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Chapter 93 I’ll feed him some earth!

“Sigh… Bro.”

The young man ran up to pad on Fang Qiu’s shoulder and said through clenched teeth, “You got it. Ten grand a plant. Fifty grand in total.”

Fang Qiu smiled.

After reading so many medical books,

He knew too well about the efficacy of these medicinal herbs.

He didn’t know the exact market price of these plants but he was aware of the big chance of encountering an unscrupulous merchant.

He had heard from people in the mountains when he was little.

The buyers of mountain products would often force prices down upon their purchase, making an offer one-tenth or even one-fifteenth of the actual value.

When he heard the one thousand per plant offer, he set the price at ten grand a plant.

As expected,

“Bank transfer or cash?”

Asked Fang Qiu.


The young man laughed loud in a very generous manner and then led Fang Qiu back to the van. He grabbed a black bag from the vehicle and took out five stacks of one hundred bills, putting in Fang Qiu’s hand directly.

Receiving the money.

Fang Qiu began to check carefully, afraid of being cheated.

“Cash business. Cheat neither old nor young.”

The young man chuckled before continuing, “Look carefully. I take no responsibility once the deal is closed.”

After a thorough check,

Fang Qiu was certain the money was real and the number was correct. Then he handed over the plants.


After inspecting the herbs, the young man said with a grin, “Come to me when you get the good stuff. I’m here all year round purchasing mountain products. My price is guaranteed fair.”

Fang Qiu nodded as he put the money into his bag before taking his leave.

He circled around the village.

Fang Qiu couldn’t find a single bus stop sign.

At last, Fang Qiu had to seek information from local villagers.

After inquiring about, he found out the village had no bus service. There was only one dirt road about three kilometers away from the village. To reach any city, one must walk out to the road and then look for a ride.

“Three kilometers. That’s not far.”

With this information, Fang Qiu headed out of the village at once.

Considering his pace, three kilometers is nothing.


It also depended on the traffic on the path. It would be terrifying traveling at that speed in broad daylight.

Outside the village,

Fang Qiu found other people on the path.

He had to run.

About one kilometer into the journey, Fang Qiu secretly moved his internal Qi and got ready to speed up after making sure there was no one around.

But at this very moment.


The hum of an engine came abruptly.

He turned to look.

And saw a van hurtling fast towards him.

“Looks like I can save some energy.”

Fang Qiu grinned.

After selling the plants, he had quite some money with him. It shouldn’t be hard to have a ride with a fair payment.

Fang Qiu reached out his arm, giving a signal to the vehicle to stop.

A moment later,

The van swept past Fang Qiu and stopped.

Fang Qiu was about to walk up to ask for a ride when the back door slid open.

A middle-aged man, bald and st.u.r.dy, and two sloppy looking young men with long hair jumped off.

“Brother, looking for a ride to the city?”

Asked the bald man with a sneer.


Nodded Fang Qiu without any facial expressions.

He sensed the unfriendly atmosphere as soon as they got out of the car.


The bald guy nodded instantly and said, “Hand over all your money and we will make sure you reach the city in no time. What do you say?”

“How much?”

Asked Fang Qiu with a grin.

“All of it!”

The bald man laughed out loud and answered, “Just now I saw you doing some business in the village. The money is quite heavy, isn’t it?”

“You are robbing me?”

Fang Qiu asked again with the same grin.

“Don’t make it sound so horrible. It’s just a small fee for using the road.”

Laughed the bald guy grimly.

“What if I don’t get in your car?”

“Then you are courting trouble. I’ll have to take the money to solve the trouble. Would you like to pay to avoid trouble or suffer?”

Asked the bald man coldly.

“To be honest, I can read the face. There’s some blackness in your forehead, which is a sign for a looming threat of fatal disaster. What about you give me some money and let me help you solve the problem?”

Fang Qiu answered with a grin.


The bald man snorted coldly and exchanged a glance with the two youths next to him. He threatened, “You are refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. You want some punches?”

As he spoke,

The three of them clenched their fists and threw punches at Fang Qiu.


Before their punches reached Fang Qiu,


A sound of punching came.

One of the youths was. .h.i.t hard in the stomach by Fang Qiu and fell to the ground before making a response.

One down.

Fang Qiu reached out both of his arms.

To confront the bald man and the other young man’s fists. He grabbed their fists in his hands.

“My face reading skill cheats neither old nor young. Why don’t you believe me?”

Fang Qiu muttered, shaking his head, and put forth his strength to drag the two men down to the ground.


He sat down on the bald man.

The two young men hastily got up and threw themselves at Fang Qiu again.


Fang Qiu gave a quiet snort of contempt. He leaned backward and dodged their punches. His hands grabbed their ankles and gave a powerful pull.

The pair fell down immediately.

“Young man, you are courting death!”

The bald man shouted with anger, pulling himself together and attempting to stand up.


Fang Qiu slapped his bald head all of a sudden. “Now you believe that here is a looming threat of fatal disaster. Tell me! Who sent you?”

The bald man was furious. He tried again to get up.

In the meantime.

The two young men got up from the ground and charged at Fang Qiu.

“You just won’t give up until seeing your own blood.”

Fang Qiu sneered.

He suddenly rose.

