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Chapter 45 The Consequence of Being Loyal to Your Bro

“Li Qings.h.i.+ donated a thousand yuan right off!”

“Fang Qiu made a speech in front of everyone. The general idea is when we see a schoolmate suffering for illness, we should not just pitch in some money. What matters is that we should work harder to become good doctors, to save this student, save many other patients who are also suffering, because we are students of a Chinese Medicine university! That’s the long and short of it, based on my understanding. The speech Fang Qiu made is truly motivating! I’m abashed!”

“Li Qings.h.i.+ jeered at Fang Qiu, accused him ‘nicely said than done’ and actually had no money to donate.”

“Fang Qiu is scanning the QR code to make a donation. How much will it be?”

“The staff announced! Twenty-nine thousand yuan!”

“Impressive, my bro. This is an astronomical figure for us students! If anyone dares to accuse Fang Qiu can only do empty talk and pretend to be sympathetic, I will duel him! Well, I’m done updating. I now need to study! Don’t disturb me!”

The text live broadcast finished, but the viewers were still choked up with emotions.

“Is it true?”

“Fang Qiu donated twenty-nine thousand yuan?”

Bellow the post was a pile of comments about the viewers’ doubts and opinions on this incident.

“Seriously? Fang Qiu really can play all the musical instruments? And the most crucial question is whether Fang Qiu really donated twenty-nine thousand yuan.”

“Twenty-nine thousand yuan is the amount of my living expenses for four semesters. He simply gave it away? Oh, rich people do act willfully…”

“Who knows Fang Qiu’s family status? Please tell me, is Fang Qiu a silver-spoon child?”

“The upstair, since he has learned so many kinds of musical instruments and donated so much money, I say he is a silver-spoon child, right?”

“You guys, stop guessing Fang Qiu’s ident.i.ty and background. The point is Fang Qiu’s words are right. We are all studying medicine, but we can’t help even when our schoolmate is ill. Aren’t we ashamed? At least I am!”

“Yeah! He is more good-looking than you guys, more talented and wealthier. Above all, he holds a much greater aspiration than all of you. He simply leaves no chance for us to compete with him!”

“And the thing that terrifies me most is that even though he is better than us by all standards, he is still working harder than us. I’m done goofing around. Now, it’s study time!”

“I’m kicking myself to go for study. I won’t check the BBS in three mouths or get distracted by any gossips! This post is my promise! Please supervise me!”

“Goodbye, the upstair!”

“I’ve done a little check. Now, Fang Qiu is already a campus celebrity only second to the mysterious man. His popular index has surpa.s.sed that of the campus belle Jiang Miaoyu. At present, the top one, Mysterious Man (martial arts expert), index 41879; the second place, Fang Qiu, index 40230; the third place, Jiang Miaoyu, index 37920. So, Fang Qiu is the strongest compet.i.tor for the Campus Celebrity of the Year. I really can’t find any other person who is more talented than Fang Qiu.”

“To a personal level, I’m very interested in the grudge between Fang Qiu and Li Qings.h.i.+. Begging for more details!”


Such comments and opinions were too many to enumerate.

Apart from the mysterious man, Fang Qiu had become the most eye-catching celebrity among all the freshmen.

Or to be more specific, Fang Qiu had become the hottest guy among the freshmen on the surface.

Many people were extremely envious. But they could do nothing about it—Fang Qiu was too powerful to incur jealousy, for others knew all they could do was revere him.

Fang Qiu went back to his dormitory to study, while his three roommates were still flipping through the leaflets of a.s.sorted a.s.sociations and discussing something in whispers.

As to Fang Qiu, they did not want to persuade him anymore.

He was such a diligent student. Perhaps he might join a study group or so, but those jumbled a.s.sociations probably would not appeal him.

Moreover, they were afraid that Fang Qiu might reveal some other talent of his.

“He is already nature-defiant now. If he has more…”

Well, their hearts could not take more!

Thus, they decided to leave Fang Qiu in books and let him “run his own course”!

Now, the task of getting girlfriends was all up to them!

After discussing for more than ten minutes, the three dashed out of the dormitory and headed straight to the sports ground.

