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Chapter 70 Tras.h.!.+

“My goodness! This thief gang was so rampant that they even dared to pretend to be policemen. Is that a felony?”

“Too arrogant! Too lawless! They stole first and then robbed. After failing to rob, they pretended to be policemen?”

“My G.o.d. If the policemen were pretended by other thieves the night before, who arrested them???”

“Haven’t heard about any crackdown recently.”

“Could it be… the mysterious man?”

In the posting, the people who were involved that night talked to each other. But as they talked, it attracted all those who knew nothing about it.

“What happened? The mysterious man appeared again?”

“Could it be that this thief gang was caught by the mysterious man?”

“What’s going on on earth? Anyone who knows about it hurriedly explains to everyone.”

At the urging of various people who didn’t know about it, several students quickly told the whole story of that evening.

When they heard what had happened, they discussed even more enthusiastically.

“It can’t be otherwise. It was absolutely the mysterious man who did it!”

“I think so, or before the mysterious man appeared, the thief gang who was so rampant hadn’t been caught. But they were wiped out when the mysterious man appeared.”

“So it’s possible.”

“What do you mean by ‘possible’. It’s for sure!”

“Think about it, the reason why the mysterious man suddenly ran away that night was to chase the thief gang?”

“It was the mysterious man as expected.”

“I wors.h.i.+p him. The mysterious man is our university’s Superman.”

“I also wors.h.i.+p him.”

“Who has the contact details of the mysterious man? I want to be apprenticed to him.”

“As the university is encouraging the apprentice plan, I will pay 300 yuan for the contact details of the mysterious man.”

“I’ll pay 500 yuan.”

“I’ll pay 1,000 yuan…”

Although the topic of arresting the thieves was very hot, more people still focused their attention on the apprenticing thing. Because no one ever knew the information of the mysterious man, he did not appear on the list of the apprentice plan. But many people virtually had dreamed of being apprenticed to the mysterious man.

In the girls’ dormitory.

“Miaoyu, do you think this mysterious man is the same person as the one who is highly recommended on the list?”

In the girls’ dormitory, w.a.n.g Yu, holding a computer, said with her sparkling eyes, “If they are really the same person, that will be too perfect.”

Jiang Miaoyu did not answer. She rolled her eyes, staring at the two words “mysterious man” on the computer screen.

That night, she was the person involved.

If the mysterious man hadn’t taken the initiative, she didn’t even know that her pocket had been scratched and she almost took the thief as a weak person.

She looked at the two words “mysterious man”. The mysterious figure standing in front of her that night quietly rose before her eyes.

“Who on earth is this mysterious man?”

She couldn’t help being lost in thought.

In Dormitory 501.

“The mysterious man is going to flood the screen. He can hype himself through the big event of the apprentice plan. Cool!”

Said Sun Hao with emotion as he browsed the BBS.

At this time, Zhou Xiaotian suddenly jumped out of bed and said justly and severely.

“Everyone, we can’t always stay in the dormitory. How about some night jogging around the Center Lake?”

After that, he changed the topic and said with great expectation, “Health is vital importance to life. Perhaps we will meet several girls who have common interests with us. While the moonlight is beautiful, we can talk about the lives and ideals together from morning till dusk. Hey hey.”

Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng’s eyes lit up instantly.

As they were about to agree.

They saw Fang Qiu put down the book in his hands.

“Night jogging is not necessarily a good thing.”

In an instant, three pairs of eyes looked towards Fang Qiu.

“Why is night jogging not a good thing?”

“That’s very easy to explain.”

Fang Qiu looked at the three of them, said smilingly.

“From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, daytime corresponds to Yang and evening corresponds to Yin. We should nourish Yang in the daytime and nourish Yin in the evening, which is the way of keeping good health complying with the natural course.”

