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Chapter 57 You Are the Mysterious Man?

People in the vicinity all got frightened.

In a second, they jumped sideways and left a clearing for this figure.

As they caught sight of this man, everyone went petrified.

This man was in a black workout suit—the upper garment was a hoodie, and the lower part was a pair of skinny pants, even the workout shorts were black.

But that was not the point.

The most important thing was this man was wearing the same mask as that of the mysterious man.

At the thought of the man descending from the sky, the eyes of all the people glittered feverishly.

“Could this guy be the mysterious man?”

“Hand the purse back!”

Ordered Fang Qiu frostily.

At those words, the expression of the thief did not alter at all, signaling that he was quite experience in this business. He asked in a bemused tone, “What purse?”

In most cases, when others saw his sincerely perplexed face, they would doubt their judgment and tend to let go of him.

However, today he had played the sympathy card with the wrong person.

Fang Qiu already saw everything he did just now.

Just as he collided with Jiang Miaoyu, the blade in his hand already cut open the pocket of Jiang Miaoyu’s jumper.

When purse fell through the hole, he swiftly caught it and shoved it into his own pocket.

Fang Qiu gaped at the young man icily.

Jiang Miaoyu watched all this in astonishment. Then, she fumbled in her pocket to discover the evident hole in it.

“My purse!”

Yelled Jiang Miaoyu in shock.

She caught on in an instant, and turned to glare at the young man.

Her shout sparked an uproar among the crowd.

“Campus belle Jiang’s purse got stolen?”

“It’s a big deal!”

The situation was very simple. The thief was the man who just b.u.mped into the campus belle. This kind of trick was a cliche on teleplays.

In an instant, all the boy on the scene s.h.i.+fted their eyes onto the young man.

“How I wish to tear him up!

“Dare steal our campus belle’s purse!”

Plenty of people was already itching for a try of bas.h.i.+ng this sc.u.m up and then handing him to the police.

At the sight of the uproar, the young thief immediately looked spooked.

“It seems that I’ve incurred the public wrath!”

He simply decided to go the whole hog. He gritted his teeth, and with a swoosh, he pulled out a dagger from the waist.

He scanned the surroundings ruthlessly.

Then, he snarled, “Get out of my way!”

Seeing the thief reveal his dagger, the eyes of the people around him were instantly full of panic.

“This is a real s.h.i.+ning dagger.”

But many people also started looking around to search for something suitable to take on him.

Jiang Miaoyu hastened to draw a few paces back in terror.

“Hand the purse out!”

Said Fang Qiu with a chilling voice the second time.

“You get out of my way!”

Growled the thief savagely, who held the dagger and advanced on Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu just stared at him coldly without a word.

“Don’t blame me for not going easy on you!”

Threatened the thief, who kept advancing and looked more and more ferocious.

“You can have a try!”

Fang Qiu replied in a bleak voice.

The thief clenched his teeth and thrust the blade forward.

He knew he could not be softhearted at this moment.

Some more experienced thieves had told him that if he went soft in a circ.u.mstance like this, others would go hard on him!

He had noticed some people were eager to have a go against him, so today someone must bleed, and only that b.l.o.o.d.y scene could scare those people away!

“Ah! Watch out!”

Jiang Miaoyu squealed, attempting to warn Fang Qiu.

As the dagger charged at him, Fang Qiu gave a sardonic grin, his eyes focused.


In the blink of an eye, Fang Qiu disappeared in front of the thief.

Before the thief realized what just happened.

He already reappeared behind the thief and launched a kick at him.

A loud wham sounded.

The thief was sent directly to the air by the kick.

And he fell painfully to the ground.

His dagger also dropped.

At this scene, everyone was stupefied.

“Too fast!”

It all happened too fast. Before they could react, the thief was already sent up to the air.

Many recalled the battle on the platform of the sports ground that day.

Their eyes widened in an instant.

At that time, the mysterious man threw Chen Cong in the air with the same move.

“How familiar!”

“Perhaps this man in front of us is the mysterious man?”

“Are you the mysterious man?”

Abruptly, someone pointed at Fang Qiu and blurted out the question.


Those who did not think of it instantly gaped at that man at the center of the field in amazement.

“Is it true? Is he the real mysterious man?”

“It can’t be, can it? The real mysterious man? The mysterious man has revealed himself?”

“This is the real mysterious man?”

Various astounded voices sounded, uttering incoherent words.

Jiang Miaoyu also looked Fang Qiu’s way, petrified.

“This is the mysterious man?”

It was the first time she had ever got so close to the legendary mysterious man.

Due to the symbolic black mask with a smile pattern, she could not see what he really looked like.

Adding that he was also wearing a black cap, no way could she see his hairstyle.

Apart from his fine physique, all she could see was his sharp eyes.

But Fang Qiu was oblivious to all the murmurs of the crowd.

He strode towards the thief, who was clutching his chest and still struggling to stand up after several tries.

He saw Fang Qiu coming to him.

The thief hurried to crawl backward for shelter.

This man in front of him was too potent. He felt that kick almost shattered his chest!

“Don’t come near me! Don’t!”

Fang Qiu approached the thief, bent down, and stretched out a hand.

“The purse!”

Seized with horror, the thief hurriedly grabbed out the purse and placed it in Fang Qiu’s hand.

After taking the purse, Fang Qiu came to Jiang Miaoyu.

His eyes bored into hers.

As if she was a total stranger to him.

“It’s yours.”

Fang Qiu handed the purse to Jiang Miaoyu.


Not until this moment did Jiang Miaoyu come to herself. She took the purse and hastened to express her grat.i.tude, “Thank you so much!”

Fang Qiu merely nodded.

Then, he strode straight to the thief and lifted him off the ground by the collar.

He was ready to escort him to the local police station.

