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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Let me out! Let me out NOW!”

Old Patriarch Feng was howling out in a crazed manner and all reason seemed to have left him as he screamed and trashed about mindlessly. He had even enveloped himself with an erratic flow of mystical energy so no one even dared to approach him.

“Grandfather, it’s me, Little Feng.”

Looking at her beloved grandfather reduced to in such a state all because of her, tears start to fall involuntarily and she felt as if someone was p.r.i.c.king her heart with many needles. At this moment, she really wanted to skin that Su Ruo Yun alive! To vent out all her anger and hatred welled up within.

“I’ll kill you!”

Seeing that he had totally lost his sense of self, she could only endure the sharp pain in her heart as she took out a silver needle and deftly inserted it into his meridian.


Old Patriarch Feng’s voice weakened and he fell unconscious. Following that, all the erratic mystical energy soon dissipated.

She walked up to him quickly and took his pulse. When she probed his pulse, she was slightly taken aback. From her s.p.a.ce, she took out a wire and swiftly unlocked all the locks and placed him gently back in her own s.p.a.ce. She turned to quickly leave but just as she left through the door, she had met the Steward.


The Steward shouted out in alarm when he saw that the two Feng Guards had fallen to the ground, not sure if they were dead or alive. Moreover the man in black just came out from the Old Patriarch’s room. After a moment’s stupor, he quickly shouted out: “Someone! Come! Thief!”

After he screamed out, he lunged forward in an attempt to catch the man in black.


Feng Jiu cursed under her breath. What timing! She didn’t think that someone would actually appear at such a moment, and when she saw the Steward rush forward, she kicked him in the shoulders and leapt up to the roof, all ready to escape. Little did she expect that the cries from the Steward had already alerted the entire manor, especially the two men in the main hall – Feng Xiao and Murong Yi Xuan.

“Where’s the thief!”

A deep voice imbued with mystical energy roared out like a tiger, and the sudden intrusion of such strong mystical energy caused the surrounding air to tremble.

Feng Jiu looked back and saw her Father leap over with a ferocious tiger fist as he locked onto her. The fist was wrapped in mystical energy and it was so swift that as it cut through the air, there was a large gale and loud thunderous roar.

She definitely could not fight with him. The possibility of winning or losing to him in a fight was the least of her concerns. She was more worried – what if she had accidentally hurt him? That wouldn’t be good at all!

She reacted immediately as she dodged to the side and avoided his attack. Instead of facing off with him, she quickly retreated as she turned tail and ran.

“Catch that thief!”

Feng Xiao bellowed out and saw Murong Yi Xuan appear before the man in black. He quickly rushed into the room to check on his Father. However when he didn’t see his father’s figure in the room, his heart sank. “Father!”

The Steward was following close behind and when he saw the empty room, he could not help but let out a cry of surprise. He quickly interjected: “Just now, this lowly one only saw the man in black emerge from Old Patriarch’s room, I didn’t see the Old Patriarch at all.”

“Look for him right now!”

He roared out in anger, as his gaze turned to the two on the roof. “You have to catch that little thief!”

Against her father, she couldn’t bear to fight against him. However, against Murong Yi Xuan, it was a totally different thing. She didn’t need to hold anything back. Moreover this was Sun Glory Country’s renowned genius – Murong Yi Xuan! She had long wanted to exchange pointers with him, so each stroke she shot out was fast, accurate and ruthless!

Seeing that the man in black was not at all inferior to Murong Yi Xuan, Feng Xiao was shocked.

Since when did Cloudy Moon City emerge such a Master? One must know that Murong Yi Xuan’s skills weren’t your average pugilist’s. When he had entered the fray, he hadn’t noticed and taken a good look. But after staring at the two figures on the roof, especially after studying the the man in black, how did he find that the figure felt vaguely familiar to him?