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Chapter 9 Stunning! Astonis.h.i.+ng!

Fang Qiu also knew he should not be too at ease. After all, he was here for performing a show. After making all the warm-up jokes, he immediately brought his mind back and slowly closed his eyes.

Seeing him like this, the audience gradually quieted down.

Countless eyes fixed on Fang Qiu on the stage.

Everyone was waiting for him to perform.

They were curious that what kind of show this seemingly funny guy could put on.

At this moment, all the lights on the stage dimmed except for one light that was pouring on him.

The light made him look like an angel that just descended from heaven, holy and handsome.

Fang Qiu slowly reopened his eyes and raised his hands, then put the palms together and lifted them near his mouth.

At this, the audience was a bit perplexed. “Is he simply going to breathe into his hands? Is this the so-called hand flute?”

As everyone was puzzled, a familiar but beautiful melody fluttered out from Fang Qiu’s hands and instantly spread across the audience through the microphone.

Many of them felt their bodies suddenly gave a shake, and their eyes widened, goggling hard at Fang Qiu’s hands on the stage.

It was stunning!


Unbelievably, they had a feeling of being stunned as well as astonished.

As if a crowd of travelers riding horses suddenly caught sight of cars racing past them!

The sensation of amazement and astonishment was beyond words!

Fang Qiu brought them such sensation merely with the beautiful melody produced purely by breathing air into his hands!

It… it was too out of the world!

The instant the melody flowed out, Jiang Miaoyu also fixed her gorgeous eyes upon Fang Qiu.

It took her by surprise that his hands was his musical instrument, could produce such a wonderful melody.

As if playing the normal flute, Fang Qiu’s playing went smoothly, with not a single of blow-by or stagnation.

If not witnessed with their own eyes, she could hardly image someone was able to play such a touching melody miraculously with his pure hands.

Now, Li Qings.h.i.+, who was near her, looked somewhat glum. It never occurred to him that Fang Qiu could have such a brilliant talent.

He also learned some Chinese ancient musical instruments, so he knew that now that Fang Qiu could play with his hands, he was definitely able to play the real bamboo flute.

Or even the ocarina!

“This talent is a powerful tool for winning over the hearts of college girls.

“Think about it, which girl would not want a boyfriend that looks extremely handsome and has outstanding talents?”

Being a regular performer on the stage, Li Qings.h.i.+ knew it very well that how influential a performer could be towards the audience!

Right now, Fang Qiu, who was performing on the stage, gained more charm with his s.h.i.+ning hand flute. He could absolutely enchant a flock of girls.

He turned his head a little to look at Jiang Miaoyu. Seeing she was wearing her normal look, he heaved a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, he also sort of regretted that as the president of the student union of School of Chinese Medicine, why he did not choose to go up onto the stage and present a show.

Now, he could neither outperform Fang Qiu nor share the honor of performing on the stage.

However, Li Qings.h.i.+ did not envy Fang Qiu. No matter what other girls were thinking, the only thoughts that he cared were Jiang Miaoyu’s. He had decided at first glance that she was the only girl that he would have as his wife.

Seeing that Fang Qiu’s show was even more fantastic than what he did in the library, Liu Feifei felt a rush of joy but also let out a sigh of relief.

“Good, this bloke didn’t blow it at crucial moments.

“However, it’s hateful of him when he did not do his best at the library show. When he is back, I need to teach him a good lesson!”

Fang Qiu’s three roommates looked at the girls around them. At their faces br.i.m.m.i.n.g with shock and admiration, the three threw a look at one another and gave a wry smile.

It seemed that they guessed it right!

The youngest was a lady killer, a common enemy of all men!

But since the youngest’s performance was rather fascinating, as his roommates, they were also very proud of him. At the same time, they felt very proud simply for being his roommates.


They applauded hard for their youngest!

The playing continued.

Fang Qiu was completely immersed in the playing.

He even forgot that he was standing on the stage and the existence of the audience as well.

And even the melody!

