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Chapter 47 Fang Qiu Is a Doctor?

Fang Qiu held up w.a.n.g Yu’s left hand. His right finger pulp touched her injured part to examine it comprehensively.

Fingers were the easiest part to be sensed by the Absolute Touch.

Because fingers barely contained flesh. They were basically const.i.tuted by ligaments and bones.

A fuzzy picture surfaced in his head. Seeing this picture, Fang Qiu nodded to himself.

Then, he compared the injured finger with other fingers of the patient.

Eventually, he ascertained the condition.

Fang Qiu looked at w.a.n.g Yu.

At this, w.a.n.g Yu asked anxiously, “What’s the matter?”

Fang Qiu answered with a smile, “No big problem. Just a slight dislocation. To put it in medical terms, your digital joint and the ligaments around it were damaged, incurred acute closed tissue damage, which caused the swell and pain.”

“I’ll do a bonesetting to this finger. Then, you can buy a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao and spray it onto your swell. Be careful to let this finger rest until it is recovered.”

As he finished those words, his left hand directly clasped w.a.n.g Yu’s hand before she had time to react.

His right hand abruptly jerked her injured finger and then gave it a quick push.

After that, he let go of w.a.n.g Yu’s hand and said, “All done.”

“All done?”

w.a.n.g Yu hurriedly stretched her finger.

To her astonishment, the pain in this finger did abate a lot.

“Whoa! He is that good?”

w.a.n.g Yu gaped at Fang Qiu in shock.

Now, she finally sort of accepted the fact that Fang Qiu was already a doctor working in a hospital affiliated to their university.

“Earlier, when Miaoyu told us you cured her injured foot, I did not buy it. Now, I am finally convinced.”

w.a.n.g Yu exclaimed. Next, she let out a cheery giggle and said, “If I had known you’re so good, I would not have gone through all the registration but met you in private. Well, I just lost eighteen yuan.”

Fang Qiu beamed before replying, “Between expending eighteen yuan and owing somebody a favor, normally I’ll choose to the former.”

“But I’ll choose to owe you a favor, and then let Miaoyu return the favor! Haha…”

w.a.n.g Yu laughed heartily.

Afraid of disturbing Fang Qiu’s work, w.a.n.g Yu did not dawdle in the hospital.

As she made her way downstairs from the emergency room, w.a.n.g Yu still found what had happened was quite miraculous.

“It’s just like a dream!”

“A schoolmate I know has become a doctor of a first cla.s.s hospital, and he cured my injury?”

“Even the thought of it sounds far-fetched.”

When she came to the lobby, w.a.n.g Yu caught sight of the “doctors with good reputations” screen. Suddenly, inspiration hit her. She smiled and went to the voting system, searched the name Fang Qiu and voted for him.

She told herself that she was just showing support for her schoolmate.

After casting the vote, she took off in haste.

She was going to tell Jiang Miaoyu and her other roommates about Fang Qiu being a doctor. This discovery was just too incredulous.

Fang Qiu kept on working.

When he had no patients, he borrowed a medicine book from Cao Ze to kill the time.

Cao Ze lent Fang Qiu his postgraduate textbook. At first, he wanted to ask Fang Qiu if he could understand this book.

But at the sight of Fang Qiu flipping through the pages with obvious relish, he swallowed down this question.

“Seems that he does understand its content!”

From half past two to four in the afternoon, Fang Qiu took care of ten patients in total. Each of them did not take any examination like the X-ray. Even though some got their X-rays in other hospitals, Fang Qiu did not resort to those pictures.

He simply checked every patient with his hands.

And all of them left the hospital gratified.

From time to time, Cao Ze would come to see how Fang Qiu was doing. He was very surprised to see that the patients all left with a smile, though they all came in with a bitter face.

What was more, he noticed that Fang Qiu did not ask any of them to do a CT scan.

Finally, taking advantage of a short patient-free period, he asked despite himself, “Physician Fang, you’d better let the patients do a CT scan. Otherwise, if there is any problem in the future, they will come to you and make a scene. But with the CT, you can say you’ve done a meticulous examination. Plus, you have commissions for each CT your patients do.”

Fang Qiu merely gave a smile but did not comment.

He was here to cure people, not to make a profit.

“If the patient is cured, how come they will come back and make a scene?”

