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Chapter 56 I’m a Medicine Major!

After the PE, Fang Qiu carried his books and proceeded to the second cla.s.s this afternoon.

When the cla.s.s was over, Fang Qiu went straight to the library.

Although it was still too early for the library to close, there were only forty minutes left for students to borrow books.

It took Fang Qiu ten minutes to run to the library.

As Fang Qiu pa.s.sed by the circulation desk, he suddenly came to a stop.

It abruptly occurred to him that there was a mysterious librarian working here.

“Since he could tell me the exact location of any books last time, I shall just consult him about what kind of books I need to borrow, which will save me a lot of time.”

Fang Qiu looked up at the librarian.

At the same time, the librarian also spotted Fang Qiu, and his eyes met his.

The two smiled at each other.


Fang Qiu went over to him and said respectfully, “I’m looking for books on stomach cancer. Could you tell me where they are?”

“Walk through the door and turn left, go to the eighth rack in the south, and in the middle of the third row you will find what you’re looking for.”

The librarian answered without hesitation.

At his words, Fang Qiu’s eyes glinted. He gave a little bow and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The librarians waved at him and asked with curiosity, “I remember you have been borrowing books on orthopedics. Now, why are you reading books on cancer? And you specifically want those on stomach cancer. Is there anyone in your family suffering from such cancer?”

“Only when someone in his family got this disease will he spend so much effort to bone up on the relevant treatment.

“And he is just a freshman.

“He must be doing this for his family.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and answered, “It’s because of a schoolmate of mine. His name is Mo Yiqi, a soph.o.m.ore who got stomach cancer. I want to help him. Try to figure out something for him.”

Yesterday, he did not make the speech on the sports ground on a whim. He would carry out his words by actual efforts.

“Now that my schoolmate is ill, I should do my share to help him, not to mention that I’m a medicine major!”

“You two are close?”

Asked the librarian.

Fang Qiu shook his head and replied, “Never met him. Just heard of his illness.”

“You want to cure him simply because you heard of his illness, though you don’t know his personally?”

The librarian shot a significant look at Fang Qiu.

“I’m a medicine major.”

Responded Fang Qiu with a smile.

“I’m a medicine major.”

The simple five words were mind-blowing to the librarian.


“A medicine major!

“A medicine major is supposed to think for the patient whenever and wherever possible, regardless of the relations.h.i.+p between the patient and himself, as well as his own competence.

“I’m a medicine major!”


The librarian gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

Fang Qiu bowed again to express his grat.i.tude before heading straight for the place the librarian just told him.

The librarian cast a meaningful look at Fang Qiu, and then, got lost in thoughts.

Surely, Fang Qiu found books on stomach cancer at the designated place, including the modern ones and the ancient ones.

He immediately started to flip through them.

He knew his power was limited, so he did not expect himself to conquer stomach cancer—a tricky disease that beat every doctor—with a few books.

That was too unrealistic.

He merely hoped to do his share; in case he was still powerless when he met more patients with this disease in the future.

Fang Qiu did not put down the books until it was already six o’clock in the afternoon, the closing time of the reading room.

Fang Qiu brought several books to the circulation desk and handed them to the librarian, ready to read them carefully after he went back to his dormitory.

As the librarian registered all the books Fang Qiu wanted to borrow and handed them back to him, he said, “I hope you can become a famous doctor of your generation.”

“I don’t pursue fame, only a world free of pain and illnesses.”

Replied Fang Qiu, taking his books.

“Only pursue a world free of pain and illnesses.”

Once again, the librarian threw a significant glance at Fang Qiu.

The two stared at each other and smiled.

Then, Fang Qiu wheeled around and took off.

The librarian also gathered his things and stood up. He shut the door of the reading room, then, gazed intently at the setting sun in the distance.

At last, he took out his phone and dialed a series of numbers.

“Senior, do you know a soph.o.m.ore named Mo Yiqi? Do you have his file? Like his family address or so on.”