As if he did not even exist in this world.

“Who is playing? No idea!

“Playing what? No idea!

“Who is it played for? No idea!”

Fang Qiu forgot himself, while the audience off the stage was brought out of the modern life and into an ancient scroll of antique beauty.

They saw the Jiangnan area covered in dim rain and a beauty in white waiting for themselves obsessively.

They heard the clear spring tingling down green mountains in a breeze and the endless lovesickness trickling along the wriggling creek.

“Craftsman sketches the contours with pure hands, the pen turns from dark to thin, and all the love and hate ever existed are put into the blue and white porcelain.

“I’m waiting for you, but where are you?

“I’m waiting for you in the rain of Jiangnan.

“Where are you?”

Men and women at the scene all seemed to have seen themselves holding an umbrella while waiting for the return of their true love…

The beautiful tune.

The heartbreaking love story.

Everyone was intoxicated because of them.

Helplessly intoxicated.

Even when the song came to an end, no one felt like waking up from the dreamy state.

Each of them was immersed in the waiting that would resolutely last for thousands of years and unwilling to come out of it.

When the melody ended, no one spoke.

As though the dream that made them cross thousands of years had consumed most of their energy.

Or it was more like they were still absorbed in the mood of yearning and grief.

During the entire one minute after the performance was over, the audience was caught in utter silence.

Everyone seemed to be bewitched into a sculpture, just standing there motionlessly.

After the song was finished, Jiang Miaoyu heaved a sigh and went back to the reality from the dreamy scenario, her eyes still a bit blank.

She felt that she had waited for a thousand years for her Mr. Right to come back.

“But where could my Mr. Right be?

“When he comes, could we overcome all the changes and difficulties to accompany each other for a lifetime?”

She had no idea.

Li Qings.h.i.+ glanced at Jiang Miaoyu with great obsessiveness, his eyes full of tenderness.

The song “Celadon Porcelain” Fang Qiu just played seemed to have enabled him to see that it was precisely this girl before him that stayed there waiting for him thousands of years ago. And for this life, she was standing just before him, so how could he let go of her?

As for Fang Qiu, he had already put him entirely out of his mind.

A minute later, the audience burst into earth-shaking applause.

Everyone was applauding with hearty pa.s.sion.

All of them were applauding for Fang Qiu’s unparalleled performing skills.

For the thrilling acoustic feast that Fang Qiu just presented to them!

They clapped their hands until the palms turned hotly red, but no one felt any pain.

It was incredulously stunning!

And it was incredulously impressive!

The eyes of the audience that rested on the tall figure on the stage were swarming with boundless esteem.

That figure just took them into another world and brought them the experience they never had simply with a pair of his hands.

They really could not find words to describe the inner shock and the aftertaste of their experience.

All they could do was applaud.

Thunderous applause went on.

Girls off the stage even blushed, applauding like mad.

Fang Qiu was pulled back to reality by the loud applause and came to his senses. He was a little overwhelmed at first, but soon smiled happily.

He just got into the forget-everything state once more.

At his second year in high school, he fell to the same state and officially broke through to the Master Realm.

He never expected that today he could get into the state once more by accident, which was truly a pleasant surprise.

His old master had told him that once he entered that state he should try to experience as much as he could, because he would never know when he could go back to that state for a second time.

However, due to today’s circ.u.mstances, he was not allowed to spend more time exploring and experiencing. But now, he believed that after this second time, there would certainly be a third time and a fourth time!

After bowing to the applause, Fang Qiu stepped off the stage.

When he went back to his cla.s.s from the backstage, his three roommates cast him a meaningful look, then, they gave him a thumbs-up as saying, “The youngest, since you just declared we are all unmarried, why not you be the good guy to the end and help us tackle our marriage task thoroughly?”

“How can I tackle it for you?”

Fang Qiu suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Well, it’s simple.”

Sun Hao said excitedly, “With what you performed just now, you can make any girl dormitory agree to socialize with us, am I right?”