Twenty minutes later, the three returned with excitement.

Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao looked quite thrilled, but Zhou Xiaotian’s cheerful face suddenly turned glum at the sight the Fang Qiu.

Zhou Xiaotian slumped in the chair beside Fang Qiu and gingerly voiced his proposal, “The youngest, will you go get Li Qings.h.i.+ once more?”

“What are you suggesting?”

This proposal of Zhou Xiaotian gave Fang Qiu quite a turn. Seeing that Zhou Xiaotian’s face was close enough to press against his, he hastened to draw back and asked, “Do you hate Li Qings.h.i.+?”


Beside them, Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao could not bear it anymore and burst into complacent laughter.

Their laughter bemused Fang Qiu, while Zhou Xiaotian’s face grew increasingly darker. At last, he snapped, “I don’t care! You just have to challenge one more guy in public. If not Li Qings.h.i.+, you can try w.a.n.g Qings.h.i.+ or any random person!”

“Anyway, you just have to challenge one more guy today!”

Fang Qiu looked at the babbling Zhou Xiaotian, then at Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao who were roaring with laughter, and asked, “What’s wrong with him? And what happened to you two?”

“Haha…Actually, the thing is… Well, as you just battled against Li Qings.h.i.+, we all stuck up for you, didn’t we?”

Breaking off from laughing, Sun Hao answered.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” Fang Qiu inquired.

“Since we stepped forward with no fear for the powerful and scolded Li Qings.h.i.+, our upright images have won over a lot of girls. As we went to the sports ground, a flock of girls came to us and friended us on Wechat!”

Saying so, Sun Hao pointed at the sad-faced Zhou Xiaotian and continued with pride, “When we were done, we found out that the oldest and I got most of the befriending requests, and Xiao Tian got the least.”

“Then we did a bit a.n.a.lysis. It might be the fact that the oldest and I did fiercely denounce Li Qings.h.i.+ while the fifth oldest did not say a word but only stepped out and pointed at Li Qings.h.i.+. Accordingly, our valiant images are more impressive than Xiao Tian’s. He almost served as a foil for us, hahaha…”

As he said so, he began to laugh gloatingly again.

Zhou Xiaotian shot a furious look at Sun Hao, then turned to Fang Qiu. He implored, “The youngest, no, Brother Qiu, I beg you to pick another fight against someone, will you?”


Replied Fang Qiu, rather embarra.s.sed.

“He should do this for such a ridiculous reason.”

“I did befriend the wrong guy!”

“Then, you must let me tag along when you challenge someone in the future!”

Said Zhou Xiaotian imploringly.

At this time, a message alert of Zhu Benzheng’s Wechat app rang.

Zhu Benzheng opened it and immediately cursed.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!”

But before the others could ask him, Sun Hao’s Wechat also rang. As he checked the message, his smile instantly froze.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!”

He cursed, too.

“What’s the matter?”

Asked Zhou Xiaotian curiously. But the next second, his phone prompt also sounded.

Just like Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian also swore after reading the message.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!”

“What’s wrong?”

Fang Qiu was truly curious now.

At this question, the three all glared at Fang Qiu maliciously, tossed their smartphones forward and roared, “Look at this!”

Fang Qiu took a glimpse. Next second, he found him in an awkward position.

The three messages were the same.

“Schoolmate, h.e.l.lo, do you have Fang Qiu’s contact information?”

“This…is none of my business, right?”

Asked Fang Qiu uncertainly.


The three let out a snort in unison before turning around to lick their wounds quietly.

They just could not believe the messages those newly befriended girls sent to them were all requests for Fang Qiu’s contact information. “There must be someone who is appealed by our tall and mighty images!”

Fang Qiu ignored them and continued reading.

At two o’clock in the afternoon.

Fang Qiu set off for the First Affiliated Hospital to embark on his life as an a.s.sistant physician.

When he arrived at the hospital, Shen Chun first asked Cao Ze to walk Fang Qiu through all the procedures.

It was mainly about a.s.signing him to his workplace and reminding him of all the do’s and don’ts.

