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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

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-Three Days Later-

An inconspicuous horse carriage rolled slowly along on the street. The carriage car was not eye catching, what drew people’s attention was the cold and beautiful girl in front dressed in black.

Her features were exquisite and beautiful, the body wrapped by those black clothes s.e.xy and alluring. If there could have been a little trace of a smile on her face, she would surely have become a stunner that made men fall head over heels. However, the young girl in black garb had a chilly aura emanating from her entire body, that cold and chilly demeanor quickly discouraging people from approaching her.

Inside the horse carriage, Guan Xi Lin looked at Feng Jiu who was leaning heavily slanted against the side of the carriage as she read her book and he asked her in slightly distressed puzzlement: “Little Jiu, since you possess such exemplary medical skills, why do you not remove the scars from your face first?”

It had already been so long and the scars on her face had still not shown any signs of fading. Everytime he saw those scars on her face, he would feel worried for her, but she herself had instead seemingly acted like she had gotten used to it and did not bother with it.

[Isn’t it said that girls could not bear to have their countenance damaged? Why was he seeing her so nonchalant and unbothered by it?]

“No hurry. The scar removing medicine I am concocting still lacks one more type of herb.” She replied nonchalantly, flipping a page on her book and continuing to peruse.

It was a scroll that recorded the Tempest Cloud Steps, found among her Master’s collection within the s.p.a.ce. After looking at it, she found that the footwork depicted within was more amazing than hers and she had her nose buried within it all the way since they left the Peach Blossom Ridge, unable to put it down for a second.

Till, her nose picked up a fragrance and her head raised up unwittingly.

“Big Brother, do you smell anything?” Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at him. Sniffing at that fragrance, she could not help but gulp her saliva back down her throat.

Seeing her looking like a gluttonous cat, Guan Xi Lin laughed out loud helplessly and reached a hand out to rap her gently on the head. “That nose of yours only knows food. Even with the curtains drawn, you are still able to smell the scent of Fried Scallion Pancakes?”

“Right right! It’s Fried Scallion Pancakes!” She smiled happily and hugged his arm while rocking him to say: “Big Brother, can you help me buy some? I want two!” Sticking out two fingers, she waved them before Guan Xi Lin’s face.

“Alright, alright, I’ll go buy them.” He said, helpless against the pleading.

At that moment, Leng Shuang who was driving the carriage had heard the conversation inside and she had already slowed down their speed.

Guan Xi Lin drew the curtain open and jumped off the carriage saying to Leng Shuang: “Stop the carriage at the side. I’m going to get some pancakes and will be coming right back.” As he spoke, he was already walking towards a little stall a short distance away.

Leng Shuang parked the horse carriage at the side and waited, looking over towards the little stall.

“Uncle, four Fried Scallion Pancakes.” Guan Xi Lin said loudly as he took out the money.

“Young Master, you want a couple of bowls of Green Bean Soup to go along with it? Fried Scallion Pancakes go exceptionally well with Green Bean Soup!” The slightly elderly man asked, as he packed the sizzling hot pancakes.

“That works, I’ll take two bowls, no, three bowls. Pack them properly for me so it’s easy to takeaway.”

“Sure, sure, sure.” The elderly man said with smiling eyes, quickly filling up three bowls of Green Bean Soup and packing them up for takeaway.

A distance away, accompanying Feng Qing Ge and he had just stepped out from the Jade Pavilion Loft when Murong Yi Xuan’s unconscious glance around the surroundings spotted a man buying something from a small stall, he was surprised and a sudden delight came into his eyes.

[It’s him? The elder brother of that girl in red?]

[If he’s here, then would that girl in red be here as well?] Thinking about that, his heart started to thump, as both excitement and a certain nervousness gripped his heart.

“Big Brother Murong? What is it?”

Feng Qing Ge who was pulling him asked in puzzlement. Seeing that he was just standing there and not moving, she turned her head to follow his gaze, only to see a man in ordinary dress buying Fried Scallion Pancakes.

“Big Brother Murong knows him?”