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Chapter 61 An Amazing High Score!

The fourth question.


Zhang Xinming got a little unhappier inwardly.

“This boy seems to be so lucky.”

The fifth question.


The sixth question.


The seventh question.


He checked the answers to three questions in succession.

There was no joy on Zhang Xinming’s face. He became silent again.

“Unexpectedly, The answers to the three questions are correct in succession.

“This is impossible!

“I don’t believe that your following answers can be correct.

The eighth question.


The ninth question.


The answer was still correct until the thirteenth question.

Zhang Xinming was kind of driven mad inwardly, but he still didn’t believe it and continued on.

The fourteenth question.


The fifteenth question.


When it came to the twentieth question.

It was the last one of the multiple-choice questions.

Zhang Xinming’s face became a little grave and he was also shocked inwardly.

“Among the twenty multiple-choice questions, only one answer is wrong!”

He did not know how Fang Qiu did it.

“The knowledge points of these multiple-choice questions are very uncommon. Few people can get questions all right.

“Among a total of nine universities with more than 90,000 freshmen, the best eighty-one students were selected for the compet.i.tion. Among these eighty-one students, only twenty students got all the questions right and only five students get one wrong.

“It can be imagined how difficult the questions are!

“But now, the boy that is removed from the list by me unexpectedly only got one wrong!”

It was too difficult for Zhang Xinming to accept it and he also didn’t want to accept it.

He gritted his teeth, continuing to check the following answers.


“What’s the point if he got the questions right and got 9.5 points?

“The following fill-in-the-blanks are the real challenges.

“What’s the point if a boy is good at multiple-choice questions? How awesome can he be?

“It’s just a piece of cake.

“The fill-in-the-blanks are unlike the multiple-choice questions which have the answers to choose. He can make a wild guess if he doesn’t know. But as for the fill-in-the-blanks, either he knows or he doesn’t know. Even a wrong word will make the answer wrong!”

The first question.


The second question.


The third question.


The fourth question.

Still Correct!

The fifth question.

Still correct…

Zhang Xinming became more and more upset as he checked the answers. The fifth one of the fill-in-the-blanks could be said to be the killing question.

“This question is very uncommon, which involves the pathogenesis of defense level of the Etiopathogenesis and Pathogenesis Theory in Chinese Medicine.

“This is not the basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

“Strictly speaking, it also belongs to the basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine. But it belongs to the basic knowledge of ancient Chinese Medicine rather than modern Chinese Medicine.

“The answer can’t be found even if you look through the textbooks of Chinese Medicine Basic Theory.

He had an impression that two years ago, only a person, who was born in a family of Chinese Medicine and had been reciting all kinds of ancient books from childhood, could answer it!

“But now Fang Qiu unexpectedly can get the fifth question which is so uncommon right!”

He could not help facing up to Fang Qiu.

Despite this, he still couldn’t believe it.

“How can a freshman master the knowledge so comprehensively.”

When he a.s.sociated it with Fang Qiu’s answering the questions constantly before, he was terrified.

“Fast and accurately.

“Comprehensively and thoroughly.

“If so, Qi Kaiwen has really found a good candidate this time, which will really be an advantage for him to get good results in this compet.i.tion.

“This is the last thing I want to see!

“Let me see how good this candidate really is.”

He continued to check the answers!

The sixth question.


The seventh question.


Until the twentieth one of the fill-in-the-blanks.

All right.

So far, Fang Qiu had scored 29.5 points.

After checking the fill-in-the-blanks, he started to check the true-false.

There were 40 questions of true-false.

0.5 point per question.

It was very easy to make mistakes in true-false, especially in the knowledge of Chinese Medicine. A wrong word may make the whole answer wrong.

“For example, the function of Qi. If ‘Qi’ is replaced by ‘blood’, you may also think the description was right.

“Vice versa.”

Even so, Zhang Xinming became more and more upset and looked gloomier and gloomier as he checked the answers.

He not only thought that Qi Kaiwen had found a good candidate, but also thought that he himself removed the good candidate from the list. “If word gets out, I will be the one who did it under the table.”

He even thought that he almost removed Fang Qiu from the list when Fang Qiu had got such a high score, which would be his another misdeed!

Among the forty multiple-choice questions, six of the answers were wrong.

After all, Chinese Medicine was extensive and profound and the books of Chinese Medicine were vast.

“He can’t finish all the books in a short time.

“It is a quite rare thing to get these questions right.”

After checking the answers of true-false, Zhang Xinming started to check the 20 terminology explanations.

It was also a kind of difficult question.

For the fill-in-the-blanks, only the keywords needed to be mastered. But for the terminology explanations, all the meaning of these terminologies needed to be mastered.

This made the questions much more difficult.

So far, Fang Qiu had got 46.5 points.

He sincerely hoped that Fang Qiu wouldn’t score anymore.

But as he saw the first question, his face suddenly darkened.

“What the h.e.l.l! Correct again!

“Even without a wrong character!

“And they were all written verbatim!

“Others may think Fang Qiu has recited the standard answers!”

The gloomier Zhang Xinming looked, the happier Qi Kaiwen and Qiao Mu were from the side.

This showed that Fang Qiu had done the test paper well.

At this time, Zhang Xinming could only reap the fruits of his actions.

Fang Qiu stood calmly at the side.

He looked up at the clock in the office. It was fifty past twelve.

He didn’t know when they would let him go.

He still had in the afternoon.

After checking the terminology explanations, Zhang Xinming’s palms had already been sweaty.

About the terminology explanations, there were only four questions that Fang Qiu really didn’t know.

He got 16 points.

