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Chapter 32 Love Was Extinguished

“Yes, you are cured,” said Fang Qiu with a nodding.

Hearing this, You Sheng quickly turned over and sat on the bed, put on his shoes to stand on the ground, and moved his back at various positions.

“I’m really cured?!” said You Sheng in surprise.

“Really cured?” asked Su Mudong hurriedly.

He was the one who was most afraid of medical accidents and the one who most hoped that all patients could be cured.

Especially the intractable patients like him.

“Really cured. You see, I’m not painful!”

You Sheng continued twisting his body casually to show that. “You see, I can duck down. I can also bend over!”

After that, he caught Fang Qiu’s hands, excitedly shook them and said,

“Highly-skilled doctor! You are such a highly-skilled doctor!”

The others all looked at Fang Qiu with a shock when they saw You Sheng was really cured.

They saw Fang Qiu’s treatment and also heard his explanation, but deep down, they didn’t quite believe it.

“After all, you are not the one who can confirm that the patient is cured.

“It’s the patient who can confirm that.

“But now, the patient has confirmed personally that he is really cured.”

Everyone looked at Fang Qiu with their eyes full of respect.

“The teenager really cured the disease that even couldn’t be cured by the orthopedic expert Dr. Shen and the Martial Arts Hospital.

“What does this mean?

“It means he has strength!”

Cao Ze stood aside, dejected with a gray face.

“The patient is really cured.”

This blow directly knocked his confidence.

“A younger man than me is even more excellent than my teacher. This is…”

He was deeply disheartened.

“Director, now Fang Qiu can stay in our hospital as an a.s.sistant physician?”

Shen Chun looked at the Director with a smile.

“He must stay. Such a good doctor must stay to benefit mankind!”

You Sheng crazily nodded his head aside before Su Mudong spoke.

He was really persuaded by Fang Qiu’s medical skill.

Su Mudong nodded and said sincerely to Fang Qiu, “Welcome to join in our hospital.”

“This is definitely a talent.

“A talent who has the real ability beyond his age!

“Such a talent must stay in the hospital.”

“Thank you!” said Fang Qiu.

“Ha ha! Take out the money. Take out the money quickly!” You Sheng said with a laugh to the bodyguard at the door.

The bodyguard immediately took out a leather bag, got three piles of notes from inside, and handed them to You Sheng.

You Sheng took over and put them all on Fang Qiu’s hands.

“Little brother, this is the treatment fee. Thank you very much indeed!”

Fang Qiu was also taken aback by the large sum. He estimated that it was thirty thousand yuan.

He was short of money. This money came at the right time.

But it was a hospital after all and the treatment was an examination. Now he was not sure whether the money belonged to the hospital or him.

So he looked at Shen Chun while Shen Chun looked at the Director Su Mudong.

Su Mudong hurriedly said, “You have not done relevant formalities, so you don’t belong to our hospital now. Even if it is an examination, this is your treatment fee. You deserve it. Our hospital won’t pocket it, so you just take it.”

He knew what was more important between the money and the talent.

“And he indeed deserves this money because of his hard work.

“Besides, he helped the hospital solve a big problem. It is kind of him not to let the hospital pay him!”

“He’s right, take it!” said You Sheng hastily aside.

Hearing that, Fang Qiu put the money away.

He was finally relieved because he had money now. He could study hard for the time being without the disturb of the money factor.

You Sheng happily left with the bodyguards after Fang Qiu took the money.

Director Su Mudong also left afterward.

Shen Chun said to Fang Qiu, “Welcome to join our department. Hope that we can work hard together in the future and save patients from suffering.”


Fang Qiu nodded hard.

Then Shen Chun took the initiative to talk about the salary. Because Fang Qiu could only come every Sunday afternoon for an afternoon s.h.i.+ft, his monthly salary was temporarily set at one thousand yuan.

The commission would be extra.

Fang Qiu did a calculation that a three-hour s.h.i.+ft in the afternoon—Two thirty to five thirty means one thousand yuan for twelve hours a month, which was quite reasonable.

As for the commission, it would be more if he saw more patients.

Carrying thirty thousand yuan that he earned, Fang Qiu agreed to come to work on Sunday afternoon. He said goodbye to Shen Chun and left the hospital.

It was already four thirty in the afternoon. Fang Qiu planned to go back for a bite and then take a book to read in the garden, waiting for Jiang Miaoyu.

He had an impulse deep down to see Jiang Miaoyu immediately.

