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Chapter 74 Tuition Fee of 300,000!

“Stop thinking. As far as I know, the holy hands can cure your illness. After holy hands, it comes to doctors of divinity.”

Xu Miaolin, knowing exactly what Fang Qiu was thinking, added before sitting back down into the chair.

“However, doctors of divinity are only in myths and legends.”

“The Chinese Medicine circle is so complicated.”

Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

“I have some data here.”

Xu Miaolin continued with a beam, “Since you are interested, I’ll tell you as well.”

Upon hearing that.

Fang Qiu calmed himself down and waited to hear more patiently.

“At present, there are 500,000 registered Chinese Medicine doctors in China. However, only 1,253 of them are approved doctors of ingenuity by the Chinese Medicine circle. There are 451 qualified doctors of brightness, 50 doctors of greatness, and only 3 holy hands.”

Xu Miaolin explained with a smile, “These are the four levels of the Chinese Medicine circle. To cure your illness, besides promoting yourself through the levels, you also need to master acupuncture and moxibustion, chiropractic, skin, boneset, Qigong, fire therapy, herbal bath, and folk remedy as well as Taoist elixirs and spells and Buddhist chants. You’ve got a long way to go!”

Fang Qiu knew too well that there was still a long way to go. But at that moment something else had him puzzled.

“But why do I have to attend tests of the Chinese Medicine a.s.sociation constantly?”

They circled back to the beginning.

Why did he need to be approved and acknowledged by the Chinese Medicine circle to treat the old master’s illness?

Xu Miaolin had been explaining the levels and divisions of the Chinese Medicine circle but that question was not answered.


Xu Miaolin asked back, “Would the Chinese Medicine circle approve you if you didn’t attend any test?”

“I guess not.”

Answered Fang Qiu.

“Without acknowledgement from the Chinese Medicine circle, you won’t be able to get those unique copies on Chinese Medicine not in circulation in the market and only known by very few.”

Xu Miaolin added, “These unique copies are the true essence and precious gems of the Chinese Medicine circle. So precious that they are only shared within the approved group of Chinese Medicine doctors.”

“Doctors of ingenuity have their unique copies.”

“Doctors of brightness have their unique copies.”

“The unique copies of each level are concealed within the group, never pa.s.sed down. Because before reaching the level, one won’t be able to understand them; instead, one’s study in Chinese Medicine might get interrupted.”

Confused, Fang Qiu asked with a frown.

“Then why are they not in circulation?”

“We might not be able to understand them before reaching the level but why can’t those in the know teach or instruct? If they don’t want to teach, they could translate these unique copies into plainer words for the ordinary to understand and spread them out to give more people access.”


Xu Miaolin shook his head in disagreement. “Many unique copies contain theories of Chinese Medicine opposite to our current understanding. Once they are in circulation, adverse effect will be caused.”

Now Fang Qiu finally got it.

“The one I gave you to read is a unique copy I have got.”

Xu Miaolin’s voice sounded.

“That’s a unique copy?”

Fang Qiu was shocked!

The one that granted him the Bonesetting Theory was a unique copy!

This unique copy was very mighty. Would other unique copies also contain mysterious lost knowledge?

Maybe he didn’t have to become specialized in all fields after all. Mastering the content of some unique copies might be enough to treat the old master’s illness!

The more he thought, the faster his heart beat.

“Most importantly, only approved doctors of greatness are qualified to attend the expert meeting.”

Xu Miaolin just dropped another shock bomb.

Doctors of greatness?

Fang Qiu was astonished.

Only doctors of greatness are qualified. So he had to become a doctor of greatness within one and a half years?

Is it possible?

“Teacher Xu, may I ask which level are you at in the Chinese Medicine circle?”

Fang Qiu quickly looked up at Xu Miaolin as he asked.


Xu Miaolin chuckled. Instead of answering, he raised one hand and began to draw in the air.

Looking carefully.

Fang Qiu saw Xu Miaolin write the character “Greatness” in the air.

Doctor of greatness!

I knew it!

He knew Xu Miaolin was very good but didn’t expect him to be one of the 50 doctors of greatness across the country.

With knowledge of the levels of the Chinese Medicine circle and all the tests for promotion, he knew clearly what this t.i.tle represented.

He had a thorough understanding of at least three fields. How impressive! Very, very impressive!

So if he wanted to read other unique copies like the Bonesetting Theory, he had to become a doctor of greatness?

As he pondered, the frown climbed back to Fang Qiu’s brows.

The doctor of greatness level seemed to have become a ridge that he couldn’t pa.s.s.


Before Fang Qiu could throw out his question, Xu Miaolin cut in, “Don’t bother ask me about the meeting location. I won’t tell you. No one will tell you. Either to attend the meeting or to cure your illness, you must become a doctor of greatness within one and a half years!”

Fang Qiu let out a long sigh.

Seeking his help seemed impossible.

He turned to Xu Miaolin solemnly and put on his most sincere tone.

“Teacher Xu!”

“May I study Chinese Medicine with you? The school has this Apprentice Plan program. Can you be my master?”

He locked his eyes on Xu Miaolin.

Xu Miaolin glanced at Fang Qiu and then shook his head slightly.

“Becoming my apprentice won’t be necessary.”