“I earned my reputation by talent, not by using my attractiveness!”

Fang Qiu seriously rejected him right away.

“Your talent is also a form of attractiveness. Your good-looks attract eyes, your music talent attracts ears. They both make people feel pleased, so they’re essentially the same.”

Zhu Benzheng abruptly chimed in.

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian put up their thumbs again and said, “Exactly!”

Fang Qiu was quite embarra.s.sed. He decided not to argue with them on this issue, otherwise, there would be no end of trouble for the future. Thus, he hastily changed the topic. “In a jiffy, Jiang Miaoyu will do her show. I saw her at the backstage a moment ago.”

Surely, at the name Jiang Miaoyu, the three instantly let go of the socializing issue.

Zhou Xiaotian asked, “No way. This is the gala of our school. She is in the School of Acupuncture and Ma.s.sage. What’s she doing here?”

“You go away! What my G.o.ddess Jiang is doing here? She is showing support for the gala of our school!”

Sun Hao criticized.

“Hear! Hear! The youngest, what is our campus belle Jiang going to perform?”

Zhou Xiaotian hurriedly corrected his mistake, and then, turned to Fang Qiu and asked that.

“Ouch! My shoulders are aching, so does my legs!”

Fang Qiu said weakly, his body even positioned in a partially paralyzed state.

The three tossed a look at one and other and quickly grasped what Fang Qiu expected them to do. They rapidly grabbed Fang Qiu’s arms and legs, started to give him a ma.s.sage.

But before they were done, the host already announced. “Next, please welcome Jiang Miaoyu, the student representative of our fraternal school, the School of Acupuncture and Ma.s.sage, to sing the song ‘Hélène’.”

At these words, the three gave a shudder, their faces quickly turned sad and disgruntled. Then, as if there was a tacit understanding, they all threw Fang Qiu a hard punch.

“Aaaa!” moaned Fang Qiu.

But the three paid no attention to Fang Qiu. In unison, they held their heads up to look at the stage like three meerkats.

Not only them, but all boys were cranking their necks, waiting for Jiang Miaoyu to step onto the stage in thrill.

They had no way to stay calm, for the next performer was the new widely acknowledged campus belle. Now that they were going to admire her in real life, how could they not be thrilled!

When Jiang Miaoyu gracefully walked onto the stage holding the microphone, she caused create quite a stir in the whole audience.

In an instant, all kinds of cheers, shouts, and whistles filled up the sports ground.

“Jiang Miaoyu!”

“Jiang Miaoyu!”

Many people just got to their feet, shouted at the top of their voices while swinging their arms.

When they stood up, they blocked the vision of those sitting behind them, which soon triggered a shower of accusations.

“You people in the front, sit down!”

“Where are your manners? You’re blocking the vision of those behind you, all get down to your seat!”

Those in the front who were bashful hastened to sit down, while those who were a bit cheeky simply turned a deaf ear to the complaints.

Eventually, they incurred public wrath.

“Sit down!

“Sit down!”

Furious howls broke out at the same time.

Noticing that a commotion was around the corner, each cla.s.s’s a.s.sistant teacher in charge hurried to pull their own students who were standing back to their seats and ordered them not to get to their feet anymore.

With all the riots, the scene became quite boisterous.

Jiang Miaoyu went to the front with a smile, and all the lights immediately concentrated on her.

She looked like a lotus that suddenly blossomed!


“She is overwhelmingly beautiful!”

That was what all the boys were thinking.

Including Fang Qiu.

With his martial arts reaching the Master Realm, Fang Qiu’s heart was already as unfl.u.s.tered as a boulder. But at this moment, he had to admit that he felt an inexplicable throb of heart.

Beautiful music slowly rose up.

It gently breezed across everyone’s heart like a waft of wind.

As Jiang Miaoyu raised her fine and slim hand that was holding the microphone and was just about to sing the first line, all of a sudden, all the lights died with a snap, and the music also stopped. The entire sports ground fell into darkness.

Everyone was quiet.

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