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Chapter 33 What Can You Do To Me?

Seeing this photo, the surrounding students felt so disgusting that they almost threw up their breakfast.

“Oh my G.o.d! This room is so weird! They really pay no attention to their personal hygiene. How can we get along with them?”

“Yes. So disgusting!”

“Is it still a place for people to live?”

Hearing the discussions from the people around, the four people of Room 501 darkened their faces indeed.

They remembered very clearly that they had cleaned up the room in the morning before they left and that all the floors and the beds were neat and tidy.

The important thing was that no one in their room ate sunflower seeds, no one littered waste papers, and moreover, no one smoked.

So where did this garbage come from?

But for the picture which right showed their room, they would really speculate if the Students’ Union made a mistake.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on here?” asked the oldest Zhu Benzheng in a low voice with a gloomy face.

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian also kept quiet with their faces darkened.

They also didn’t know what was going on.

But one thing was very clear. That was they really lost their faces today. Among all the rooms, only their room was criticized openly.

Their entire room was thoroughly famous and notorious.

They could foresee that whoever mentioned Room 501 of the School of Chinese Medicine Basis afterward would wear a look of disgust and contempt.

They would accept it if their room was really dirty and messy.

But now, it was not their fault at all. They obviously cleaned up the room. Why did this situation happen?

“What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

They didn’t understand.

Fang Qiu looked coldly at the notice, strode forward, and tore it off under the startled gaze of all the people.

“What are you doing?” asked his three roommates in a low voice as they hurried forward.

“Let’s go back to the dormitory,” said Fang Qiu as he sank his voice.

Fang Qiu took the lead to walk towards the room with his three roommates.

All the people around looked at Fang Qiu’s back in astonishment.

“Unexpectedly, someone dared to tear off the notice of the school. How dare him! If the school knew about it, he could be given a warning, even serious warning.

“Because it’s obviously a blatant confrontation with the school who will not allow such a thing to happen.”

“The youngest, hurriedly paste it back now. If the school knows about it, we will be done for.” Qin Kangning came to Fang Qiu hurriedly and said.

“This thing is aimed at me. You leave it alone,” said Fang Qiu coldly.

He knew clearly that this matter was against him. “No one else was criticized but only his room. What’s more, they named him directly, even named which cla.s.s and which school.”

“It’s strange if it isn’t against me!

“And Li Qings.h.i.+ is the President of the Students’ Union. It’s clear that he is against me!”

“Aimed at you?” asked his three roommates in surprise.

“Yes!” Fang Qiu nodded his head and said as he walked along, “don’t you think it is very strange? We know exactly what our room looks like. It’s definitely not like that in the photos.

“And they directly made my school information, cla.s.s information, and my name public, which obviously aimed at me!

“Whoever sees this notice may not have a deep impression of Room 501, but they will absolutely have a deep impression of me! And that is I am an extremely dirty and unhygienic person!”

His three roommates found it true as they heard it.

If they hadn’t known about Fang Qiu, they might have considered him dirty only on the basis of the notice.

“The youngest, have you offended anyone?” The fourth oldest Zhou Xiaotian couldn’t help asking.

“No matter who I have offended, someone has offended me. It’s not over yet!” said Fang Qiu coldly, “go back to the dormitory first!”

Hearing the fearless voice of Fang Qiu and thinking of the fearless tearing action before, Qin Kangning felt that he recognized the youngest again.

“It turns out that he is not a harmless guy with a face full of smile every day.

“He is also a very strong and aggressive person!”

“Yes! It is not over yet!”

The oldest Zhu Benzheng said, “How dare they frame our Room 501 and the youngest. This matter is not over yet! Don’t think it is easy to bully us!”

“Yes. It’s not over yet! How dare they slander on the perfect image of our Room 501 and the youngest. If this news was spread, hoe could our room socialize with the girls!” said Sun Hao justly and severely.

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian closed ranks and nodded their heads.

Fang Qiu glanced at them speechlessly.

“Still think of the fellows.h.i.+p at this time!”

When they got back to the room and opened the door, they found the room covered in a mess, which was exactly like that in the photo.

Fang Qiu’s bed was also in chaos.

Seeing the room which was maintained clean by them was ruined like this, four of them looked gloomier.

“Let’s clean it up,” said Fang Qiu in a low voice.

His three roommates nodded their heads, starting to clean the room silently.

At the same time, in the office of the Students’ Union of the School of Chinese Medicine.

One student whispered to Li Qings.h.i.+ behind the desk.

“What? Fang Qiu tore off the notice?”

Li Qings.h.i.+ suddenly sat straight and asked in surprise.

“Yes. I saw it with my own eyes,” said the student with absolute certainty.

“Well! The fellow is bold enough!”

Li Qings.h.i.+ never thought that Fang Qiu was so bold that he dared to tear off the notice posted by their school.

He even didn’t know what to say about Fang Qiu.

“Stupidly bold? Or dim-witted?”

Regardless of that, it gave him an exactly right chance to make a scene to let everyone know it. How could he miss such a chance?

