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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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That sword thrust had seemed to be impossible for her to avoid. But against all expectations, at the very moment when the point of the sword was about to pierce into her chest, her body fell backwards in a flash and with the force from the backward flip, her hip gave a strong twist and she went into a spin, not only having avoided that lethal thrust of the sword, but the dagger gripped in her hand was also suddenly moving at a blinding speed towards the middle aged man.

The moment he found that Feng Jiu had avoided his sword thrust with her strong hips, the middle aged man was shocked, and the murderous aura was already pressing in close before his eyes! He could not embark on another strike in that situation but to speedily retreat, but was still a tad too slow.


He winced in pain, drawing in a cold gasp of air, his vicious gaze staring chillingly at the figure before him.

Although he had barely managed to dodge the fatal strike, he had suffered a deep gash on his arm from the dagger that had bitten all the way to the bone. Ghastly red blood was gus.h.i.+ng out, quickly soaking into his sleeve. The pain from the wound made his arm hang limply at his side, trembling violently.

“Second Uncle!”

The young girl screamed out, quickly running over.

“Kill him!” The middle aged man’s spat out through gritted teeth. The guards responded immediately but were stopped by the young man’s upraised hand.

“I will deal with this little beggar myself!” The young man’s body was giving out a cruel and malicious air, as bloodthirsty scent hung thickly on him, the eyes fixed upon Feng Jiu exactly like a venomous viper.

As she watched the middle aged man being helped to the side by the young girl, Feng Jiu’s eyes s.h.i.+fted to gaze at the young man whose being was giving out strong waves of malicious vibes. Her chin was lifted as she said, her voice laced with contempt: “You are not a match for me.”

Although she could feel rather stable vibes from the young man, but it was not on the same level as the middle aged man. Even if she wanted to kill that middle aged man, it would require her to at least execute several moves before she would be able to take his life. But for this young one before her now, she would not even need to break a sweat to do it.

Still up in the tree a short distance away, as he watched her lift her chin slightly in arrogance, and spitting out her words with contempt, Ling Mo Han shook his head silently. [She is still a little girl afterall.]

But, from what he observed when she battled the middle aged man earlier, he knew now that she would be able to take on that whole band of people by herself. With her skills, as long as she paid due caution within these inner reaches of the woods, she should not meet with any mishaps.

With that thought, he stared intently at the figure a moment, before he summoned his power and leapt away into the distance…..

“Not a match for you? Ha! Then have a taste of what I am capable of!” The young man shouted loudly, and the mystical power surged through his body. An orange glow from his mystical power flared out from his body. He clenched his fists and with a shout, he leapt out and threw a punch towards Feng Jiu.

“Huh?” Seeing the orange glow from his mystical powers, Feng Jiu’s eyebrow raised up. The middle aged man’s aura on his sword had also seemed to have been encased in a faint orange tinge. She had not expected that this man’s mystical power cultivation was about the same as the middle aged man’s?

“Five Ton Punch!”

Feng Jiu saw the wind behind his fist and she jumped back immediately. She saw that the young man’s punch had toppled a large tree after she dodged, she spotted a deep impression of a fist’s mark left in the tree’s trunk, she was secretly astonished.

With cultivated mystical powers combined with martial arts, its resulting power was rather shocking to see. Her opponent attacked with his fists, every single swing immensely powerful. If she retaliated with force in counter, it would obviously not work. If that was the case, she would roll along with the immense power to counteract it!

Her eyes flashed with clarity as she speedily retreated and kept away the dagger in her hand.

After the young girl bandaged up her Second Uncle’s wounds, she saw Feng Jiu putting away his dagger and she sneered in disdain: “Second Uncle, has that little beggar lost his mind from shock? He had even kept his dagger away! ? Does he really think he can defeat my Elder Brother in a fist fight?”

The middle aged man was instead looking at Feng Jiu thoughtfully, his eyes slightly doubtful, a nagging feeling of unease in his heart…..