Patients would be a.s.signed to a.s.sorted physicians by special nurses and interns. Normally, if a patient wanted to see a specialist, he needed to make an appointment with that specialist. In orthopedics, there was only one specialist, and that was Shen Chun, who would naturally be awfully busy all day.

Those with normal appointment would be a.s.signed to attending physicians. Only when they were all too busy, would some patients be led to Fang Qiu.

“Don’t give me patients that have osteoporosis or other problems in bones. I only know about bonesetting.”

Glancing at the patient a.s.signment plan of attending physicians, Fang Qiu said so to Cao Ze.

“He is surely a dumb physician who knows nothing!”

Cao Ze commented in his head.

On the surface, he had been treating Fang Qiu very politely. But inwardly, he still held some doubts in Fang Qiu’s medicine skills.

After all, he was still a freshman who even had not learned medicine systematically.

When he heard Fang Qiu say he only knew about bonesetting, his a.s.sumption of Fang Qiu’s ignorance was verified.

However, he still felt a bit jealous. “He can already do the boneset without learning the knowledge systematically!”

“Thinking of my six-year elementary education, three-year junior high education, three-year high school education, four-year college education, and the two-year postgraduate education so far, I’ve been attending schools for a total of eighteen years. But now I am still an intern!”

“Compared to Fang Qiu, I already start to doubt whether I’ve chosen the wrong path!”

At twenty to three, sitting in the personal consulting room separated by planks, Fang Qiu met his very first patient.

“Surely there are not enough doctors!”

Fang Qiu exclaimed inwardly. He finally started to understand why Shen Chun complained that there were so few orthopedics physicians. “It’s been only ten minutes, but there are already too many patients for attending physicians to take care of?”

An old man clasping his medical records and wearing shabby clothes came in. At the sight of Fang Qiu, he was visibly taken aback.

“Please take a seat.”

Fang Qiu gestured at the chair near him.

“You are the doctor?”

The old man did not sit down. Instead, he stood there, staring at Fang Qiu, his face full of suspicion.

“Where can you possibly find a doctor that young?”

“Yes, I’m a newcomer. Please sit down first.”

Again, Fang Qiu signaled him courteously.

The old man scrutinized Fang Qiu from head to foot, then, slowly settled himself in the chair. He still looked quite troubled by doubts.

“Could you tell me about your condition first?”

Fang Qiu asked with a smile, not bothered by the old man’s distrustful look at all.

“Oh, sure. I lifted some furniture the day before yesterday. When I exerted my strength, I heard a snap in my crotch. I didn’t pay much attention to it. But these two days, I’ve been in such pain that I can’t walk or sit. And the pain comes at intervals.”

The old man answered, sort of distractedly. It was obvious that his mind was still dwelling on the thought of Fang Qiu’s young age.

“What movement did you do at that time?” Fang Qiu asked, wanting to learn the details.

In the past few days, he had read loads of books on orthopedics, including ancients ones and modern ones. So now, he already had quite a knowledge about bone dislocation.

All he needed was to put those theories into practice with his Controlling Realm bonesetting techniques.

“I did this!”

The old man left the chair and began to imitate the posture he did on the empty floor.

He stretched his left leg backward and bent his right leg, as if he was a sprinter crouching at the starting line, but his left leg was not so straight.

“I lifted the furniture like this. Then, as I exerted more strength to straighten up, I heard the snap.”

Watching the old man’s posture and pondering over his account, Fang Qiu quickly searched through all the orthopedics knowledge in his head and said, “You have a forward and downside ilium dislocation.”

Generally, when the old man was doing this posture to lift heavy objects, his quadriceps at the front of his leg would contract hard to draw the ilium forward. Meanwhile, due to the force of the ligament behind the sacroiliac joint on the same side, the sacroiliac joint would be twisted backward, resulting in the forward and downside ilium dislocation.

“You know it already? No need for X-ray?” The old man asked.

“No need for X-ray. I can be sure if I do an examination with my hands.”

Fang Qiu was going to check it with his Absolute Touch.

After all, theories should be combined with practice.

However, at Fang Qiu’s a.s.sertion that he did not need to take an X-ray, the old man flared up.

“You kid, how could you be like this? It’s very hard for me to travel such a long distance to get here. But why are you being so irresponsible?”

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