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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Guan Xi Lin met his grandfather eyes without the slightest tinge of fear: “Whether all of you have mistreated me, are you saying none of you really don’t know it in your hearts? In this Guan Family, I do not have my parents here, whether I have been treated unfairly, don’t tell me no one is aware of it at all?”

Hearing the accusatory questions from Guan Xi Lin, the senior Patriarch Guan’s lips shook slightly, but he could not say a single word.

Although they had fed him till this age, but, they had not spared him much attention at all. When they heard of his demise, they had not even grieved at all as they arranged for the funeral rites, before quickly annulling his marriage betrothal and letting Guan Xi Ruan marry his fiancee. Even to the point when they later knew he was not dead, they wished that he would remain outside and not return. And when he had finally come back to the Guan Mansion today, the senior Patriarch Guan had gone out to stop him, unwilling to let Guan Xi Lin partic.i.p.ate in the selections…..

“The Guan Family raised you till this age and you actually have the cheek to set yourself against your Grandfather like this, even to the extent of saying that you want to expel yourself from the Family Clan. I think your conscience must have been eaten up by the dogs!” Family Head Guan shouted fiercely, his face indignant with self righteousness, using his prominent position as the Head of a Family Clan.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Guan Xi Lin threw his head back and laughed before suddenly stopping abruptly before giving his belt a sharp tug to throw open his robe, revealing the garish scar just above his hip.

“Do you know how this wound of mine came about?” He said as he walked down from the stage and went before the Guan Family Head, approaching him with every step while asking aggressively: “Do you know how this wound of mine came about? Let me tell you. It was from your son! My blood cousin, who left this on me when he stabbed me from behind with a knife!”

Once those words left his mouth, everybody’s eyes widened in disbelief as they gasped in horror, turning so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop.

“That’s pure nonsense!”

The Guan Family Head shouted sharply, his entire body shaking in anger, but a voice in his heart seemed to be telling him it was all true, or, Guan Xi Lin wouldn’t reveal everything in front of so many people here.

The senior Patriarch Guan suddenly felt his vision dimming at that moment, almost fainting away from the news he was hearing. Hatching a plot to kill one’s blood kin, a family disgrace! How utterly shameful!


Guan Xi Lin resecured the belt at his hip and said: “Didn’t he just try to kill me with a dagger he hid from behind me earlier? Do you really think everyone here is blind? With a Family Clan like this, do you think I can still remain here? Continuing to stay here might get me killed unknowingly any day.”

He then turned to look towards the senior Patriarch Guan: “My proclamation of self expulsion today is just to inform you of it and not to ask for your approval. All that bull about your Guan Family rules and laws have nothing to do with me from this moment forth! You can very well keep it to properly discipline your own people in your Guan Family!”

immediately after that, Guan Xi Lin walked over to Feng Jiu and said: “Little Sis, let’s go!”

Everyone looked at each other, never having expected that the selections at the Guan Family’s today would turn out like this. They had really watched a good show today!

First it was Guan Xi Lin having executed the s.h.i.+fting Mirage even though he was still so young, followed closely by the Eldest Young Master of the Guan Family sneaky enough to launch a attack from behind someone’s back, and quickly after that, Guan Xi Lin had proclaimed his self expulsion from the clan together with the explosive revelation of the inside story behind the fake news of his death in the Nine Entrapment Woods.

Everything single thing they had seen and heard today, had shocked all of them right to their boots, needless to even mention the people of the Guan Family themselves.

At that moment, seeing the three people already walking away to leave with no one within the Guan Family saying a single word to stop them, seemingly still stunned and overwhelmed with shock, the people in the crowd stepped up in quick succession to clasp their fists to announce their departure, quickly leaving the premises one after another.

They had thought that a prodigy had appeared within their family, but who knew he would suddenly expel himself from their clan, and even dragging out the family’s disgrace of a plot against a blood kin within the family into the open in the process. When he thought of that, the senior Patriarch Guan felt a rumble of his blood Qi in his chest, and he fell into a dead faint.

“Senior Patriarch! The Patriarch has fainted! Quick! Fetch a physician quickly…..”

Hearing the chaotic commotion breaking out from behind, the various Family Heads walking out from the Guan Mansion shook their heads discreetly to themselves, thinking silently: [The Guan Family has really lost all face and any kind of reputation they held today…..]