So far, Fang Qiu’s total points had been 62.5!

It had been over the pa.s.s line!

It would soon surpa.s.s the highest score of 65 points that year!

Zhang Xinming just needed to check the following two essay questions and Fang Qiu’s score would surpa.s.s the highest score!

There were fifteen essay questions with thirty points in all.

Faced with Fang Qiu’s current score, Zhang Xinming knew that he couldn’t stop Fang Qiu anymore. He only hoped that the following answers wouldn’t be unacceptably right!

The first question.


It was just the standard answer.

It was one point short of the highest score of that year.

The second question.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Zhang Xinming felt happy secretly in his heart as he saw the answer. “Although this expression and the answer are almost the same, he used his own words. As long as it is not my own standard answer, it will be completely wrong.”

The second question.

After checking the answers, Zhang Xinming couldn’t help shaking his hands.

He looked terribly grave.

The third question.



“It’s Fang Qiu’s current score!

“No matter how the following questions are done, this score has exceeded the highest score of the year.


“This is Impossible!”

Zhang Xinming denied it strongly in his heart. He even suspected that Qiao Mu had colluded with Fang Qiu. “Even if without Fang Qiu, others may also accidentally see this set of questions and have recited them all.

“Otherwise, it’s impossible to get such a score!

“How could he be better than all of the juniors!

“They are the students of the best session.

“Even if all the partic.i.p.ants got low scores in the first round, but it can’t be denied that they are the students of the most outstanding session!

“But now Fang Qiu has unexpectedly overtaken them!”

Zhang Xinming took a deep breath as he struggled to look away from the exam paper.

He didn’t need to check the answers anymore.

It would just insult himself if he went on.

He raised his head and gave Fang Qiu a deep look, smiling.

As he quickly folded the paper up, he said to Qi Kaiwen, “This student is excellent. I agree to add him into the list and remove the bottom one from the list.”

As he said, he stuffed the test paper as well as the answer sheet into his pocket.

This reply made Qi Kaiwen laugh.

He won.

Qiao Mu was overjoyed immediately.

He knew that Fang Qiu must have done a good job in the exam, which made a.s.sociate Director Zhang compromise.

But he wondered how Fang Qiu had done it.

As he wondered, he suddenly stepped forward. Before Zhang Xinming reacted, he quickly grasped the one-third of the test paper and pulled it out from Zhang Xinming’s pocket.

“Let me see how this paper has been done!”


Just as Zhang Xinming wanted to stop Qiao Mu, he found it impossible. Even the answer sheet had been taken away.

He could only look at Qiao Mu smilingly with his ferocious eyes.

Qiao Mu checked the answers quickly.

The more he checked, the more shocked he was.

He even raised his head and looked at Fang Qiu in shock.

Then he continued checking the answers.

Such a move made Qi Kaiwen very curious.

“It must be good to make Qiao Mu so shocked. Even Zhang Xinming is not willing to show the test paper to us.”

Qiao Mu quickly checked the answers in less than three minutes.

It was not because his speed was fast but because Zhang Xinming had marked the right and the wrong before. He just roughly had a look at these.

Finally, the score came out.

86.5 points!

This score made Qiao Mu shocked for a long time without any word!

“How many points?!”

Qi Kaiwen asked very curiously and hastily.

“8… 86.5 points.”

Stammered Qiao Mu. He apparently still didn’t dare to believe the score.

This score was 21.5 points higher than the highest score two years ago.

“How many points?!”

Asked Qi Kaiwen in shock.

“86.5 points!”

Said Qiao Mu again.

The muscles in Zhang Xinming’s face couldn’t help twitching as he heard the score.

“Unexpectedly, the answers to the essay questions in the last part are almost correct also!”

“Good! Good!”

Qi Kaiwen stood up happily and shouted.

Then he left away from the desk and took a quick walk around the office.

He was obviously very excited at this moment.

“Our School of Chinese Medicine finally has a talent!”

After that, he turned to look at Fang Qiu.

“Since Fang Qiu is here, I believe that we can get good results in this Knowledge Compet.i.tion of Freshmen and remove the shameful record!”

Qi Kaiwen said as he laughed happily.

While laughing, he also glanced proudly at Zhang Xinming.

It made Zhang Xinming’s face livid!

“Hum! A stuffed s.h.i.+rt!

“Maybe it was you who stabbed me in the back, otherwise, your position would be mine!”

“Yes! If Fang Qiu partic.i.p.ates in the compet.i.tion on behalf of our university, we absolutely can get the best results!”

Qiao Mu also said happily.

Fang Qiu was the student in his cla.s.s.

The higher Fang Qiu’s score was, the better his teaching achievement was!

The happier they were, the gloomier Zhang Xinming looked.

He couldn’t help snorting coldly.

He said in his heart, “You could only be pleased for the time being.

“Who knows whether he will drop the ball at the critical moment. Perhaps he will have loose bowels.”

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Xinming smirked evilly.

“Three teachers, wait a minute. It sounds like you want me to take part in this Knowledge Compet.i.tion of Freshmen. And today’s exam is to test my real ability and to see if I’m qualified?”

At this moment, Fang Qiu suddenly asked loudly as he looked at the three of them.

“Yes, Fang Qiu. This compet.i.tion is very important, so you must be well-prepared to strive for a high score as well as an honor for yourself and for the university.”

Qi Kaiwen happily flattered Fang Qiu.

“Freshmen like being flattered.”

“Then I’m sorry. I won’t partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion.”

Said Fang Qiu calmly.


The three of them in the office all looked at Fang Qiu in disbelief, thinking they misheard him.

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