“Mo Yiqi? The student who got stomach cancer?”

Qi Kaiwen’s surprised voice fluttered out of the phone. “Junior, are you going to take a shot?”

“Just want to learn more about this case.”

Replied the librarian.

On the other end of the phone call, Qi Kaiwen was laughing happily.

“Only want to learn more? You’re kidding!”

Even though he was quite gratified by the reaction of his junior fellow apprentice, he still cautioned, “This case of student Mo is a bit complicated. Almost all the doctors are at a loss of what to do. You’d better be careful when you do the treatment. Don’t push yourself too much.”

He was really concerned that if this case failed his junior fellow apprentice would shun the world again.

“I know. Send me the file.”

Then, the librarian hung up, strolled out towards the setting sun.

The setting sun stretched his shadow, pulled it very long…

On the other side.

Fang Qiu was heading for the canteen with the books in his arms.

All of a sudden, a man pa.s.sed by him.

As Fang Qiu caught a glimpse of that man, he was instantly startled.

“It’s Tang Heng.”

“But he doesn’t look in shape—his face is black and blue.”

“Obviously, that’s not a normal injury from a fall or something. It’s more like he has been beaten up.”

“Tang Heng.”

Fang Qiu yelled at Tang Heng.

At the call, Tang Heng looked Fang Qiu’s way. At the sight of Fang Qiu, his eyes lighted up.

“Bro, what a coincidence!”

Said Tang Heng with a smile, who had trotted to Fang Qiu.

“Well, what happened to you?”

Fang Qiu scrutinized Tang Heng’s injury and was relieved to find that he only had skin trauma but no internal injury.

“Don’t mention it. These days, a bunch of thieves has been roaming on the snack street out of our campus. Yesterday, I noticed that they attempted to steal my wallet, so I chased after the thief. But then, I got cornered by his accomplices. They gave me a good beat and also robbed my wallet.”

Recalled Tang Heng indignantly.

“Did you call the police?” Fang Qiu asked with a frown.

“It’s no use to call the police. Many have already done that, but up to now, the police have not caught them yet. And all our university can do is merely post a notice at the front gate, warning us to take care of our belongings and watch out for strangers when we go to the snack street.”

“I’ve phoned my father, asked him to send several bodyguards here. I don’t believe I can’t subdue a bunch of thieves!”

Said Tang Heng, who was gazing at Fang Qiu.

Actually, when he wanted to handle those thieves, he immediately thought of this man in front of him, who was said to be a very formidable guy according to a bodyguard of his father.

However, he reckoned Fang Qiu alone would not be enough to deal with all of them.

At last, he chose to call his father and asked him to revenge for his son’s suffering!

“Bro, you haven’t had dinner yet, have you? Let me buy you dinner.”

“Thanks, but you go and eat now. I still got an express delivery to fetch.”

Fang Qiu rejected Tang Heng’s kind invitation.

After they parted, Fang Qiu’s brows knitted together.

“There are thieves in our innocent tower of ivory?

“I can imagine how many people have got their things stolen but dare not speak up. Even if they dare, they’ve probably been beaten up like Tang Heng.

“I must take care of this issue as soon as possible. If not, more students will become victims.”

It should be noted that students did not have much money in the first place. If their money was stolen, it would certainly influence their everyday life and study.

Right on cue, he just got a phone call telling him that the four-piece workout suit, the sneakers, and the cap he ordered on already arrived.

“I’ll try them on this evening!”

He did not think Tang Heng would relate the mysterious man to himself.

After all, with the notice paste to the university gate, the mysterious man could naturally learn about this issue.

Fang Qiu turned around and went back to his dormitory. He put down the schoolbag and flew downstairs to fetch the express delivery at the parcel-fetching place on campus.

Then, Fang Qiu found a vacant place and opened his parcel. He measured the sizes and was satisfied to find they all fit before repacking them into the parcel and carrying it to the snack street outside the campus.

