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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Finally, it was the Guan Family Head who first recovered his senses. He stood up with a laugh and walked towards Guan Xi Lin, looking surprised and exclaiming excitedly: “Xi Lin! You’re finally back! Everyone in the family has been very worried about you! Where have you been all this time and you did not even send a message back home?”

[Xi Lin? Guan Xi Lin?]

The people in the crowd were looking at each other.

[Hadn’t it been said that he went to the Nine Entrapment Woods with people in his clan but had disobeyed the leader orders and stormed off in a huff, finally falling prey to the ferocious beasts there where not even his bones could be found? Why is he now returning here still well and alive?]

[They had all heard that Guan Xi Ruan’s present wife was Guan Xi Lin’s betrothed bride previously. What’s going to happen now? He has come back, but his fiancee has already become his cousin’s woman.]

Although their faces did not show it, everyone in the crowd were all prepared to watch a good show. They did not say anything but merely fixed their gazes upon the several people involved in it.

Guan Xi Lin looked at the Family Head and did not say a word, the expression on his face solemn, without even the slightest tinge of a smile.

Seeing the expressionless face, the Guan Family Head’s face darkened as well, and he asked in a deepened voice: “What is it? Your Uncle is asking you a question so why are you not answering?”

Guan Xi Lin’s gaze was fixed upon his cousin who was trying his hardest to suppress the panic and guilt in his heart, and he replied in a cold tone: “I am back here to take part in the compet.i.tion.” As he spoke, he was already walking towards the front.

The Guan Family Head was taken aback as his brows creased up to look at Guan Xi Lin. He had initially wanted to stop Guan Xi Lin but finally did not say a word. From his point of view, Guan Xi Lin would not be a match for his son, and going up onto the stage would just be asking for trouble.

Guan Xi Ruan upon the stage watched as Guan Xi Lin approached, his fl.u.s.tered mood slowly quientening down.

From the moment that he had appeared till now, Guan Xi Lin had not mentioned that Guan Xi Ruan had been the one who stabbed a knife into his back. He wouldn’t speak of that here, as afterall, that was dirty laundry within the family and he would surely still be concerned about the Guan Family’s reputation.

With that thought in mind, Guan Xi Ruan’s mind relaxed, and his highly strung heart warmed up a little as his face broke into a smile: “Xi Lin, it’s just great you have come back.”

Guan Xi Lin stepped onto the stage and looked at him, his face darkened as he said: “I had thought you didn’t want me to come back.”

Upon hearing that, the smile on Guan Xi Ruan’s face froze and he said rather awkwardly: “How could that be? Xi Lin, are you blaming me for having married Xin Ya? I had actually married Xin Ya based on the decision of the elders on both sides as we had all thought that you had died in the Nine Entrapment Woods and they had then…..”

When the crowd of people below the stage heard those words, they nodded to themselves silently. [Mm, this Xi Lin’s face isn’t looking too good, it must be because his betrothed had been wedded to his cousin! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be showing such a dark face to the Guan Family Head.

On the womenfolk’s side, Ke Xin Ya had after hearing the words spoken on the stage had put on a face showing remorse and self reproach and she said in a soft and gentle voice: “Xi Lin, I had only annulled the betrothal under the arrangements made by the elders of both sides and married Xi Ruan after that. I hope you do not hold any animosity against your family because of me. If anything is to be blamed, you can only blame fate that we are not destined to be together.”

However, upon hearing the words that Guan Xi Lin was going to say after this, her face drained completely of colour, turning to look a pale sheet and utterly humiliated.

Guan Xi Lin shot her a depreciating glance and with his arms crossed over his chest, he said scornfully: “You are thinking too highly of yourself. A girl who is so fickle minded and so hopelessly vain isn’t worthy of me, Guan Xi Lin, to pay her any attention.”

“Guan Xi Lin! That’s being too much!” Father Ke leapt to his feet as his hand slammed onto the table. Seeing his daughter being humiliated in front of everyone like this, his face contorted with rage.

Guan Xi Lin gave Father Ke a cold smile as he turned to glance at him: “Isn’t what I said all true? Hadn’t she been fickle minded to only seek benefits for herself and pursued a higher position to merely satisfy her own vanity?”