“Later, let the disciplinary team stop him at the door of their dormitory! How dared he tear off the notice of the school? Does he care about any discipline in the school?”

After that, Li Qings.h.i.+ asked the student to move his ears close and whispered something to him.

The student nodded and went out with a smile.

Here in the dormitory.

After four of them finished cleaning, they found it was almost time for cla.s.s. So they hurriedly took the book and walked out of the room.

Just as they came to the door of the dormitory, Fang Qiu was stopped by several senior students.

“Are you Fang Qiu?”

The head student with asked in a despising tone as he looked up and down at Fang Qiu.

“You have come!”

Fang Qiu sneered and said in the heart.

The reason why he tore off the notice was to give the student a chance to come forward. He would like to see how much the student could frame him!

“It’s me.” Fang Qiu nodded and said.

“We are from the Discipline Department of the Students’ Union. The notice sheet at the door of the dormitory was torn off by you? Who let you tear it off? Who gives you the right?”

The student with did not give Fang Qiu any chance to speak at all but directly questioned him to his face severely.

“I let me tear it off,” said Fang Qiu with a faint smile.

“Where do you get this att.i.tude? Still so arrogant when you made a mistake!”

The student with was angry and reprimanded, “is there any discipline? Here is a university, not your home where you can do whatever you want!”

His voice was so loud that it directly attracted all the pa.s.sing students to come and see what was happening on earth.

“Oh, then what can you do to me?”

Fang Qiu looked coldly at the student in front of him.

“What can… can you do to me?”

This sentence shocked all the students around.

“Oh my G.o.d.

“Too awesome!

“Unexpectantly, someone said ‘what can you do to me’ in front of the disciplinary commissary!

“Brother, you are really something!”

But the student with lost his cool and pointed to Fang Qiu angrily without any word for a long time.

“You, go to the Student’ Union with me. I don’t believe that I can’t make you obey!”

As he said, a few senior students closed round.

Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian worried that Fang Qiu would suffer, so they quickly surrounded Fang Qiu and looked at the people of the Discipline Department with a hostile look.

“What are you doing? Want to make trouble? Not afraid of punishment?” The student with scolded three of them arrogantly.

But the three of them were not bothered with him.

“I really don’t understand. You are also students. How come you are so insolent with such puny rights!” said Sun Hao in extreme contempt.

“If I move one step backward, you will take ten steps forward. You have no idea who you are. If I’m your parents, I must kill you!” said Zhou Xiaotian with a despising expression.

Zhu Benzheng finally gave a heavy blow. He spat fiercely toward the ground.


The people around as they saw it.

They had never seen someone treat the Discipline Department of the Students’ Union this way.

Everyone was respectful to the people of the Discipline Department because they were afraid of being caught out and marked down. If so, they would lose the scholars.h.i.+p and even couldn’t graduate on time probably.

So they only dared to be angry but not to speak up.

But today, someone finally spoke up for them.

They couldn’t be more delighted!

And the four people were absolutely awesome. One person directly courted envy with a word of “what can you do to me” while the other three people directly sneered in various ways. They cooperated perfectly.

“You… you. How dare you!”

The student wearing almost went crazy with anger.

“None of you can leave today. You will be disciplined!”

After that, he was about to call someone to come.

“You’d better not make a call because your phone will ring soon.”

As Fang Qiu said, he took out a phone and made a call under the curious gaze of all the people.

“Dr. Shen, yes, it’s me. I have a little trouble here. Could you do me a favor…?”

Shortly, Fang Qiu talked about the cause and effect and then hung up the phone.

The people around were immediately stupefied as they heard Fang Qiu’s call contents.

“This person said he was set up because someone had thrown garbage in their room.

“He pointed the finger at the Students’ Union.

“Now it’s getting interesting.”

However, Fang Qiu’s three roommates curiously looked at him. “Never heard that Fang Qiu has any backer. But it sounds like he obviously has a backer according to his tone in the phone.”

The student with and other seniors sort of hesitated.

They were also unsure who Fang Qiu was calling on earth.

But it sounded so awesome that they were afraid to take further actions.

Thus, both sides came to a deadlock. Around them were a group of onlookers.

But the atmosphere was soon broken by a ring.

“The girl opposite, look over here, look over here…”

The student with was scared all of a sudden by the ringing of his mobile phone in the hand.

The people around all curled their lips at the sound of the ring.

“He is a stuffy guy at a glance.”

The student with disregarded the eyes around him. He couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief as he saw the call was from Li Qings.h.i.+. “It seems that this fellow didn’t ask someone to come.”

It was their head’s phone call.

As soon as the phone call was connected, the student with darkened his face instantly. He immediately nodded and said, “OK! OK!”

After hanging up the phone, the student with took a complicated look at Fang Qiu.

Kind of angry and also kind of scared.

He was angry that the man made him lose face and prestige in public.

He was scared that the man actually had a big shot as his backer, which even let Li Qings.h.i.+ eat his words and commanded them to come back hurriedly.

He suddenly felt a little abrupt this time because Li Qings.h.i.+ clearly took him as a tool!

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