Precisely at this time, a group of men in police uniforms barged in.

“Freeze! We heard that someone is committing physical a.s.sault in public. What happened?”

A righteous-looking man taking the lead of the group demanded.

Then, he looked at Fang Qiu and snapped, “Put him down. Is it you?”

“Officer, it’s not him. It’s the man he is holding!”

“Yeah, It’s the man he is holding, who not only stole a purse but also tried to get violent. And this man just boldly put himself forward to stop the crime!”

“It’s really not him. Don’t blame the good guy!”

Before Fang Qiu said anything to defend himself, people around him were all taking up the cudgels for him.

“h.e.l.lo, officer. I can testify. It’s him who stole my purse.”

Said Jiang Miaoyu, who had stepped out and pointed a finger at the thief. Next, she pointed at Fang Qiu and explained, “This gentleman retrieved the purse for me. The thief was actually attempting to get violent, but this gentleman prevented him as well.”

“Oho, then, this man is acting bravely for a just cause.”

The policeman in lead praised so. After that, he turned to his subordinates and commanded, “Take the dictations right away. And then, bring the suspect to the police station.”

The group of policemen acted in a very efficient fas.h.i.+on. They rapidly did the dictations and let Jiang Miaoyu and the thief sign their names.

They also intended to ask Fang Qiu to give dictations. But after being stared by Fang Qiu’s chilling eyes for a while, they abandoned that thought.

Later, accompanied by a burst of cheers and applause, the police took the thief away.

Fang Qiu only watched all this indifferently, not saying a word throughout the incident.

As the police took off, all the onlookers cl.u.s.tered around Fang Qiu.

They all gazed at him earnestly.

“Are you really the mysterious man?”

A girl asked boldly.

Everyone p.r.i.c.ked up their ears, looking forward to the answer of this man before them.

But Fang Qiu did not speak. Instead, he leapt up towards the sky.

In an instant, he vanished in the dark sky.


The crowd looked up at the sky in both surprise and astonishment.

They had long since heard that the mysterious man could leap over the eaves and run up the walls. He even could fly.

But they had always been skeptical about it.

Tonight, they finally witnessed his amazing act.

And this leap proved that this man who appeared on the snack street today was the real mysterious man.

Today, they not only saw the mysterious man but also the process of him catching a thief, as well as his peerless moves.

“Worth it!

“This dining out is truly worth it!”

Jiang Miaoyu was also staring at the place where Fang Qiu just disappeared, her eyes rounded, her hands clapping to her mouth in amazement.

She did not come to her senses for quite a while.

“There is a man who can really fly up to the sky like a chivalrous expert in ancient times?

“This is the mysterious man?”

Jiang Miaoyu suddenly really wanted to know what the mysterious man looked like.

It unexpectedly dawned on her why her roommates always looked mesmerized and curious as they mentioned the mysterious man.

But she was not mesmerized.

She was just curious.

As the entire snack street went boisterous in the wake of the appearance of the mysterious man.

A van abruptly skidded to a halt in front of a shabby residential community.

A group of men in police uniforms swiftly entered a room in one of the buildings.

“How did you get caught? You really can’t do anything right!”

The moment they went through the door, the middle-aged man taking the lead of the policemen growled at a man sitting on a stool.

This bunch of men was precisely the group of policemen that just appeared on the snack street.

“Chief, it’s truly not my fault. My skills are fine. It’s the sudden appearance of that man in black! That man in black is too overwhelming!”

Said the thief as he freed himself out of the handcuffs, his face full of dismal.

“Bullsh*t! Even if he was formidable, you could still have chosen to run away!”

The chief shouted furiously, “As long as you want to flee, who can possibly catch you?”

“You can no longer do our business in this area, because people already recognize your face. Just pack your things and take your leave.”


At those words, the thief immediately quitted rubbing his chest and whined.

The chief waved at him impatiently. “With you here, we will be suspected soon or later. Perhaps there is already someone who has noticed our group. Today, in order to rescue you, we did take a great risk.”

As he spoke, a spasm of headache hit him.

Posing as policemen was their worst but last resort.

If they did not become such imposters, there was no other alternative. After all, the chief could not let his man be sent to the police station.

It was not because he was eager to stick up for his bros. In fact, he was afraid that if one member of his group got caught, the one would betray the whole group to the police.

Once a member sold them out, they could only rove all over the world.

“You leave tonight!”

Commanded the chief.


Answered the thief, who already lowered his head, well aware that he had to leave the group.

“I have just found this place, which has a slew of opportunities and does not belong to any gang. But now, I have to get out of here before earning good money. What a pity!”

“Leave? Leave for which place?”

All of a sudden, a voice boomed in their ears.

It made the eight men inside the room jump.

“Who is it?”

All the men in the room got to their feet, searching about in alarm.

A loud bang sounded.

Both the inner door and the burglar-proof door burst open by a kick.

The one who then entered was the man in black who did not say a word on the snack street.

Everyone was frightened.

The chief quickly shot a look at the others.

Without having exchanged a word of explanation, they surrounded this uninvited guest in a tight ring.

Fang Qiu coldly gazed at those men inside the room.

“I already smelled something fishy when they came to the snack street.

“This group did not operate like real policemen.

“They might be able to fool ordinary college students. But to trick me, it’s vain hope!”

“Do it!”

The chief ordered.

All of the men flung themselves at Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu sneered and made a move.

He launched eight kicks in a row, which instantly sent them flying and collided with the wall.

“Wham!”, “Wham!”, “Wham!”…

Eight loud whams occurred.

The eight men all pa.s.sed out.

Fang Qiu let out a snort. He tugged all of them downstairs and stuffed them into the van. Then, he drove the van to a police station nearby.

He tossed the eight men upon the floor.

Left a note and marched off.

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