Then in a flash, he threw a punch at the young man to his left with one percent of his strength. After, he dashed instantly to the young man to the right and knocked him out with one whip kick.

These two lying on the ground were unable to get up.

“Screw you!”

The bald man cursed as he got up. He hammered a heavy punch at Fang Qiu’s head.


Before his punch hit, Fang Qiu’s right leg reached his body with immense force, lifting his lower body up. He fell to the ground face down first.

“Speak. Who sent you?”

Fang Qiu squatted down and asked in a very cold tone, glaring at the badly battered bald man.


The bald man was burning with wrath. He pushed his arms, attempting to rise.

However, before he could straighten his upper body,

Fang Qiu slapped his s.h.i.+ny bald head with great strength, which smashed his face into the dust and dirt on the ground

“Speak or not?”

Gazing at the furious bald man’s face covered by dirt, Fang Qiu asked while slapping that glossy, oily head.

Each slap sent the bald man’s raised head back to another intimate contact with the yellow soil.

And each slap was followed by the same question.

Fang Qiu asked ten times, accompanied by ten slaps.

He didn’t stop until the bald man finally raised both of his hands, signaling his submission.

“So who sent you?”

Fang Qiu asked again.

“I… I’ll tell you.”

The bald man was really terrified this time.

Of course he was terrified.

He’d never seen anyone so mean and so powerful.

The bald man covered his head with both hands and slowly looked up, his voice trembling with fear.

“It was… It was the Third.”

He then quickly dodged, afraid of getting another slap from Fang Qiu.

“The Third?”

Fang Qiu was confused.

“The mountain products buyer. The Third.”

The bald man explained hastily.


Fang Qiu nodded with understanding and asked, “He told you I’ve got money on me?”


The bald man nodded immediately.

“What’s the relation between you two?”

Fang Qiu asked again.

“He… He came to us to form a partners.h.i.+p. He will buy mountain products in the village. If he sees some target alone and weak, he will inform us to rob the person since this road is rather quiet…”

Replied the bald man.

Fang Qiu scolded in an angry tone, “So you rob? So you commit wicked deeds? How many times have you done it?”

The bald man appeared unwilling to answer.

Fang Qiu raised his hand.

The bald man opened his mouth at once, “Several times.”



Fang Qiu gave him another slap all of a sudden, which sent his face to the ground once again. He then said, “You’ve harmed many people!”

Why did you beat me again?

I’ve already answered your question!

Why did you slap me again?

Can you be reasonable?

The bald man buried his face in the soil instead of lifting his head up.

“You’ve got quite some hands, right?”

Fang Qiu was annoyed yet amused by the bald man. He added, “Go. Bring your people. I’ll be here waiting.”


He stood up.

Upon hearing that.

The bald man carefully glanced at Fang Qiu and got up quickly after making sure Fang Qiu had already backed away. He then jumped into the van.

The two young men got in the vehicle almost at the same time, closing the door behind tightly.

“We… Are we really calling the guys?”

A young man in the car asked cowardly.

“Call. Why not?”

The bald man wiped his face furiously and shouted with anger, “This young fellow is so arrogant. I must teach him a lesson. He has money on him. Most importantly, we need to find out where he got the wild ginsengs.

“Moreover, I’ll feed him some earth!”

He threw a glare at Fang Qiu who seemed to be enjoying the scenery.

The trio waited for a while.

They made sure Fang Qiu was stupid enough to not call the police or run away.

They called their people right away.

Over ten minutes later,


A loud engine noise came from a distance.

A van driving very fast stopped three meters away from Fang Qiu.

The car door opened.

Over ten people flooded out.

The young man in the lead was the Third, the mountain products buyer.

“Losers! Three of you can’t handle a kid.”

The Third spat as soon as he got off the vehicle. He threw a fierce glare at Fang Qiu before approaching the other van to call the bald man and his two young mates.

“Young man, you’d better hand over the money. My brothers are waiting for it to dine.”

Said the Third to Fang Qiu as he approached.

“That’s all of you?”

Fang Qiu glanced across them and continued, “I’ll take care of you all in one go.”

“How arrogant!”

The Third straightened his face, his voice grim and cold.

“Don’t you worry!”

Said Fang Qiu with a smile, “I won’t give you time to confess. All you’ll get is suffering.”


Before these people could respond, Fang Qiu dashed into the crowd.

His arms and legs struck simultaneously.

“Bam, bam, bam…”

In a flash, several men fell to the ground.

Seeing this,

The Third was frightened.

He didn’t even see how Fang Qiu struck. It was all in a flash and then five of his men were on the ground, in pain.

“Attack! Finish him!”

The Third shouted loud angrily at once.

All of a sudden,

The rest of them charged at Fang Qiu together.

But the next moment.

Fang Qiu stepped out of their siege swiftly and struck again rapidly.

“Bam, bam, bam…”

Another series of punches and kicks.

Everyone but the Third was down on the ground.

This time,

The Third was panic-stricken.

He glanced across his men on the ground and saw each and every one of them hugging their legs, screaming and struggling in pain,

Their legs were broken.

“Bro… Brother.”

Eyeing Fang Qiu, the Third appeared frightened, his body bent and his smile awkward. He pleaded, “Don’t… Don’t be like this. We didn’t know you before… We are just…”

The Third began running away before finis.h.i.+ng his sentence.

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