don’t call people randomly!”

“Senior Uncle, disciple Fan Yixiu, a disciple of the Nebula Immortal Sect. Disciple had the honour to have seen Senior Uncle in the sect from a distance and thus recognize him.” Fan Yixiu was thrilled. He hadn’t met anyone from the sect on this trip. Unexpectedly, he ran into the mysterious and elusive Senior Uncle Sage Hun Yuan here.

“Senior Uncle, here is Disciple’s ident.i.ty token.” Fan Yixiu took his ident.i.ty token out and handed it promptly.

Sage Hun Yuan looked up at him with one hand on his beard. He saw that the man was wearing the Nebula Immortal Sect’s robe, but the outer coat was a defensive magical artefact. So, he took his ident.i.ty jade token, swept with his divine sense and confirmed that it matched the person in front of him. Only then did he ask, “So, you’re the Jade Forest Peak’s disciple?”

“Yes, Disciple is indeed from the Jade Forest Peak.” Fan Yixiu answered quickly.

“Since you are the Jade Forest Peak’s disciple, why are you here?” Sage Hun Yuan glanced at him and snorted. “How dare you go into the Volcano Forest with this strength? Are you looking for death?”

Fan Yixiu bowed his head and answered respectfully. “Our master gave an order for Disciple and several junior brothers and sisters to enter the Volcano Forest to search for the Volcanic Flare Stone.”

Hearing this, Sage Hun Yuan frowned. “Your master ordered you to go into the Volcano Forest to search for the Volcanic Flare Stone? Besides you, how many others from the Nebula Immortal Sect are there? Why are you here alone?”

“To answer Senior Uncle, besides Disciple, there are also two junior brothers and three junior sisters. Master also knew that our strength was limited, so he gave each of his disciples a piece of defensive magical artefacts, which is this flame-resistant garment. The junior brothers and sisters are resting not far behind at this time.” Fan Yixiu pointed to the place where the team was.

After hearing this answer, Sage Hun Yuan swept his divine sense towards that location and saw a large group of people resting in the forest hundreds of meters away. Among them, there were indeed several young disciples wearing the Nebula Immortal Sect’s clothes.

He looked back. “Who are those people? How did you get together with them?”

While Sage Hun Yuan was questioning Fan Yixiu, in the place where everyone was resting, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed. She sat under the tree drinking water with her eyes directed towards the front, as if deep in thought.

She had just noticed that a powerful divine sense probed this way, but the other party only took a glance and then withdrew. There was no hostility.

However, she was still a little confused. Fan Yixiu went to the front to explore. Why did a strong divine sense from the front sweep towards this place?