Even if he did encounter such unreasonable patients, he had ways to deal with them.

Seeing Fang Qiu’s dismissive att.i.tude, Cao Ze gave up persuading him.

“Now that you don’t listen to me, I’ll see what you can do when you’re in trouble!”

At the same time.

After buying the Yunnan Baiyao, w.a.n.g Yu immediately went for Jiang Miaoyu and found her at the basketball court. She furtively tugged her to a corner.

“Yu, what happened to your finger?”

Jiang Miaoyu had no idea why w.a.n.g Yu was being so mysterious, so she asked about her injury with concern first.

“Don’t mind my finger now. Guess who I ran into when I went to our university’s affiliated hospital?”

w.a.n.g Yu said mystically.

As if she was a spy making a secret rendezvous.


Asked Jiang Miaoyu curiously.

It was the first time she had seen w.a.n.g Yu speaking in such a mysterious fas.h.i.+on.

“Fang Qiu!”

w.a.n.g Yu answered at once.

“Fang Qiu? He also went to the hospital to see a doctor?” At her answer, Jiang Miaoyu immediately posed another question out of curiosity.

w.a.n.g Yu knew Jiang Miaoyu had misunderstood her, so she hastened to explain, “He was not there for a doctor! Actually, he was the doctor!”


Jiang Miaoyu’s pretty face was now full of amazement. She stared at w.a.n.g Yu, reckoning that she had heard it wrong.

At the sight of Jiang Miaoyu’s astounded expression, w.a.n.g Yu felt quite satisfied.

“Seems that everyone finds this news rather surprising!”

“Fang Qiu is a doctor, and it was he who treated me!”

w.a.n.g Yu answered once more.

“Perhaps you have mistaken your doctor for Fang Qiu, haven’t you?”

Asked Jiang Miaoyu skeptically.

“How could Fang Qiu be a doctor?”

“He is still a freshman!”

“How can I make such a mistake? We spoke to each other, and I also checked his name tag. It was Fang Qiu. I guarantee you!”

Replied w.a.n.g Yu with perfect a.s.surance.

“Hold on, your story is a bit hard to swallow. How come Fang Qiu is a doctor?”

Demanded Jiang Miaoyu, slightly furrowing her brows, obviously still in disbelief.

“I have no idea, either. I was even more dumbfounded than you are now. But he has truly become a doctor. This is an absolute fact. And he has also admitted it.”

w.a.n.g Yu was happily enjoying the sense of achievement of knowing a huge secret as well as astonis.h.i.+ng her roommates by sharing it with them.

Especially when she saw Jiang Miaoyu’s adorably dazed face, she felt overjoyed.

“Fang Qiu does have become a doctor?”

“A freshman has become a doctor working in a hospital?”

Jiang Miaoyu stood rooted to the spot. This news had quite an impact on her.

After the last incident in the morning, she could tell Fang Qiu had loads of secrets.

But now, she suddenly realized that compared to the news about him being a doctor, all the rest of the potential secrets she could think of were nothing startling at all.

On a whim, she wanted to make a phone call to Fang Qiu.

But just as she touched her phone, she froze.

“What reason do I have to make this phone call?”

“To say I’m curious? Or congratulations?

“If this happened before the ‘Start-of-Term Gift’ incident, I might use either of the two. But now, it seems that neither of them is proper…”

On the other side of the story.

All of a sudden, a bunch of middle-aged and elderly people in ordinary clothes appeared in the lobby of the emergency department building. All of them were waiting in a line to register for orthopedics.

“Dr. Xiao Fang is not a specialist. Everyone, you can just make ordinary registrations!”

The old man taking the lead among the crowd was precisely Fang Qiu’s first patient.

“Mr. Jia, is that Dr. Xiao Fang really so amazing as you told us?”

A middle-aged man in the line asked, “I was in the middle of driving my cab when you called me here. Aren’t you holding me up from making money?”

“Get away! I’m saving your life! If you miss this today, who knows when you can still see Dr. Xiao Fang. I’ve asked the staff, he only works one afternoon a week. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll have to wait for another week with your stubborn backache!”

Mr. Jia rounded his eyes and growled.

“Fine, I believe in you, Mr. Jia. I’ll see the doctor here. Mr. Jia, I think you might consider being a hospital scalper. You’ll definitely be the best one!”

The middle-aged driver made a joke.