He wanted to tell her the news that he was going to be an a.s.sistant physician in the First Affiliated Hospital to share his joy with her.

He knew that he had a love shoot sprouting deep inside.

As he just walked out of the hospital, Fang Qiu suddenly received a phone call from Jiang Miaoyu.

“Fang Qiu, we probably couldn’t cooperate at this Start-of-Term Ceremony…”

“Anything wrong?” asked Fang Qiu with a sudden frown.

“Come to the Cla.s.sroom 502 of the teaching building first. I am here for self-study. Let’s meet and talk in details,” said Jiang Miaoyu.


Fang Qiu hung up the phone and muttered to himself with a frown.

“What on earth happened that prevents us from cooperation?

“Program is canceled?

“Or Jiang Miaoyu suddenly has very an important emergency?

“No matter what the reason is, I have to make it clear.”

He hurried to the Cla.s.sroom 502 of the teaching building. Only Jiang Miaoyu was inside and she sat in the middle of the room.

Fang Qiu went over.

As Jiang Miaoyu heard the footsteps, she raised her head and said with a wan smile, “You have come.”


Fang Qiu felt that Jiang Miaoyu’s eyes seemed to be dodging something as if he was afraid to see him.

“What’s going on here?”

Fang Qiu suddenly had a bad feeling.

“The Start-of-Term Ceremony…”

“The Start-of-Term Ceremony…”

Two of them spoke in one voice but stopped at the same moment as they heard each other.

There was a brief silence between the two of them.

The atmosphere was a little solemn.

Finally, Fang Qiu broke the silence and asked, “What did you say about the Start-of-Term Ceremony on the phone?”

Jiang Miaoyu went quiet for a while and spoke out the reason.

“Well, I played the demo of our singing to them yesterday afternoon. They always thought that the song was well chosen and the name was in line with the atmosphere of the Start-of-Term Ceremony. So this song was chosen as the first song together with the opening dance.”

“But this morning, the teacher in charge of the Start-of-Term Ceremony from the Students’ Union suddenly informed me that…”

At this moment, Jiang Miaoyu slightly bit her lip. “I was informed that this song was OK, but the singer needed to be changed. She said that it was better for a senior student and a junior student to sing together than two freshmen. So finally, it wouldn’t be you and me but Li Qings.h.i.+ and me…”

“Li Qings.h.i.+!”

Fang Qiu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

He a.s.sociated it with the warning from Li Qings.h.i.+ who stopped him before. “And Li Qings.h.i.+ also has a feeling to Jiang Miaoyu. Besides, he is the President of the Students’ Union of the school and has a very deep relations.h.i.+p with the Student’s Union of the university.”

Fang Qiu pulled these together and found that the truth was self-evident.

“It’s not that a senior student and a junior student can work better together.

“But Li Qings.h.i.+ deliberately drove out him!

“His purpose is very simple. He planned to break up the temporary combination of Jiang Miaoyu and me so that he can get close to Jiang Miaoyu.”

Jiang Miaoyu apologetically smiled at Fang Qiu. “I’m sorry. I told them that time had been very tight and we cooperated very well. But they gave me a demo of Senior Li.”

“How about that? Sound pleasant?” asked Fang Qiu calmly.

“Hm!” said Jiang Miaoyu as she bit her lip, “President Li knows Cantonese, so his singing is not worse than yours.”

“So you agree with that?”

Fang Qiu suddenly burst out laughing.

The laughter of Fang Qiu made Jiang Miaoyu immediately feel that the relations.h.i.+p between Fang Qiu and her became strained virtually.

She felt an inexplicable pain in the heart.

She bit her lip, nodded her head, and said in a very low voice with her head down, “Well, the teacher in charge commanded. I can’t refuse…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Fang Qiu stood up with a smile and said, “I am looking forward to your wonderful performance. I will applaud you in the auditorium.”

After that, he left.

Not sloppily at all.


Looking at the resolute figure of Fang Qiu, Jiang Miaoyu wanted to say something but couldn’t.

She felt tremendous pressure on her chest…

Fang Qiu walked out of the teaching building, stood on the steps in front of the building, and looked at the gloomy sky. He said as he smiled reluctantly, “If it is raining now, it will be very in line with my mood.”

Just after that.


A streak of burgundy lightning flashed across the sky, followed by rumbling thunder.

It was raining cats and dogs.

Fang Qiu smiled even more brightly and said, “G.o.d is so kind that he can give me whatever I want. Although it’s kind of like kicking me while I’m down.”

