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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Little Sister!”

Guan Xi Lin called out in shock. As he was tangled up with a few men and was not able to follow, Guan Xi Lin’s face became panicked and he shouted: “Let her go right now!”

The other black robed men moved to block his way forward. Seeing that the leader of the black robed men had already disappeared, the panicked expression upon Guan Xi Lin’s face then faded away and his sharp gaze swept over the rest of the black robed men as he said with a sneer: “With just the few of you here and you really think you can stop me? You should weigh yourselves properly and see whether you’re hefty enough first.”

Immediately after his voice fell, the figure of Guan Xi Lin immediately struck like a demon, a thick and powerful mystical aura surging out from his entire body, imbuing terrifying power into his body. Where his punches pa.s.sed, a malevolent edge formed in the resulting stream of air, shocking the several black robed men to quickly turn pale.

“d.a.m.n it!”

They wanted to retreat backwards, but their speed was too slow against Guan Xi Lin and they saw the one of the two men up front being struck upon the chest by his punch. The loud crack of bones breaking immediately sounded where his entire person was sent flying before he fell to the ground to twitch once and breathed his last.

The other one had his neck gripped in Guan Xi Lin’s hand, his body held up above the ground as he struggled. Another crack sounded and the man had not even been able to cry out at all before his neck was snapped off.

“Disperse! Quickly disperse!”

One of the men shouted with his face turned ashen, not daring to continue to battle and had turned around wanting to leave.

“Since you’ve come, you really think you’ll be able to leave?”

Guan Xi Lin said with a sneer, and made quick work of the remaining few of them. Looking at the several dead bodies scattered across the courtyard, he turned his head around to say to Leng Shuang who was guarding the Old Patriarch in the room: “Leng Shuang, I’ll leave this place to you while I’ll follow them to go take a look.”

“Alright.” Leng Shuang opened the door and gazed at the blood stained courtyard, her eyes not even blinking.

On the other side, the leader of the black robed men brought Feng Jiu to come to another manor. Once they went inside, seven or eight other black robed men walked out to meet them. One of the men among them saw that the leader had returned alone and he thought it strange.

“Why are you the only one here? Where are the rest?”

“That Guan Xi Lin is more powerful than I thought and the others must have been killed by him now. But it’s fine as I’ve managed to bring this woman back.” The leader who had captured Feng Jiu pushed her a step forward and then saw her stumble and fall to the ground.

“You….. Who are you people? Why did you bring me here?” Feng Jiu spoke in a slightly trembling voice, her eyes filled with terror and panic as she looked at the group of men around her.

“Having lost several of our brothers just to capture this woman. I really don’t know what’s so special about her.” One of the black robed men said as he stared at Feng Jiu on the ground, sizing her up.

Yet another black robed man then said with a evil laugh: “Rip her veil off to have a look at her real countenance! We haven’t even seen the woman face yet! I would really like to know just how ravis.h.i.+ng she really is.”

He was just about to act on it when a middle aged man came walking out from further inside. When they saw him, the black robed men in the courtyard immediately became highly respectful.

“Greetings to Left Protector.”

Feng Jiu lifted her panicked eyes to look in the direction of the person approaching. When she saw that middle aged man, she quickly lowered her head, a chilling murder creeping into her half lowered eyes as the corners of her mouth curled up in an arc.

[An old acquaintance!]

Although this face of hers was disfigured by Su Ruo Yun, but this middle aged man had played a big part as well. She hadn’t expected that they would meet on this day. Truly a case of one wouldn’t know where to look even after wearing out shoes of steel, and then it suddenly just falls right into your lap.

The middle aged man’s gaze fell upon Feng Jiu on the ground who had her head lowered and measured her up. Looking at the woman, he suddenly seemed to find her slightly familiar and his brows furrowed up together as he said in a low voice: “Take that face veil off her!”