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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Guan Xi Lin looked at his Grandfather and the smile on his face slowly faded, as an iron blooded and absorbing aura began to permeate the air, as an unrestrained voice with a determined tone came out from his mouth.

“No! I came back here today just to take part in the compet.i.tion. Rest a.s.sured Grandfather. I have no interest in the position of the Young Head. I am only thinking to ask my cousin to teach me a few things.”

The same moment his voice dropped, Guan Xi Lin strode forward taking big strides, not giving his Grandfather any opportunity to stop him another time.

The elderly Family Patriarch was a little stunned at that moment, shocked by the completely different and absorbing aura spilling out from Guan Xi Lin. That dominating and cold hard demeanor, suddenly making the old man seem to see a shadow of the boy’s father, which threw the old man off to become slightly dazed for that very moment…..

Watching it all from the side, the corners of Feng Jiu’s lips curled up under the face veil. She cast a glance at the dazed elderly Guan Family Patriarch and then quickly moved forward to follow behind.

Leng Shuang dressed in full black eased naturally behind Feng Jiu, protecting her Mistress quietly.

When the tall and towering Guan Xi Lin came in stepping firmly upon the ground, Guan Xi Ruan who had just won another round was smiling brightly suddenly looked like he had been struck by lightning as he exclaimed in shock in a slight loss of self control: “How….. How are you still alive?”

His face immediately turned white as a sheet, looking highly incredulous, and rather fl.u.s.tered, tinged with a little bit of awkward guilt.

He had thought Guan Xi Lin was dead! In such a place like the Nine Entrapment Woods, there was no way that the heavily wounded Guan Xi Lin would be able to live! But, why was he still alive? Why didn’t anyone tell him that Guan Xi Lin was still alive?

Another person was similarly experiencing a loss of self control, and that was Ke Xin Ya.

At almost the very moment upon seeing Guan Xi Lin, she had instinctively jumped to her feet, shocked and angry, and feeling a tinge of narcissism.

She had a.s.sumed that Guan Xi Lin had come to the Guan’s Mansion to take part in the compet.i.tion only because of her. Because he wasn’t able to let her go, because she still held a place in his heart, which greatly fed her vain heart.

At the same time, she was angry, feeling that by coming here, he would embarra.s.s her, because she had originally been his betrothed spouse, but had now become Guan Xi Lin’s cousin’s wife.

Two men one on and one off the stage, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to bear up under the curious gazes of everyone who would be keen to watch the show being put on.

Due to the shocked exclamation from Guan Xi Ruan and also because of Ke Xin Ya’s unruly reaction, everyone below the stage were finding the situation strange and they turned to look in the same direction.

With that one gaze, some were surprised, and some other ones were shocked. People were surprised by the sudden appearance of the towering, brawny and masculine man, while the latter group were shocked due to the girl in white with her face covered behind a face veil who was standing behind the man.

Not to mention all the Family Heads in the front row, but all their sons in the entire row right behind them had one by one after a.s.sessing Guan Xi Lin, immediately turned their shocked gazes upon the girl in white, their curiosity and interest evident in their eyes, completely unrestrained.

Afterall, they were all male, and they all were thinking the same thing. Upon seeing that lithe and graceful figure with such an refined air about her, they were all naturally trying to get another glimpse at her.

Especially as the girl’s face was hidden behind a veil. Although unable to see her countenance clearly, but, those alluring mannerisms, and the pair of beautiful eyes revealed above the veil, were enough to tell them clearly, that the face beneath that veil was definitely one that was enchanting and moving, with a flawless complexion.

Seeking to look beautiful was human nature and all of them did not find it inappropriate to stare so blatantly at a lady like that.

Hence, the Family Heads in the front row were gauging and sizing up Guan Xi Lin, while the younger men behind were all a.s.sessing the mysterious girl in white, curious about her ident.i.ty, and….. the countenance under that veil.