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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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The young girl was stunned at that moment, her face one of pure disbelief, unable to accept as fact that she had been overpowered by a little beggar who stole the dagger from her and that she had been caught.

What shocked her even more was that the little beggar had been so brazen as to have taken advantage of her before so many pairs of eyes!

“This niece of mine has been spoilt and have gotten too used to her wilful ways. If she has offended you in any way, I implore for the Young Master to forgive her.”

A deep voice filled with inspiring awe sounded and Feng Jiu raised her eyes to look at them, her eyes narrowed.

The one who had spoken had naturally been the middle aged man. He had spoken not in threat, but in apology. The fact that he had been able to suppress the rage in his heart and maintain a composed expression despite his displeasure to speak to her in such an amicable manner was really surprising!

“So when used to being spoilt and wilful means you can indiscriminately take the lives of others? If I had not been quick to dodge, I am guessing I would have reported to the King of Hades already.”

She glared icily at the middle aged man, her mouth curled up in a mirthless smile: “To not reciprocate in kind would be rude. Actually, I should really repay the pretty lady back.” As she spoke, the dagger pressed against the young girl neck was pushed down a notch, and a drop of blood flowed out, glaringly red against the fair white skin.


The young girl snapped back to consciousness from the sudden pain. As the dagger was pressed against her neck, she stiffened her body and did not dare move an inch, her face filled with fear and panic to say: “You… you don’t do anything ras.h.!.+”

“Opps! Really sorry. I got frightened by the arrow you shot at me earlier and my hands are still trembling. Seems like I have made you bleed!”

Watching the scene before him, the middle aged man’s face darkened. His previously amicable expression quickly faded. He stated at Feng Jiu and asked in a deep voice: “What do you really want?”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu’s eyes smiled: “I’m not being demanding, but I was thinking if I have something golden or those silvery things to calm my nerves, my hands might not tremble anymore.”

When the middle aged man heard that, his face relaxed a little instead as he signaled the young man beside him. The young man nodded and strode forward, before retrieving an inconspicuous little bag from his hip, and took out two solid gold ingots.

“What about us giving these two gold ingots to the Young Master to calm your nerves?”

At that moment, Feng Jiu’s eyes discreetly glanced past the young man’s inconspicuous little bag quickly. According to the memories in her head, that should be a Cosmos Sack that could hold many things, an item priceless on the market. Looks like this group of people were not from a simple background!

She turned her gaze onto the two gold ingots in the man’s hand and sneered: “You’re shooing off a beggar! ? Two gold ingots and you think it can calm my nerves?”

The young man’s face stiffened, eyeing the filth covered little beggar before him as he thought: [Aren’t you exactly one?]

Although his heart was filled with contempt, his face however betrayed nothing as he took out another four good ingots: “Will this be enough?”

Ling Mo Han glanced at the several good ingots and he silently looked away.

Silver and gold ingots like this would only be able to buy them material things. To buy things for the purpose of cultivation, it would not be possible without crystal currency. Compared to the highly prized crystal currency, these gold ingots really paled in comparison. However, that little beggar had not asked for anything else the moment she had opened her mouth, but for gold and silver things, which was just dumb.

Feng Jiu could not be bothered how others would think. She looked at the several gold ingots and her gaze turned up as she said: “We will be even after this. After I let her go, all of you must not come after me.”

“Naturally.” The middle aged man agreed in his deep voice.

“What do you say?” She leaned close onto the young girl’s face and asked smilingly of her.