“Exercise corresponds to Yang, but evening corresponds to Yin. We should nourish Yin in the evening because Yang Qi is concealed inside the body, like the tree in winter. If you insist on night jogging like blossoming in winter, aren’t you making trouble for your bodies? The trees don’t want to blossom in spring, don’t they?”

Hearing that, his three roommates looked at each other in dismay.

They really didn’t understand that.

“The youngest, don’t be alarmist!”

Zhou Xiaotian said as he pulled his fingers, “See, there are so many people who engage in square dancing and there is nothing wrong with their bodies.”

Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng kept nodding their heads. “It is true.”

“Square dancing just came out a few years ago and the problems can’t be detected within a short time. In a long term, problems will arise.”

Said Fang Qiu.

He really disapproved of square dancing at night.

“It’s definitely self-destructive behavior.”

“There are only two kinds of people who have the healthy routines. One is the ascetic, like a monk, a Taoist, or a lay Buddhist, who definitely follow the natural routine.”

“Another is the Kung Fu pract.i.tioner like me who thoroughly understands the natural course and absolutely follow the natural routine!”

“The youngest, you didn’t read books in vain!”

Zhu Benzheng sighed with emotion and asked curiously, “According to you, what if I want to exercise in the evening?”

“That’s easy.”

Fang Qiu replied smilingly, “You can sit in meditation. Statics can create dynamics. Just leave it to your own body to control it and don’t disturb it. Or go to bed early and get up early tomorrow to exercise.”

“What if I can’t get up?”

Zhou Xiaotian mumbled again.

“I will wake you up.”

Fang Qiu winked at Zhou Xiaotian and asked, “How about three o’clock?”

“No! Please, no!”

Zhou Xiaotian immediately raised his hand to surrender and said with a woebegone look, “Five o’clock is early enough, not to mention three o’clock? You influence my growth intentionally!”

“Then five o’clock.”

Said Fang Qiu decisively.

Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng glanced at Zhou Xiaotian speechlessly.

“Fine! Get up at five o’clock to run!”

“At five o’clock, even birds don’t wake up, let alone the girls!”

At 5:00 am the next day.

Fang Qiu woke three of them up on time.

And he had been sitting in meditation on the bed for two hours.

In the morning of the end of September, it was humid and slightly cold.

The four of them went to the entrance to the Central Lake in the university, one full of spirit and energy and the other three yawning with a sleepy look.

“How many laps shall we run?”

Asked Sun Hao, yawning while walking.

“Two laps.”

Said Zhu Benzheng, “The Central Lake has a circ.u.mference of two kilometers. It takes about an hour for two laps, which is just appropriate.”

The other three nodded their heads.

Two laps meant four kilometers.

Since it was the first day they started morning jogging, the amount of exercise was just appropriate.

After the simple activities, the Yang Qi in their bodies finally rose up. They became energetic and not so sleepy as before.

The four of them stepped on the lakesh.o.r.e side by side.

At that moment, a sound of neat footsteps was heard.

“Is there anybody do morning jogging?”

Asked Zhou Xiaotian in surprise.

The four of them turned to look back and saw a group of students in sportswear.

“It’s the track team.”

Zhu Benzheng watched for a long time and said, “No wonder they do morning jogging. It’s normal since they engage in track and field.”

“Leave them alone. Let’s focus on our running.”

Said Sun Hao.

Fang Qiu turned to look toward the members of the track team nearby.

He saw Gao Fei in the crowd at first sight.

Gao Fei also noticed Fang Qiu meanwhile.


Gao Fei was very surprised to see Fang Qiu. “He unexpectedly got up so early to run.”

Then he snorted coldly.

Yesterday, his friends told him that they failed to beat Fang Qiu.

“Fang Qiu, you are lucky!”

“But that doesn’t mean I will let you off so easily!”

“Since we have met this time, I will play with you.”

An idea immediately came to Gao Fei’s mind.

He smirked.

Fang Qiu did not care about Gao Fei at all. He turned his head and ran with his roommates side by side.

