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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Chapter 2017: The scene ahead

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“Second Uncle, do we still need to head back inside the Volcano Forest?” After a moment of silence, Chai Feng asked what he most wanted to ask in the whole trip.

After having encountered the Scorpion Mercenary Group and barely survived, he had been thinking about this problem. They had been to other places to gain experience before, but this time, several disciples with little experience, among them several women from the family, were brought on this trip.

If Little Jiu hadn’t come up with that way to reverse the situation and save everyone’s life today, perhaps none of them would be alive now. Moreover, he felt that their strength was still too weak compared with the people here.

Even if the man leading their team was Second Master, the most talented of the Chai family, an early-stage immortal cultivator, it’s impossible to protect these many people by himself.

He kept a faint hope in his heart to either go home or find a new place to gain experience, not necessarily this Volcano Forest.

When he heard Chai Feng’s question, Second Master Chai was startled and looked at him with a slight frown. “Should we go back now that we are all here? Immortal cultivation is to go against the heavens. There will naturally be many obstacles on the road of our cultivation, even death. Should we retreat because of the danger ahead? If we retreat like this, I’m afraid we won’t be able to improve our strength for the rest of our life.”

“But, we’re just outside the inner perimeter. I”m afraid that if we continue to go in, all of us will possibly die here.”

Second Master Chai scolded him. “Nonsense! The Scorpion Mercenary Group is gone now. I reckon we won’t meet many people in the forest. If you are afraid of danger, just raise your vigilance. What’s to worry about?”

Chai Feng bowed his head and kept silent. He knew that they wouldn’t necessarily listen to his suggestion.

They rested in the forest until it was getting dark. Today’s battle made them a little exhausted. At this time, each one of them relaxed, feeling like they had no energy left in their bodies.

While others sat around the bonfire under the tree, Feng Jiu slept atop the tree. Taking advantage of the night’s rest, she explored the s.p.a.ce rings and cosmos sacks with her divine sense and found the volcanic flare stone among them.

However, she could not enter the s.p.a.ce because people were guarding around the trees. After finished exploring, she made a mental note of the volcanic flare stone’s characteristics.

Early morning the next day, they all got up and looked particularly energetic after a night’s rest. They stretched out their waists and were ready to continue to walk deep into the forest.

The following journey was also calm. Occasionally, a small beast appeared and was beaten back. The tranquil experience made them gradually forget the previous danger until the sound of people talking in the forest ahead came into their ears as they walked deep into the forest.

“I’ll go and have a look first!” Fan Yixiu said, briefing a few people behind him, and then proceeded to explore alone.

Because the Chai family had been the one exploring the way and they only followed, now that they heard a sound, he naturally had to investigate.

However, to his surprise, as he followed the voice and reached its location, he saw an astonis.h.i.+ng scene.