After that, his smile faded away gradually.

He once resisted an orthopedic expert for a person and asked “Do you believe me”.

She believed it and he did it.

Why did she not believe it this time?

Fang Qiu gawked at the heavy rain.

At this time, a person rushed into the teaching building with a red umbrella.

The person was in a daze as he saw Fang Qiu and then came over with laughter.

It was Li Qings.h.i.+.

“You’ve heard of it, right?” said Li Qings.h.i.+ with a laugh.

Then he went to Fang Qiu and whispered, “You don’t deserve to fight with me and it’s not over yet!”

Then he triumphantly swung the umbrella in his hand and said, “You don’t take an umbrella with you, do you? I do. Ha ha ha…”

After that, he walked into the teaching building with laughter.

Fang Qiu stared coldly at Li Qings.h.i.+ from beginning to end. He sneered as he looked at Li Qings.h.i.+’s back.

“You want a fight?

“I have never been afraid of anyone!”

He shoved the money from his pocket into the lining, turned his head, and walked into the rain.

He just walked into the heavy rain and let the rain wash over him without utilizing his internal Qi.

Deep down, the love bud which just sprouted was extinguished by the heavy rain this summer…

As Fang Qiu walked back to the dormitory, he found n.o.body in the room and moved the internal Qi all over his body.

The water of his entire body immediately vaporized like the dense air in the steamer.

His whole body was surrounded by white steam.

Five minutes later, the steam was gone. Fang Qiu suddenly opened his eyes and smiled.

The old Fang Qiu was back again.

In the Guru Realm, the extinguished love just disturbed his mind a little.

He went to the desk, put the money in the drawer for the time being, and continued reading as usual.

But could he really let her go just like what he said?

Only Fang Qiu himself knew it.

“The youngest, it is raining. Where do you and School Beauty Jiang arrange for the rehearsal? Shall we go and be your audience?”

At 6:30 p.m., his roommates called him.

Fang Qiu smiled and said, “There is no more rehearsal afterward.”

“What?! Isn’t your program canceled, is it?”

The three people’s shout and wrangle pa.s.sed through the telephone immediately.

“No. It’s just that I’m replaced. The teacher replaced Jiang Miaoyu’s partner with someone else,” explained Fang Qiu.

“Oh my G.o.d! Are their eyes blind or their ears blind? “Can’t they hear in your singing since you sing so well? Before, you have to do it just because they let you. Now, you can’t do it just because of their one word. What do they think you are?”

Zhu Benzheng’s angry voice came out at once.

Followed by Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian’s words that expressed their anger toward the injustice.

Hearing their angry voices, Fang Qiu suddenly smiled happily and felt warm in his heart.

“At the Start-of-Term Ceremony, I will be the audience like you guys. But I affected you in chasing after girls,” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

He knew these three people were not there to see the rehearsal but to chase after girls.

“It’s OK. It’s OK. Our friend was bullied. Why do we bother about chasing after girls! “And we can chase after girls at any time. But you remember that you owe us three girls. Have it in your heart afterward,” said Zhou Xiaotian.

Fang Qiu hung up the phone, speechless.

“Were they really comforting me?”

In the evening, his roommates came back with food for Fang Qiu and knew about the causes and effects from Fang Qiu.

They immediately screamed abuse at Li Qings.h.i.+.

They also complained about the teacher a lot.

Then they consoled Fang Qiu hard, but they did not forget to remind Fang Qiu that he owed them three girls finally.

It rained all night. The air was especially fresh the next day.

After four of them ate breakfast, they were about to return to the dormitory and take the books for lessons. When four of them walked to the notice-board outside the dormitory, they saw the notice on it, all in a daze.

“Health Inspection Notice.

This morning, the Students’ Union had a spot check on students’ dormitory and found Room 501 covered with wastepaper, sunflower seed, and cigarette b.u.t.ts. It is hereby to give them criticism.

In addition, in Room 501, Student Fang Qiu from Cla.s.s Three of Chinese Medicine Basic Theory, School of Chinese Medicine. His bed is extremely untidy with his clothes and socks in disorder, which created an unpleasant smell. Hope he will take care of his personal hygiene.

“September twentieth”

Below were some color photos of the room, especially a photo of a bed.

In the photo, their room was impressively littered with wastepapers, sunflower seed and cigarette b.u.t.ts.

In the photo of the bed, there were several pairs of black socks and a couple of underpants gathering together, especially with a couple of apples underneath.

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