“Chinese medicine is a long journey of 5,000 kilometers. You need to cure at least ten thousand patients and visit a dozen brilliant masters along the way. I have some understanding in all fields but my knowledge is too miscellaneous, not refined. I can help you with Chinese Medicine knowledge but I can’t hold you up by becoming your mentor.”

Fang Qiu was startled.

He didn’t expect Xu Miaolin to decline so directly.

He attempted to try again!

Xu Miaolin continued after a moment of thought, “However, since you are very determined in learning Chinese Medicine, I don’t mind guide you a bit and teach you a few things. I can even teach you by the hand like a master as well as take you to attend the tests of the Chinese Medicine circle.”

Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

That was a yes!

“But we need to take a test first.”

Out of blue, Xue Miaolin added, “And we need money!”

“How much?”

Asked Fang Qiu hastily.

Although poor, he couldn’t let go this opportunity.

There was no other teacher in this school like Xu Miaolin.

To become specialized in all fields, he might not be able to find a better master than Xu Miaolin throughout the Chinese medicine circle!


Xu Miaolin showed three fingers with a half smile.


Fang Qiu gave a bitter smile upon the answer.

He still owed someone 1,000. Where could he get 300,000?


This money he was willing to pay!

He would figure out some way to get the money.

He just couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Once let go, he would have little chance finding another teacher good as him.

“This money is to make you pay.”

Xu Miaolin glanced at Fang Qiu’s wry smile and explained, “The outstanding are often arrogant. I had washed my master’s feet for three years before he accepted me as his apprentice. You don’t have to wash my feet but you’ll pay me to show your filial respect!”

“It is said that wealth moves hearts. We must move your heart. You pay first and then you can study Chinese Medicine better.”

“Things that can be easily got are often easily lost. The most precious are always the ones you can’t get. And those hard to get are more cherished.”

At that point.

Xu Miaolin suddenly changed his tone with some laughter. “All masters live off their apprentices. Otherwise, why do we take on students? Maybe I’ll give every penny back when you become a master.”

“Deal! How much time do I have?”

Fang Qiu looked up and asked bluntly without hesitation.

“You’ve already made up your mind?”

Xu Miaolin said with a smile, “300,000 is not a small amount. Don’t you want to do the maths and figure out how long it will take you to earn that money back by practicing medicine?”

Fang Qiu shook his head at the question and replied, “I want to learn, not to make money!”


Xu Miaolin nodded his satisfaction.

Well said. To learn, not to make money.

Not many doctors in the present Chinese Medicine circle still hold this opinion.

More and more students are coming into Chinese Medicine these days and many switch to Chinese Medicine half way in their career. Which one of them is not here for a good job in the future?

Not to make money by practicing Chinese Medicine?

How many students of Chinese Medicine dare say this?

“One month. 300,000.”

Shen Miaolin said, “Come here tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have you tested.”


Fang Qiu accepted with a nod.

One month. 300,000. For a poor student like him, it would be as difficult as climbing up to heaven.

But however hard it is, he’ll get the money.

Just to repay the old master’s kindness!

Watching Fang Qiu striding away, Xu Miaolin murmured to himself with a smile, “Can’t wait to see how much potential I can push out of you. No one has reached the doctor of greatness level in one and a half years.”

“Incurable illness and high debts. I might be creating a genius!”

“I’m looking forward to it!”

Away from the reading room, Fang Qiu headed towards the cafeteria.

He returned to the dorm after dinner.

Fang Qiu had no evening that day so he stayed in the dorm reading.

But his heart couldn’t find peace.

“What shall I do?”

Sitting on his bed with his legs crossed, Fang Qiu racked his brains for ideas.

300,000 was not a small number for him.

Actually it wouldn’t be a small number for any student.

He needed to make 300,000 within one month.

But how?

He was very troubled.

How could he make this amount of money?

After over one hour, he had run through all possible, reasonable methods but nothing could work.

Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian, and Zhu Benzheng returned when Fang Qiu was terribly distressed.

“The third oldest, we better hurry or we’ll miss the tickets.”

Said Zhu Benzheng as he entered.

“Don’t you worry.”

Taking his seat by the desk, Sun Hao turned on his laptop with a beam. “I’m a well-known ticket grabber. No ticket I can’t get. Tonight I’ll get the tickets for us even if I have to stay up all night.”

He took action at once.

“Where are you guys going?”

Hearing the trio’s discussion, Fang Qiu put aside his worry and asked.

“What’s up?”

Sun Hao looked up at Fang Qiu and chuckled. “The youngest, are you coming with us?”


Fang Qiu shook his head at once and answered with a bitter smile, “I’m too poor. Plus, I have to work in the hospital this Sunday.”

“You are working this holiday?”

Zhou Xiaotian turned around and asked curiously.

“What can I do? My people need me!”

Fang Qiu tried to appear concerned about his country and his people.


Zhou Xiaotian put all his sneer into this boo.

“We are going to Mount Taishan. Are you sure you are not going?”

Asked Sun Hao as he entered his pa.s.sword for the train ticket website.

“I can’t.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

However, his heart was in a trance.

Mount Taishan?

Sun Hao’s words reminded him of something.

He remembered how the old master found a plant of herb from Mount Taishan and identified it as one of the earth treasures.

At that time.

He thought that was some common Chinese herb. Later on he realized that the old master picked that herb to suppress his injury.

That day Fang Qiu learned from the old master that the heaven materials and earth treasures were not just items in legends. They actually existed in this world.

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