And the track team began to do the stretching and joint exercise as well as other warm-ups.

In the early morning with mist.

Breathing the fresh air and watching the ducks swimming in the lake.

The four of them laughed while running.

It was not fast but very fun.

But later, the members of the track team, led by Gao Fei, caught up with them quickly.

While catching up with the four of them, Gao Fei said ironically,


Fang Qiu’s eyes were immediately fixed.

Although it was a little noisy when they were running, he could hear the murmur abuse clearly.

Even Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao, and Zhu Benzheng at the side also heard it clearly.

Gao Fei made a gesture of contempt and then ran away with a laugh.

Fang Qiu looked at Gao Fei with his cold eyes.

“It has been the third time!”

“You hit me with the ball in the football field and asked people to besiege me yesterday. Today, you took the initiative to provoke me!”

“Don’t you think it is easy to bully me?”

Fang Qiu did not say anything and the four of them went on running.

Ten minutes later, another sound of footsteps was heard behind them.

It was still Gao Fei’s track team who had completed a lap.


The second time when Gao Fei brushed past Fang Qiu, he sneered coldly again.

Then he ran away!

“Is he sick?”

Zhou Xiaotian said indignantly.

“Who did he abuse?”

Zhu Benzheng stared at the figure of Gao Fei with a solemn face.

“Don’t talk.”

Fang Qiu said, “Focus on running. Don’t disturb the rhythm of your breath.”

The three of them nodded and went on running. At this time, they had just finished a lap of jogging.

Ten minutes later, another sound of footsteps was heard behind them.

It was Gao Fei again.

He brushed past them again.

With another abuse in a low voice.


This made Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao, and Zhu Benzheng all angry.

“Is he out of his mind today?”

Said Sun Hao angrily.

“Although he is obviously aimed at Fang Qiu, he just shouldn’t!”

“What’s more, we were all abused together!”

“He’s here to make trouble on purpose. He is just good at running, what a big deal? Go to the Olympics if he can. Why is he showing off here?”

Zhou Xiaotian screamed abuse at him, “If I were his father, I would definitely spank him!”

Sun Hao rolled his eyes and said with a smirk as he sank his voice, “How about we push him into the lake when he runs over later? It’s not deep anyway…”

At the sound of this.

The three of them immediately turned to look at Sun Hao with an odd look.

“Hey hey…”

Sun Hao smiled awkwardly and hurriedly said, “I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously. We are all good students, aren’t we?”

“Well, we can do that.”

Zhou Xiaotian muttered at once.

“Let me do it. He’s aimed at me.”

Fang Qiu spoke at this time.

“Let you?”

The three of them turned to look at Fang Qiu with curious looks.

“What can you do?”

“What are you going to do?”

Asked Zhu Benzheng curiously.

“You just wait and see. I’ll go first!”

Fang Qiu smiled mysteriously, exerting a force on his feet lightly.

His immediately ran as fast as a galloping horse.

For an instant, he was away from a distance of a dozen meters.

“Oh… oh, my G.o.d!!!”

His three roommates were so stunned that their jaws almost dropped!

“We are all exhausted, but the youngest is still energetic?”

“What matters is that the youngest can run so fast?”

“So accompanying us on the running is to play with us!”

“The youngest is so amazing!”

Sun Hao looked at Fang Qiu’s back, sighing deeply. Then he asked, “Is he faster than Gao Fei?”

“Definitely faster than him!”

Zhou Xiaotian said for certain.

Ten minutes later, Gao Fei led the track team to run another lap, catching up from behind.

When he was about to abuse again.

He was suddenly stupefied.

“Why are there only three people?”

“Where is Fang Qiu?”

Before he came to himself.

Behind him came a sound of running.

Gao Fei doubtfully turned to look back, suddenly stunned.

He saw Fang Qiu was catching up extremely fast.

“Why is the fellow running behind?”

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