The snack street was very close to the university.

After he went through the back gate, he only needed to walk a hundred or two hundred meters to get there.

Sure enough, Fang Qiu saw there was a notice on the back gate. He read the content and then strolled towards the snack street.

Although the existence of thieves was a well-known fact here, students’ pa.s.sion of dining out here was not dented at all.

Even though it was not getting dark yet, the street was already packed and lit by the evening lights.

It could be said that the students of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine kept all the businesses going on this street.

Fang Qiu briefly toured around the snack street but did not detect any sign of thieves.

Fang Qiu entered a snack bar and had a bowl of duck blood soup with vermicelli. Then, he held the parcel and walked into an empty alley.

When he made sure that no one was around him, he leapt up.

Landed right on a roof.

With a few more leaps, he arrived on the highest roof in this area.

Fang Qiu took out the suit and shoes from the parcel and started to change his clothes.

Since no one in the surroundings could see him, he did not feel awkward to get changed here.

After he put on the workout suit and the sneakers, he made a tentative leap.

He sure felt a lot more burdenless.

At this time, the night started to fall.

The sky was getting darker.

Fang Qiu put away the old clothes and put on his mask and cap.

He tried doing a few poses to make an entrance only to find all of them not ideal.

Eventually, he decided not to do such silly gestures!

He jumped right off the roof, hopping along all the roofs in the darkness, heading for the snack street.

Up the snack street, Fang Qiu came to a halt on the dark side of a roof and stayed still.

On this roof, he could take in everything of this snack street.

Not a single movement could escape his eyes.

Fang Qiu unfocused his eyes. Only when the eyes were out of focus could he capture the whole picture.

Ten minutes later.

Fang Qiu spotted a beautiful image of a girl.

“She is also here for dinner today?”

The girl was Jiang Miaoyu.

She had no roommates as her company. She was walking along the street alone.

As she went past, the people around here all shot sidelong glances at her.

“Campus belle! This is the new campus belle of our university.”

“This is the campus belle!”

The murmurs flew into Jiang Miaoyu’s ears.

But Jiang Miaoyu seemed to not hear them at all. She continued strolling along the snack street.

The arrival of Jiang Miaoyu did not affect Fang Qiu. His eyes were still unfocused, taking in every tiny movement in the surroundings.

Out of blue, a figure appeared within Fang Qiu’s vision.

Fang Qiu’s eyes instantly focalized.

He stared at the figure like a hawk.

He was an ordinary-looking young man, who was heading towards Jiang Miaoyu from the opposite side.

He was seemingly observing the snack bars on the streets.

But his attention had been concentrated on Jiang Miaoyu all along.

Attention was a very interesting object. Sometimes even though a man was not looking at you, you could feel his attention linger on you.

What Fang Qiu had noticed was exactly such peculiar attention.

But Jiang Miaoyu had no idea what was going on. Perhaps there was always too much attention on her, which incapacitated her from picking up such attention.

Just as the young man was about to brush past Jiang Miaoyu, he suddenly stumbled and fell towards Jiang Miaoyu.

In an instant, a s.h.i.+ning little blade emerged in his hand.

Fang Qiu’s eyes hardened, and a hint of sneer curled his lips.


Being knocked off balance by the stranger, Jiang Miaoyu jumped in shock.

“Sorry! Sorry! I tripped!”

The young man hastily apologized with a sincere expression.

“Never mind, never mind. Are you okay?”

Asked Jiang Miaoyu, a bit concerned.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!”

The young man surprisingly felt sort of guilty when he met Jiang Miaoyu’s caring gaze.

When he saw this girl was so good-looking, he just a.s.sumed that her soul must be quite hideous. That was why he chose her as his target.

But he did not expect her to be so caring.

Thus, he had to flee in a rush.

Precisely at this moment, a figure descended from the sky!

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