The other middle-aged men who came along with him also burst into laughter.

At this scene, other people at the registration windows were muddled.

“How come there are people coming to see a doctor in groups?”

“And who is that Dr. Xiao Fang?”

“He sounds very impressive.”

“Whatsoever, I’ll just remember this name, perhaps it will come in handy later!”

The staff in charge of the registration were all petrified to see this.

Never had they seen the whole line was here to register for orthopedics.

And all of them were middle-aged and elderly men.

“Are they here to stir up trouble?”

“But I’ve never heard any troublemaker need a registration.”

“Could it be that the troublemakers nowadays are all well cultivated?”

In spite of their curiosity, the staff still did the registration for everyone.

Then, this cl.u.s.ter of patients squeezed into an elevator together and went to the seventh floor.

Their destination was the orthopedics department!

Their target was Dr. Xiao Fang!

After arriving at the waiting area, each of them handed their medical record to a nurse, and then took their seats, waiting to be called.

“Li Jianjun.”

The nurse called out.

Someone among those in the waiting area instantly shouted, “Here.”

He was eaxctly the cab driver who bickered with Mr. Jia in the registration lobby.

Li Jianjun, the driver, went up to the nurse and was led into a consulting room, with Mr. Jia scurrying in his wake.

“Nurse, excuse me, I want to know if the doctor who is going to treat him is Dr.Fang.”

Mr. Jia asked.

“Dr. Xiao Fang?”

“Never heard of such a guy, did I?”

The nurse shook her head and replied, “No, it’s the attending physician, Dr. w.a.n.g.”

At this, Li Jianjun clarified edgily, “I’m not here for Dr. w.a.n.g. I’m here for Dr. Xiao Fang. I specially made this visit to him.”

“Dr. Xiao Fang? I don’t think we have a doctor surnamed Fang in our department.”

The nurse answered with confusion, her brows furrowed a bit.

“You have, you have.”

Mr. Jia hurriedly declared, “Just now, it was Dr. Xiao Fang who handled my case.”

Now, this nurse was utterly mystified. “I do know all the doctors in orthopedics.”

“But since when do we have a Dr. Xiao Fang?”

At this point, a man pa.s.sed by her. The nursed hastily called his name and asked, “Senior Cao, do you know any doctor here surnamed Fang?”

The one she stopped was precisely Cao Ze.

“A doctor surnamed Fang?”

Cao Ze was also at a loss.

Before he could react, Mr. Jia already pointed at him and yelled spiritedly, “Just now, it was he who took me to Dr.Fang!”

At those words, Cao Ze looked up at Mr. Jia and immediately remembered who he was.

He finally knew the ident.i.ty of this Dr.Fang.

It was Fang Qiu!

“Now he has got him a regular patient?”

“And that patient is going to introduce new patients to him?”

Cao Ze was truly stunned.

“Is Fang Qiu’s treatment so good that his patient is convinced by his skills and even starts to introduce other patients to him?”

“Senior Cao, we truly have a doctor surnamed Fang in our department. But why do I know nothing?”

Asked the nurse with interest.

Cao Ze gave a hollow laugh and said, ” It’s the a.s.sistant physician specially employed by our department. This is his first day here. You can leave the two patients to me. I’ll take them to him.”

As he spoke, he led the two set off for Fang Qiu’s consulting room.

“Specially employed?”

Now, the nurse was intrigued. She tagged along behind the three, attempting to have a peek at the man who got in their orthopedics department through special recruit.

At the door of the consulting room, Mr. Jia saw Fang Qiu reading in the room. He quickly announced in a cheerful tone, “Dr. Xiao Fang, I brought you some new patients. When I told them you cured me, they all scrambled to come to you.”

“Come on in, come on in.”

Fang Qiu immediately put down his book and got to his feet.

A moment ago, he was fretted over the lack of patients he could handle, which meant he would not reach the Friendly Realm in a short spell. But now, more patients were coming to him.

There was no reason to not welcome them.

Standing outside, the nurse went speechless as she heard their conversations.

“Look at them. Those who know the truth can understand that they’re just seeing a doctor. But those who don’t will certainly a.s.sume that this is a regular customer of a restaurant trying to attract new customers for the host!”

“How come there are patient rolling logs for their doctor?”

“This is something I’ve never heard of before!”

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