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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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Awaiting for a response from him, Guan Xi Lin saw with a chill that Murong Yi Xuan was staring rather dazedly at the horse carriage behind him and his face immediately darkened as he s.h.i.+fted his feet a step to his left, putting his brawny self right in front of Murong Yi Xuan to block him off.

“I say, what are you looking at?”

“Big Brother Murong, do you know the person inside the carriage?”

Feng Qing Ge walked slowly over, and asked in a gentle voice. Her gaze looked at the outside of the horse carriage a moment before s.h.i.+fting away to look at Guan Xi Lin to say with a faint smile: “Since this Young Master is a friend of my Big Brother Murong, then you are also a friend of me, Feng Qing Ge. How is the person the person inside the carriage related to this Young Master? Why don’t we invite her out for us to have a meet?”

She had watched from a distance away for awhile and she had her misgivings about this. That dazzled expression on Murong Yi Xuan’s face had caused her to feel threatened for the first time since she had taken over and a.s.sumed Feng Qing Ge’s ident.i.ty. That gaze Murong Yi Xuan was giving was only too familiar to her, and it also made her heart s.h.i.+ver.

In the past, she had always watched quietly as she stood on one side like she was now, seeing him give this same highly gentle and deeply loving gaze to stare so dazedly at Feng Qing Ge. But ever since she had taken over this ident.i.ty, she had always felt that he was lacking the same gentleness and deep love that he had shown the previous Feng Qing Ge in the past.

Even though when he looked at her now, he would also use gentle words, and was highly accommodating to her. But sensitive as she was, she had felt the difference.

That had made her uneasy, but she had not dared to probe deeper, deeply afraid that the result would be something she would not be able to accept. She had tried to brush it off, telling herself that it just her thinking too much into it.

But just earlier, she had been standing some way off watching. At the moment that the man had swept the curtain aside as he came out, she saw the way that Murong Yi Xuan had gazed inside the carriage, and she had almost lost her mind.

Needless to see, her instinct as a girl told her that the person inside was definitely female. But, what kind of a woman was she? That was able to make Murong Yi Xuan forget himself like this?

Guan Xi Lin looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot. “Am I on such familiar terms with you two? Just because you want to meet, and she has to come out to show herself to you?”

Upon hearing that, the look on Feng Qing Ge’s face darkened but she did not throw a fit, but instead turned her head towards the horse carriage and said gently: “Miss, fate has destined us to meet. Why not come out for a meet?”

Inside the carriage, Feng Jiu toyed with her hair fallen before her chest, her eyes narrowed and the corners of the lips below the veil lifted in a devilishly playful smile, her voice unhurried as it sounded, three parts languid, seven parts indifferent.

“Do I know you? Why should I go out and meet you?”

Hearing the voice coming out from within the horse carriage, Feng Qing Ge was slightly taken aback, as she seemed to find it a little familiar.

And she was not the only one who felt this way. Even Murong Yi Xuan was startled, that voice, which sounded rather similar to Qing Ge’s, yet different, because that voice was filled with a lazy and nonchalant indolence, which was highly alluring.

Maybe it was that little bit of familiarity that caused her heart to feel so highly uneasy that she swept past Guan Xi Lin before her and went to the horse carriage with her hand stretched out to pull the curtain open. However, before that outstretched hand had touched the curtain, a large hand clamped over it.

“What are you doing! ?”

Guan Xi Lin was glaring at her, his face unfriendly, staring highly displeased at the peerlessly beautiful girl, suddenly thinking that all her brains must have gone to growing that face, and she could not understand human speech.

“Let go!”

Feng Qing Ge chided, her brows creasing up closely together as she stared at the hand clasped around her wrist.

Guan Xi Lin pulled her to take two steps back before letting go of her hand, his face showing utter contempt as he said: “If you had not wanted to open the carriage’s curtain, you think I would want to hold on to your hand?”

Slap! A crisp slap resounded.

“Qing Ge!” The colour on Murong Yi Xuan’s face changed slightly, and he immediately stepped forward.

Guan Xi Lin stood holding his hand to his face, his face filled with incredulity as he glared angrily at Feng Qing Ge: “You….. you slapped me?”