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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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“Mm, a friend of mine. I’ll go over and say h.e.l.lo and you can just wait awhile for me here.” He told Feng Qing Ge quickly when he saw the man about to leave and hurried himself over taking rather fast steps.

Feng Qing Ge looked at him, feeling that it was all rather strange, her gaze measuring up the strange man but did not see anything exceptional about him.

Just as Guan Xi Lin was all prepared to go back after buying what he came for, a voice rang out from the side into his ear.

“This Young Master.”

Murong Yi Xuan called out and came to stand before Guan Xi Lin, his gracefully handsome face showing a gentle smile as he said: “When we parted from our last meeting at the Rock Forest Town, I had not thought that I will see Young Master here in Cloudy Moon City again.”

Guan Xi Lin looked at Murong Yi Xuan in bafflement: “You are?” He did not remember this person at all.

Seeing that Guan Xi Lin had no memory of him, Murong Yi Xuan’s smile constricted slightly but reverted back to normal immediately and said: “I am surnamed Murong, named Yi Xuan.”

“Murong Yi Xuan?”

Guan Xi Lin was slightly flummoxed a moment before it turned to delight as he looked excitedly at the man before him, the pitch of his voice suddenly going up a few notches.

“You are Murong Yi Xuan? The Third Prince of the Sun Glory Country? That martial warrior cultivator prodigy?”

The name Murong Yi Xuan was naturally familiar to a person from the Guan Family in the Cloudy Moon City, but just had not met. Guan Xi Lin only knew that this person’s stellar reputation preceded him and that he was a genius cultivator among the newer generation, a proud son of the Heavens, that he would be fortunate enough to meet here today.

What he realized that, his heart grew excited as he said: “Lord Third Prince, I have wanted to meet you from a long time ago, and I have never thought that I will into you on the streets like this now. It must really be fate!”

Before Murong Yi Xuan could open his mouth, Guan Xi Lin continued to say: “Do you know? You have always been my target. From long ago, I have always wanted to train very hard in my cultivation to finally beat you one day.”

When he heard the first few questions, Murong Yi Xuan’s smile had deepened and he was just about to ask whether his sister had come with him when he heard the statement afterwards, which made the smile on his face freeze as he thought to himself: [This guy really doesn’t hold back with his words at all.]

But, he didn’t really mind it all that much and he went on to ask with a smile: “May I ask our Young Master for his name?”

“I’m Guan Xi Lin.” He offered generously.

“So it’s Young Master Guan. I wonder if Young Master Guan’s sister is with him?” As he was walking over, Murong Yi Xuan had already noticed it. Guan Xi Lin was holding extra portions of the snacks and wondered if they could possibly be for his sister. She liked to eat these foods?


Hearing Murong Yi Xuan mention his precious little sister, the smile on Guan Xi Lin’s face immediately stiffened and his eyes became wary as he asked: “What are you enquiring about my little sis for? You don’t even know her.”

“It’s like this. Back in the Rock Forest Town then, I had unintentionally offended your younger sister and I have been looking for a chance to apologise to her, but have not had the opportunity to meet her.” He did see her. That time at the Peach Blossom Ridge, he had seen her looking like a flower spirit, which had gotten him dazzled and distracted after he came back, causing his heart to sink.

To the point that over this recent period, he had been thinking about his relations.h.i.+p with Qing Ge and had wanted to find an opportune time to speak openly with her about it, but just had not found a good time for it.

The hand holding the Fried Scallion Pancakes waved dismissively and Guan Xi Lin said: “No need, my younger sis is highly magnanimous and will not bear any grudges with such minor affronts.” No grudge only because you have not riled her up enough. Get her angry and she wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n about any nonsensical magnanimity regardless whether the infraction was big or small.

“Argh! She’s still waiting for my Fried Scallion Pancakes! Can’t talk, I’ll make a move first.”

When it came to the affairs of his little sister, everything else became negligible and he immediately lost the mood to exchange greetings with his idol as he hurried back to the horse carriage, afraid that he had kept her waiting too long.

“Young Master Guan…..”

Murong Yi Xuan’s gaze followed the direction Guan Xi Lin was running towards and when it fell upon a horse carriage stopped at the side of the road, his heart skipped a beat.

[Is she inside?]