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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Hearing those words, the middle aged man tilted his head back and laughed: “Ha ha ha ha! What a joke! You think you will be be able to keep me here? You’re being way too naive!”

His gaze fixed maliciously upon her, his face filled with a vicious expression as he pulled out a sword by his hip with one hand and said sinisterly: “Escape? Just you alone will not suffice to scare me enough to run away! On the contrary, you will not be so lucky this time round.”

“Little Sister! I’m here to help!”

Following on the trail of secret signs Feng Jiu had left behind, Guan Xi Lin had pursued after them and had leapt up to stand upon the circ.u.mference wall to stare at the people down below in the courtyard. After weighing the situation a moment he then said: “You take care of that old one there and leave the rest of them to me.”

The moment his voice fell, he leapt from the wall and with a flick of his sword, malevolent sword energy immediately shot towards the black robed men within the courtyard.

Seeing that Guan Xi Lin had caught up with them, the ends of her lips beneath her veil curled up and not forgetting to remind him, she said: “Big Brother, this time, do remember to leave a few of them alive for me! Don’t kill them all!”

“No problem!”

Guan Xi Lin threw his reply in the direction of Feng Jiu, his voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with battlel.u.s.t. The sword gripped in his hand was initially aimed at the back robed man’s throat but he changed its trajectory when he heard Feng Jiu’s words and turned it to strike towards the man’s body instead.

“He dares to chase me all the way here? Ha! My brothers! Have him killed!”

The black robed man saw Guan Xi Lin charging towards him with a sword in hand and he immediately gave a loud shout. The men surrounding them immediately acknowledged as eight long swords swiftly closed in a circle around Guan Xi Lin, trapping him in the middle with their sword tips all thrusting straight towards him.

The mystical energies within the bodies of the black robed men surged, their intense bloodl.u.s.t suffocating, as sword energy shot out from their sword tips, whistling loudly through the air within the courtyard. With eight against one, no matter how one looked at the odds, the winner side was already highly apparent. Hence, the middle aged man merely cast a quick glance over to that side and paid them no further attention but instead focused his malicious gaze upon the woman in front of him.

Feng Jiu turned to gaze very briefly once towards Guan Xi Lin’s direction but was not worried that he would be killed by those black robed men. Afterall, he had not cultivated all this while in vain.

Her gaze fell on the middle aged man that stood before her and at the same time, she summoned up the mystical energy within and imbued it into the dagger clasped in her hand. The next moment, her body lashed out towards the target in front fiercely in an instant, the sharp edge of the dagger in her hand forming into an malevolent energy blade as it cut through the air to clash against the opponent’s sword.


The middle aged man blocked her attack with the sword in his hand and said with a sneer: “Challenging me? You’re still not up to the mark!” He summoned his strength and turned the sword in his hand to slash down at her.

‘Swoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+’

Feng Jiu turned her body to the side and pushed her stride forward at the same time, the dagger in her hand swis.h.i.+ng through his collar and digging into flesh underneath, and the scent of blood immediately wafted into the air.

She heard him grunt once and his sword came slas.h.i.+ng at her. She blocked it with her dagger and lifted her foot to kick out. As his eyes filled with astonishment, a foot imbued with the strength of mystical power landed upon his chest which ferociously sent him flying.


As he grunted and his body fell back in retreat, he felt his blood within his chest surging and rush up his throat, to spurt out from his mouth.


When he steadied himself and lifted his eyes to look up, his eyes were filled with shock and incredulity as he gazed at the girl who delivered such vicious strikes before he asked with an uncertain voice: “Are you really Feng Qing Ge?”

[If she was Feng Qing Ge, how could she possibly gain such skills within just a few short months? If she was not Feng Qing Ge, how was it possible that her body and mannerisms be so similar? Could she have stumbled upon a fortuitous encounter in these past few months?]

When that thought came into his mind, his eyes flashed with a bright glint.

[A fortuitous encounter!]

[If she had had a fortuitous encounter, then there must be a secret upon her very being!]