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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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She was filled with a sense of satisfaction as she looked down at the duly tormented and wretched looking Feng Qing Ge on the ground. However, she did not stop there and continued to say: “By right I should kill you here to prevent any future nightmares, and completely erase all traces of your body so that n.o.body will ever find you. But, ha ha ha…..”

Hearing that viciousness in her laughter shook Feng Qing Ge visibly and the demonic laugh sounded once more.

“Do you know why I asked them to only specifically destroy your devastatingly good looks and not harm the snowy white skin on your body?” She bent down over slightly and looked into Feng Qing Ge’s face and went on to say: “That is because I am going to sell you to a place which is most degrading, the type of place that offer pleasure to men. I believe even when you have been so monstrously disfigured, your snowy skin and smooth flesh should still be rather popular with them. What do you think?”

“You don’t need to look at me like that. Your beautiful face has already been destroyed. Even if you were to tell people you are the Eldest Miss of National Defence Mansion, n.o.body will believe a word of it and only call you a lunatic. Escape? Your power as a mere second grade Warrior wouldn’t measure up to anything there.” As she spoke, she shoved a pill into Feng Qing Ge’s mouth and stood back up with a laugh. ” Seven days. If you manage to survive seven days throughout your ordeal, the poison I just gave you will then kill you.”

Feng Qing Ge gritted her teeth in anger and screamed: “Su Ruo Yun! Even as a ghost, I will never let you off!”

“Ha, you can’t even deal with me as a human now, you will be even more helpless as a ghost!” She laughed chillingly and ordered the men: “Bring her away, make sure she is sold multiple times and do not leave a trace. It will be best that you silence the recipient.”

“Yes!” The two burly men acknowledged respectfully and immediately delivered a chop onto Feng Qing Ge’s back. They lifted Feng Qing Ge onto their shoulders and with a few leaps, they quickly disappeared into the trees.

Standing behind Su Ruo Yun all this while, was a middle aged man dressed in full black who now took a step forward. “Young Miss, it is getting late. Will you be returning to the Mansion now?”

“Yes, I should be getting back.” She showed a gentle smile as she looked up into the skies and said softly: “From this moment on, I am Feng Qing Ge, and Feng Qing Ge is me.”


Two days later. Night. Da Lang City, Scented Sky House.

Detecting a strong fragrance, the unconsciousness Feng Qing Ge opened her eyes. She was still immensely groggy when she heard a strange sound of someone’s clicking tongue and feeling her arms being caressed by another pair of hands. She gave out a scream in fright and she rolled herself off the bed.

“Heh heh….. Awake already? That’s great. Your master here does not like dead fish when I conduct my business. Your master here loves the lively and spritely ones which taste better.” A vulgar looking man looking to be in his thirties was looking at her l.u.s.tily through his beady eyes as Feng Qing Ge rolled to the ground and shrank back into a corner. The man’s eyes were filled with excitement as he said: “I had not expected that they would give me something this great tonight. Although her face has been disfigured, but that unbelievably smooth flesh and fair skin, heh heh, it’s comparable to those Young Miss’ from distinguished families!”

Feng Qing Ge shrank further back, her eyes filled with an unshakable panic: “You! Get away from me! Go away!” She stood up suddenly and ran towards the door, but she was grabbed into an embrace by the man after barely two steps.

“Trying to run? Heh heh, once you entered this room, you think you can get away? Come! Let your master take a good look at your snow white skin.” The man said gleefully in excitement. His hand rose, tearing off the thin and light cloth sleeve from her clothes and a whole arm’s length of perfectly flawless skin was reflected in the man’s eyes, and his eyes started to s.h.i.+ne with a burning excitement.

“AHHH!” Feng Qing Ge screamed, as she felt her goose pimples rise from the disgust she felt from being embraced by the disgusting man. In her struggle to push the man away, her hands brushed over a dagger at his hip and without even thinking, she quickly pulled it out and thrust it right at the man’s heart.

“d.a.m.n it! s.l.u.t!” The man’s l.u.s.t had gone to his head and for a moment, he was slow in dodging and he got slashed across his chest. The pain caused him to push out and he flung Feng Qing Ge away from him.



Her head slammed into the corner of the bed and bright red blood flowed out like a spring. She tried to stand but her body sway heavily and she fell back onto the ground, in a dead faint…..