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Chapter 90 Scroll of Heaven Materials and Earth Treasures!

As stated on the wall.

The energy between heaven and earth was infinite and the energy of man was limited. However strong a man was, he couldn’t ward off the attack with limitless energy of heaven and earth!

How broad heaven and earth are! Between heaven and earth, humans are just beings like mole crickets and ants.

Fang Qiu’s heart was instantly stirred.

He felt he had just discovered a very different yet very powerful path of martial arts.

Read on!

“Tao can control heaven and earth, maneuver energy, bear, and destroy.”

“Man first enters heaven and earth.”

“To make use of the energy of heaven and earth, turn your body into Tao and wield Tao as the lead to maneuver the force of heaven and earth. Oceans split and ground cracks at a snap of the fingers.”

Fang Qiu read very carefully.

He carved every character on the wall into his mind.

When he was completed immersed in the words, he suddenly realized the words on the wall ended.

No more?

Totally entranced, he found emptiness after.

“Only one movement?”

Fang Qiu was lost.

Apparently there was more content after but not here.

He hastily got closer to observe the stone wall.

After some thorough comparison, he came to realize that the latter part was not wiped off but not written at all.

What a pity!

Fang Qiu heaved a sigh and wished it could continue.

What a pity that only the prelude was written here! Very likely there were more movements than this one.

Although these words only recorded one movement, this one that could maneuver the energy of heaven and earth was terribly powerful.

It was already a great fortune to have acquired this movement!

Fang Qiu couldn’t help reading the text on the wall again.

After reading, he realized it was only one movement. He couldn’t really make use of the energy of heaven and earth at his own will after mastering this. The energy could only be maneuvered when he performed this move and at no other times.

It was quite different from his imagination.

But it was good enough!

He didn’t have the extravagant hope of maneuvering the energy of heaven and earth at any time. He would become an immortal if he could actually do that.


To maneuver the energy of heaven and earth, one movement was all he needed!

And this movement.

Was the Great Hand of Destruction!

This movement would use one’s body as the lead and perform this unique move to create a cyclone within the body that could absorb the energy of heaven and earth. Through this cyclone, one’s own energy would be extended out and transformed into tens of thousands of thin threads to manipulate the energy of heaven and earth sucked in via the cyclone.

In plain words, it would be like a marionette.

Fang Qiu would be the controller, his internal Qi the strings, and the energy of heaven and earth the puppet.

With good control, the power would go beyond imagination.

Fang Qiu would love to continue this thought but the old man’s words suddenly came to his mind.

“You are not an ordinary man.”

“You are an ordinary man!”

Looking back at it carefully, Fang Qiu suddenly understood these two contradictory sentences.

He burst into a beam.

He finally understood what the old man meant.

Since the old man knew about the place with bones of fierce beasts further into the mountain, he must have come to this cave and read the text on the wall before.

Considering the old man’s state of mind, those screams of devils couldn’t stop him.

And he might have solved the stream of force in some other way.

That wolf could be the victim.

The old man entered the cave.

He read the words and understood the meaning.

But obviously.

The old man didn’t study.

The old man stayed unmoved faced by such a huge temptation.

This made Fang Qiu admire him sincerely.

They didn’t have much time together but through their limited contact, Fang Qiu could clearly feel the old man’s high stage of practice. An old man at the age of 85 lived alone deep in the mountains to practice and train peacefully was certainly in a very high realm.

Especially that line.

“I don’t even miss myself. Why would I miss home?”

Thinking back.

He was an embodiment of the Buddhist concept of the state of anatta.

The state of non-man, the state of self, and the state of all living creatures.

There were men because of oneself. There were all living creatures because of oneself.

Anatta! Impressive!

What realm was that?

Fang Qiu couldn’t imagine and he didn’t think he could reach.

That was too hard!

The old man’s state of practice was very high but his martial prowess was low.

Recollecting on this, the old man didn’t care much about martial arts. Peace was probably the best practice for him. Fighting and killing were not for him.

“There are many paths of practice. I’m already on the martial arts one. Maybe one day I can catch up with the old man.”

Fang Qiu murmured and nodded slightly.

He knew the old man’s state of mind was highly admirable but that path was not for him because he had long set his mind on martial arts not cultivation through meditation.

The old man didn’t choose this fortune as it didn’t conform to his practice.

But Fang Qiu couldn’t miss this because it was perfect for his path.

As he reached this conclusion.

Fang Qiu sat down at once with his legs crossed and began to practice following the method written on the wall.

Sinking deep in practice.

Fang Qiu closed his eyes without knowing.

