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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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When the people below the stage saw that scene, their expressions showed varying degrees of surprise.

The compet.i.tions within Family Clans were usually contests of mystical powers and martial arts, hence, weapons were very seldom drawn. Like Guan Xi Ruan who found himself not a match in a bare knuckle fight and had drawn arms, once a weapon was drawn, the very nature of the contest had changed.

Moreover, because he drew out his weapon, even if he won, there would be no glory. And from what everyone could see, with Guan Xi Ruan’s current powers, he was simply not a match for Guan Xi Lin at all.

As the Head of a Family Clan, if they didn’t even possess that level of judgement, they wouldn’t have been able to hold their positions as Family Heads firmly.

Seeing his son draw out his sword, the expression on the Guan Family Head’s face did not improve, but he did not utter a single word to stop him, but had just allowed the situation to continue to unfold.

[Today is the selections for the Young Head, and his son, must definitely win!]

As for Guan Xi Lin, seeing Guan Xi Ruan flash his sword, his expression remained unchanged. He clenched up his fists tightly, the joints crackling clearly, as a visible surge of mystical power flared out from his entire body.

“Whoa! Such an intense mystical aura!”

The various Family Heads below the stage were shocked when they saw that surge of mystical power flaring out from Guan Xi Lin’s body where even one or two of them had immediately shot to their feet, their eyes filled with astonishment.

At Guan Xi Lin’s young age and he had already possessed a mystical aura that was almost comparable to them, what did that represent? It was already clearly evident.

[This boy, was definitely not of common stock!]

Father Ke was also a man who had a keen eye. When he saw the intensity of the mystical aura and that absorbing grandeur emanating from Guan Xi Lin’s body, his entire person was startled, and he mumbled to himself helplessly: “I saw it all wrong….. Saw it all wrong…..”

Ke Xin Ya was also staring at Guan Xi Lin upon the stage in stunned silence, her body shaking slightly, unable to believe what her eyes were seeing.

[How did he become so strong? How did he become so very strong?]

And on another side below the stage, when the senior Patriarch Guan who had entered following behind stared at the stalwart and formidable Guan Xi Lin standing upon the stage cold and aloof, he suddenly thought of that most outstanding son of his, his old eyes startled as he gazed upon that towering and alluring figure, his heart feeling highly complicated.

It was at that same moment, that the figure of Guan Xi Lin moved to attack, his speed so fast that several figures in duplicates had morphed to be seen upon the stage.

His body had leapt forward in an instant, his hand gripping onto Guan Xi Ruan’s wrist the same moment his body had surged forward. He exerted power into his hand and tugged sharply downwards, eliciting a sharp crack to ring out, and a pitiful wail immediately sounded right after.



The sword in Guan Xi Ruan’s hand dropped onto the stage, in a loud and clear thunk.

Everyone below jumped to their feet in stunned amazement, to stare at Guan Xi Lin, their eyes disbelieving.

“s.h.i.+fting Mirage!’

“He actually successfully cultivated s.h.i.+fting Mirage!”

The various Family Heads’ hearts were highly startled and horrified, not one of them caring that Guan Xi Ruan’s hand had been broken. What they were concerned about at that moment was, that Guan Xi Lin had been able to execute the s.h.i.+fting Mirage skill! A skill like that, even they themselves might not be able to successfully cultivate, but he…..

A young man that was just about twenty years of age had managed to successfully cultivate that!

In an instant, all the eyes of the various Family Heads looking at Guan Xi Lin were absolutely s.h.i.+ning with excitement, just like a bunch of lecherous old men who had seen a beautiful woman stripped stark naked, seemingly almost desperate to immediately pounce upon Guan Xi Lin, to swallow him up whole, in order to take possession of him.

That moment, even the senior Patriarch Guan’s eyes were so excited they were almost shooting out rays, his body so agitated he was trembling slightly. He thumped the wooden crutch in his hand hard onto the ground and laughed loudly in excitement.

“Ha ha ha ha! This is just great! The sons of my Guan Family are brilliant! The sons of my Guan Family are really brilliant!”