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Chapter 2016: Where did you get it?

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She took away all the s.p.a.ce rings, the cosmos sacks, as well as the jade ornaments on the Scorpion Mercenary Group members’ waists. As for their weapons, she gave them to Patriarch Chai. “It’s no use giving me the weapons. Let them keep these! They may be useful later.”

“This won’t do. These are all your…” Before Second Master Chai finished speaking, Feng Jiu interrupted him.

“It’s no use keeping them. I can’t use these many weapons by myself.” She smiled, took out a s.p.a.ce ring from her s.p.a.ce and handed it to him. “Brother Chai, this is for you.”

“No, no. I can’t take it. It’s not easy for all of us to survive. Keep these things! I can’t take it.” Chai Feng waved his hand and stepped back, refusing to take the ring. Even if Feng Jiu asked him repeatedly to take it, he would still keep turning her down.

Finally, Feng Jiu had no choice but to put the ring away. “Alright! Since you don’t want it, I’ll keep it. When we return to the city, I’ll sell it to get some money. ” She smiled with her eyes narrowed.

Second Master Chai ordered everyone to choose one of the weapons and kept one at his side. Seeing the dead bodies on the ground and the stench of blood, he told his people. “Don’t stay here for long. We have to leave now and find a cleaner place to rest.”

“Yes.” Thus, the people quickly lined up and left this place, looking for an area that didn’t reek of blood to sit down and rest.

“Little Jiu, do you still have that medicine?” Second Master Chai asked while wondering. What kind of medicine was it? It could even affect Celestial Strong Exponents. It’s very likely that it’s not refined by an ordinary man.

“No.” She answered with both hands spread out.

“Then, where did you get that medicine?” Second Master Chai asked again, thinking that if they knew where she had bought it, they could also get some for an emergency.

“It’s from the Heavenly Pill Tower in Hundred Rivers City.” Feng Jiu answered with a smile.

“The Heavenly Pill Tower in Hundred Rivers City?” Second Master Chai looked at her in surprise, then at several members of the Chai family around him. Finally, he told Feng Jiu, “We have never heard of the Heavenly Pill Tower.”

Fan Yixiu and several others who sat beside him were silent but thoughtful. Among them, Fan Yixiu was the one who thought it was very odd.

He looked at Feng Jiu and asked, “In Hundred Rivers City? There’s nothing called the Heavenly Pill Tower in Hundred Rivers City before!”

A female disciple next to him remarked, “Eldest Senior Brother’s home is in Hundred Rivers City.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered. Fan Yixiu’s home was in Hundred Rivers City? It seemed there were not many people with the surname Fan in the city. A person crossed her mind, but it went away in a flash.

“The Heavenly Pill Tower is newly opened. It specializes in selling medicinal pills, potions as well as medicinal powder. The pack of medicine that I took out today is good and of top quality. It’s just that the price is very expensive. Some things also can’t be bought with money.”

“Oh? Can’t be bought with money? So, how can one get it?” A person next to him asked, looking at Feng Jiu with surprise.

“With medicinal materials. But, the spirit herbs have to be of a certain age, at least five hundred years old. Its reputation has spread over the city and many people went there to request medicine. It was only by chance that I got this package of medicinal powder.”

“I see.” Suddenly, they were curious about the Heavenly Pill Tower, thinking that they must find a chance to see it when they came out of the Volcano Forest.