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Chapter 53 I Will Retaliate for You Soon

When Fang Qiu came to the platform, Qiao Mu hurriedly took over the examination papers.

He couldn’t resist the curiosity in his heart and cast several glances at it. And then he immediately smiled.

“Sure enough, he has done!

“Since he has done so much within half an hour, it not only means that he wrote fast, but also means that he has absolutely grasped the knowledge!

Looking at the students off the platform, Qiao Mu tried hard not to check the writing answers on Fang Qiu’s examination paper one by one and said to the students, “If you really can’t do it, you can also hand in the examination papers now. I won’t press you.”

At the sound of this,

They all heaved a deep sigh and stood up to hand in their papers hurriedly.

They looked at the papers of the students around while handing in their papers.

The papers were mainly blank examination papers.

The choice questions and the judgment questions were done by guess basically.

Qiao Mu put the examination papers together, put Fang Qiu’s on the top, and said to the students, “Do you know why I want to test you?”

All of them felt in the dark.

“Isn’t that because you want to know our real situations?

“Is there any other purpose?”


Qiao Mu sighed and then said, “Every year, when new students enter the university, there will be a Chinese Medicine Knowledge Compet.i.tion of Freshmen in central China one month after the semester starts.”

“The purpose is very simple. That is to test the new students’ knowledge abilities and simultaneously to urge them to study well through the compet.i.tion.”

“Do you know which place our university was ranking in the compet.i.tion last time?”

“Which place?”

Everyone looked curiously at Qiao Mu.

“We were ranked second to last!”

Qiao Mu smiled wryly.

The students off the platform were all embarra.s.sed. “Could our university be that bad?”

“The compet.i.tion place is our university this time. You can imagine what will happen if we rank second to last again when our university is the home court.”

“What will happen?”

Everyone thought about it.

A s.h.i.+ver ran through everybody instantly.

“If we really rank second to last,

“This year’s students will absolutely be ashamed!

“We will be jeered at by our schoolmates and may even become the most humiliating students!

“After entering the society, no matter where we go, we will be laughed at by the students of the same year from the other nine universities.”

The thought made everyone nervous.

“This time, all the freshmen will take the exam. It’s mainly to know your real situations. Then we will pick out the ones who have good foundations and focus on training them to prepare for the compet.i.tion.”

Said Qiao Mu.

“We will prepare for it, so will other universities.”

A student raised his hand and asked at this time.


Qiao Mu nodded and said, “So I’m asking you to be well prepared!”

“Let me tell you the related rules. Each university will have nine compet.i.tors finally. Everyone will compete against the other without forming any team. There will be a champion finally and the universities will be ranked according to the overall performance of the nine students from each university.”

“The compet.i.tion time is the and the Sunday in four weeks! It will last two days!”

“Whether it is for a compet.i.tion or not, I hope that you will study hard this month. Maybe someone among the nine people will have a temporary emergency, which will need you to replace him. Three and a half weeks later, you will get a comprehensive test again. Therefore, students, for the sake of the university as well as your dignity, study hard!”

“All of you were admitted to the university through the college entrance examinations. Are you willing to be outdone by the students from other universities?”

“Are you willing to be laughed at for being inferior to them?”

“Are you willing to be given a thorough pounding and become a disgrace among the nine universities in central China?”


The whole cla.s.s shouted together.

The sound rent the air!

Qiao Mu’s words ignited the battle pa.s.sion of all the students.

Everyone’s eyes burst out of the endless enthusiasm!

“We are all human beings with the same considerations. I may be among these nine people!

“And what is more glorious compared to fighting on behalf of the whole grade and the university?

“We must study for dignity!”

Many people looked at Fang Qiu with their eyes full of defiance.

“What if you are awesome? How do you know who is better without comparison!”

Fang Qiu looked forward to seeing these eyes. The more eyes like these, the better it would be.

It meant that the more solid knowledge they would learn and the better their medical foundation would be. It would be the best thing for patients in the future!

When Qiao Mu saw the eyes of all of them, he nodded with satisfaction and said, “Very good! Let’s continue the cla.s.s!”

All of them immediately took their books, sitting upright.

They looked more serious than ever.

Qiao Mu also became active, which was driven by the students’ emotions of Cla.s.s Three.

The whole cla.s.s was full of witty remarks.

All kinds of knowledge were taught quite thoroughly.

The students listened earnestly while the teacher spoke pa.s.sionately.

It was the best scene.

It was also the most beautiful scene.

Fang Qiu looked at the scene in front of him, smiling happily.

Everyone’s enthusiasm for studying continued directly to the next cla.s.s, which surprised the teacher of Ancient Chinese for Medicine who had just entered the cla.s.sroom.

He thought something was wrong.

But soon, he found nothing wrong and was also motivated by the students’ enthusiasm for studying.

The lesson turned out to be very successful.

At the same time.

Qiao Mu immediately went back to the office after cla.s.s.

After a quick glance at the other papers, he grabbed Fang Qiu’s paper and began to look at it.

There was no difference when he just started.

The more he looked at, the more surprised he looked.

The excitement in his eyes grew stronger.

Another three minutes later, he finished seeing the paper. Without saying anything, he directly took up the examination paper, rus.h.i.+ng out of the office.


The door of Qi Kaiwen, the Dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, was flung open by Qiao Mu again.

It gave Qi Kaiwen who was drinking tea a good scare.

He almost scalded himself.

“Mr. Qiao, did you forget to knock the door again?”

“I’m sorry, Dean, but I’m so excited.”

Qiao Mu apologized hurriedly and then pa.s.sed the examination paper of Fang Qiu.

“This is?”

Asked Qi Kaiwen as he curiously took over the examination paper.

