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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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He only managed to see the figure employ some strange moves to dodge the arrow speeding towards her, while leading seven or eight of those ferocious beasts towards the group of men. She coiled her legs as she landed, and immediately leapt up as her hands grabbed a tree branch as she spun. Making full use of the forward momentum, her feet kicked out, launching her off the tree, speeding like a bullet straight at her target, naturally it was the young man with a bow still gripped in his hand.

“Quick! Dodge!”

The middle aged man shouted out in shock. He had wanted to rush forward to drag the young man away, but the ferocious beasts had pounced towards him and he himself had his hands full, where would he have the time to help him? Alas, he could only watch futilely as the little beggar flying speedily down his foot fully extended.

Fortunately, the young man had startled awake with the deafening shout and his body had taken a step back reflexively, narrowly avoiding the kick that Feng Jiu had aimed right at his head that would have taken his life. But he was still half a heartbeat too slow and he was still kicked in the face. The young man stumbled back a few steps from the impact and at that moment, a ferocious beast charged at him, but the young girl at the side blocked the blow for him.

“Elder Brother! Snap out of it!” The young girl shrieked, her voice panicked, her face filled with anxiety.

The young man recovered at that moment and the burning pain on his face made his rage rise up in his heart. He kept the mystical bow and he diverted his mystical power into a surge. He gathered the mystical energy into his two fists and struck out! A loud bam resounded and the ferocious beast that had charged at him was suddenly sent flying from the impact.



The ferocious beast howled in pain and its body crashed heavily to the ground, as the ground tremored slightly from the impact.

When the guards saw that the young man had sent a whole beast flying with just one strike, they were suddenly stoked. Their eyes shone as they shouted: “Young Master is truly magnificent!”

As their hearts were boiling with battlel.u.s.t, the confusion that had wrecked havoc among them having been caught off guard was suddenly quelled at that moment. Just shortly after, they had managed to kill all of the ferocious beasts.

Several corpses of the beasts scattered in a mess on the ground, as the pungent stench of blood filled the air…..

After the crisis was averted, the group suddenly realised that there were another seven to eight corpses of the beasts in another area not too far away from them, obviously slaughtered by the lone black robed man. But the black robed man was nowhere in sight, and not only that, the little beggar and their Second Uncle were missing as well.

“Elder Brother, where is Second Uncle?” The young girl peered around into the surroundings, but did not see any signs of them.

The young man raised a hand to wipe off a tinge of blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes staring maliciously into a specific spot. He did not speak, but instead returned the mystical bow to her, and suddenly started walking off to his left.

The young girl and the guards immediately hurried to follow behind him.

Under the cover of the dense canopies, the murderous aura was overflowing and even the air had turned colder as the chilling aura permeated and spread. The middle aged man’s keen gaze was locked onto Feng Jiu, his low voice was chilling as he said: “You are not a match for me. There is no need for you to put up a useless struggle.”

“Really?” Feng Jiu’s hooked smile appeared and from her entire being, murderous aura surged out thickly!

The middle aged man snorted heavily as if mocking her for her strong confidence. He summoned his mystical powers and imbued it into the sword in his hand, its honed tip suddenly surging forward the very next moment.


The dagger clashed against the sword, and a loud clang rang out, sending sparks flying. At almost the same moment, the two weapons in their hands had been flipped and went already executing another strike immediately. After several, the sword struck out mercilessly as it thrust straight towards Feng Jiu, the sword’s edge was further honed with sword’s aura, that would not allow her to dodge!

On a tree just a short distance away, Ling Mo Han saw the scene clearly, and his straight brows cringed together. The very next moment, his gaze changed when he saw Feng Jiu’s subsequent actions, not really expecting it…..