The text on the wall lingered in his head and floated across his eyes. Every detail transformed into actions and demonstrated.

Time flew by.

Fang Qiu was completely immersed in this.

He forgot about time and s.p.a.ce.

He didn’t know how long had pa.s.sed.


Fang Qiu opened his eyes all of a sudden. There was light glittering in his eyes.

He lowered his head to look at his hands.

He saw.

A strange glow flashed across his fair palms.

“The Great Hand of Destruction!”

Sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, Fang Qiu raised his right hand.


Air instantly flew across the entire cave.

Invisible streams of the energy of heaven and earth gathered from all directions and formed a palm in front of Fang Qiu’s hand.

A ma.s.sive palm!

Fang Qiu couldn’t see but could clearly feel the existence of the palm.

“Very powerful energy!”

Sensing the palm completely formed by energy, Fang Qiu was startled.

He had no doubts.

He could easily leave a deep hole in the wall if he shot this palm of energy out. And he could absolutely pierce through a human body.

Most importantly, Fang Qiu didn’t use his full strength.

If he did put in all his efforts, the palm could probably be much bigger. Fang Qiu had no idea how big it would be but he thought the palm could also be very small, about the size of a bullet.

“So powerful!”

Fang Qiu couldn’t suppress the gasp of a surprise after taking a deep breath as he quickly dispersed the palm of energy.

He had never thought there could be such a terrifying movement in this world!

At this moment.



Numerous rifts emerged abruptly in the wall in front of Fang Qiu. As the rifts spread, the stone on the surface of the wall weathered and collapsed into sand, falling into the one-palm wide moat at the bottom of the wall.

The wall continued collapsing and breaking.

The text vanished completely as if it had never existed.

With the outer layer weathered, the wall became smoother than before.

“These words disappeared because someone has mastered it?”

Seeing the strange scene, Fang Qiu rose slowly and muttered to himself.

He lowered his head again to check his palms.

“This Great Hand of Destruction is only a movement in the prelude but its power is already so horrific. I’m so curious about what powerful movements are recorded after.”

As his thought flew.

Fang Qiu turned to look at the other three walls.

As expected.

There was no text. Not even a stroke.

There wouldn’t be a disappointment if there were no expectation.

Fang Qiu shook his head with a wry smile and murmured quietly, “Looks like I’ll have to rely on my luck to find the middle and final parts.”

Certainly there was no other text, he turned to the flat rocks piled by the wall to his right.

There were nine flat rocks in total.

Every piece was one finger thick.

Some were in an oval shape, some were squared, and the rest were round. Piled together, they looked rather pretty.

Stepping towards the pile of rocks.

Fang Qiu squatted down to observe closely.

These flat rocks were just normal with nothing written on it.

“It can’t be.”

Fang Qiu mumbled.

For him, every item existed for a reason.

If these flat rocks had nothing special or weren’t for any special purpose, why would they be piled up here?

Looking around.

Empty. Not even a gravel.

The rattan bed and this pile of rocks were the only items in this cave.

“Open and see.”

Fang Qiu reached his hands out and took down the first flat rock. He looked at it thoroughly and then turned to the second one.

He couldn’t find anything.

He picked up another piece and began observing.

He quickly went through eight of them.

Still Fang Qiu didn’t find anything unusual.

“Could it be at the bottom?”

Confused, Fang Qiu took up the last flat rock.

“Of course nothing.”

Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

As he was about to get up to leave.

His body shook slightly.

He looked down.

The ground under the ninth rock had subsided.

“No way!”

Fang Qiu glanced about.

He noticed the ground of this cave was all stones.

There was a thin layer of dust.

These nine flat rocks were not heavy. However long they had been placed here, they couldn’t really depress the stone ground.

In other words.

It was earth not stone under the ninth rock.

Without much thinking, Fang Qiu took action as soon as he realized the difference. He began to dig at the sunken ground.

He immediately felt something unusual.


From the mud Fang Qiu pulled out a black item.

It was a black piece of sackcloth.

Inside the sackcloth something was wrapped.

The cloth had begun decomposing buried underground for so long.

He opened the sackcloth.

In front of him was an exquisite reel of one palm high.

The two ends of the reel were jade carved into the shape of a flower bud and its middle part was a hollow jade. There was a seam in the center with a tiny piece of paper with gold threads sticking out. Inside the jade was a paper roll. He could open it by pulling the paper with gold threads.


Fang Qiu murmured quietly, looking at the paper with gold threads.

On the paper with gold threads were several small words, “Scroll of Heaven Materials and Earth Treasures”!

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