“It’s the examination paper of the student that I told you last time, Fang Qiu’s examination paper.”

“Oh? Tested? How’s that? It looks like he has answered all the questions.”

Said Qi Kaiwen as he turned the examination paper.

“They are all right!”

Said Qiao Mu.

“Oh? All right… All right?!”

Qi Kaiwen looked at Qiao Mu in surprise and then hurried to look at the paper carefully.

He picked out several difficult questions and found the answers were correct as Qiao Mu said.

“The most important thing is that it took him only thirty minutes, Dean. It took him only thirty minutes to answer so many questions!

“You can imagine how much he has mastered the basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine. It’s even not easy for me to answer all these questions in thirty minutes!”

Said Qiao Mu excitedly.

“So awesome?”

Qi Kaiwen really began to look at the name on the examination paper seriously.

The answers were all right and he had done it very quickly. “What a seeded player of compet.i.tion he is!”

“Put him into the provisional quota of thirty students, and then according to the specific situation, we will see if he can be one of the nine students.”

Qi Kaiwen immediately made a decision and said.

Qiao Mu nodded with a little disappointment in his eyes.

He thought it would even be not enough to name Fang Qiu as one of the nine students.

“The Dean is still too cautious!”

In the afternoon.

At the first cla.s.s.

Cla.s.s Three, where Fang Qiu was, ushered in their first Physical Education cla.s.s in the university.

It was a basketball cla.s.s.

Unlike the soph.o.m.ores whose PE lessons could be elective, the freshmen’s PE lessons were compulsory. They had to have any lesson that was given.

And the all began in the second week.

Fang Qiu stood in line with his cla.s.smates on the basketball court.

A group of people holding a football and wearing football clothes came head-on toward him.

Li Qings.h.i.+ was right among them.

When Fang Qiu saw Li Qings.h.i.+, Li Qings.h.i.+ also saw Fang Qiu. He immediately darkened his face.

Then he looked away from Fang Qiu, walking across the basketball court and towards the football field with his cla.s.smates.

Fang Qiu, still like the other students, stood in the cla.s.s and waited for the PE teacher to begin the cla.s.s.

After the PE teacher came, he introduced himself and began to let students in the queue count off.

“One! Two! Three…Thirty!”

Then he called the roll.

After telling the dos and don’ts, he let the students get the basketb.a.l.l.s.

All the boys were excited when thirty basketb.a.l.l.s were brought in.

“Finally, we can play basketball freely!”

But soon, the reality ruthlessly destroyed their illusions.

Because the teacher began to teach basketball skills.

About how to bounce the ball and how to stand when bouncing the ball…

It made the boys very depressed. “Do these still need to be taught? Haven’t we known about these in junior high school and senior high school?”

And after the teacher taught them, they were kind of lost…

Here, the basketball teacher took the lead in teaching skills.

Over there on the football field, a student who looked robust pointed to Fang Qiu on the basketball court and asked Li Qings.h.i.+ beside him, “Is this Fang Qiu who humiliated you?”

Li Qings.h.i.+ nodded depressingly.

It was really uncomfortable to admit to being abused in front of the good friend who was playing football with him.

“He doesn’t look awesome.”

The student thought as he pinched his chin.

“Would you compare your talents with his?” Li Qings.h.i.+ said angrily.

“No! I have nothing to do with the talent thing in my life. I can’t even whistle. But if it is a running race, that will be fine because it’s my strength!”

The student winked at Li Qings.h.i.+. “Do you want me to teach him a lesson?”

Li Qings.h.i.+ muttered to himself for a moment, but finally, he shook his head.

Li Qings.h.i.+ knew the so-called lesson was to find a place where there was no one and cover Fang Qiu’s head to beat him.

“These people from the School of Physical Education who play football with me are very familiar with such a thing.

“There is no need for a literary man to use force.

“And it may make more trouble.”

“How about retaliating for you later?”

That student said with a sn.i.g.g.e.r as he saw Li Qings.h.i.+ refuse his suggestion.

“What do you want to do?” Li qings.h.i.+ asked and frowned.

“Here is not far from the basketball court without anything blocked in the middle. Who can tell where the football will fly towards after kicking the ball?”

Said the student as he

Li Qings.h.i.+’s eyes lit up as he heard that. He patted Gao Fei on the shoulder and said with a sn.i.g.g.e.r, “Gao Fei, it has been a long time since you shot football. Is that still accurate?”

“You just hold onto your seatbelt!” said Gao Fei with a confident smile.


The PE teacher finally finished teaching the movements and declared that they were free to practice.

The three boys formed their respective teams to play basketball excitedly just like the birds out of the cage. Of course, they did not forget to save the girls a half-court position.

Fang Qiu also joined a team which had ten players. They were going to play against all of the others.

Fang Qiu barely moved on the court. Once the ball was pa.s.sed to him, he pa.s.sed it to his teammates mostly.

To his teammates, Fang Qiu was a perfect a.s.sist.

He could always pa.s.s the ball to the appropriate teammates perfectly.

Then his teammates scored on layups.

Gradually, the ball was pa.s.sed to Fang Qiu more and more times and was pa.s.sed by Fang Qiu more and more times, which directly made the opponents sincerely convinced.

The PE teacher who was watching the game out of sheer boredom at one side also gradually noticed the situation on the court.

So he walked slowly to the sideline and observed them carefully.

Soon, he noticed Fang Qiu.

At this point, the basketball was out-of-bounds.

Fang Qiu picked up the ball, stood outside the court, and was about to pa.s.s it to his teammate. Just then, a piece of white stuff was going to hit Fang Qiu on the face with extremely fast speed.

“Ah! Watch out!”

Many students hurriedly reminded him as they saw this scene.

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