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Chapter 31 If I Can’t Be Cured, I Will Make You Sorry For It!

“You think I’m kidding? He is an inheritor of talent in the folk.”

Shen Chun did not take You Sheng’s threat seriously at all.


You Sheng turned to look at Fang Qiu and frowned.

“An apprentice of a talent?

“He looks handsome but doesn’t look like an apprentice of a talent!”

“Just leave if you don’t believe it!” said Shen Chun a little anxiously.


Fang Qiu’s joining could be a good thing for the department, but no one expected that the Director arranged such an examination.

Now he wished that You Sheng could get the h.e.l.l out of here himself, so that the examination couldn’t go on because the patient left. In this case, the Director could only find another examination.

If so, there would be a chance of holding on to Fang Qiu.

You Sheng looked at Shen Chun who was obviously impatient and then looked at Fang Qiu who looked calm all the time, hesitating in his heart.

“Should I let the teenager who looks a little unreliable in front of me give me a treatment?”

“OK! Today, if I can’t be cured, we will wait and see!”

You Sheng finally gritted his teeth and said a cruel word.

Then he threw himself down on the bed directly.

“Come on!”

Shen Chun looked at Fang Qiu. Fang Qiu nodded his head and walked up.

“Now the situation has been very obvious. He has a backache and firmly believes that it is a bone problem, which means that he has been screened for internal organs and so on.

“If there’s a bone problem, it will be the spine.”

Fang Qiu came to the bedside and put his right hand on the position of the first thoracic vertebra.

“Boy, can you do it? If you can’t, don’t do it! If you make it worse, I will make you sorry for it!”

You Sheng threatened dreadfully as he turned his head to stare at Fang Qiu.

He was not worried that the little fellow would not cure him. What he worried was that what if this fellow made it worse.

After all, he was a rich man with a precious body.

“Please forget about your ident.i.ty, forget about money. You are just a patient in front of illness and you are just a person like others in front of me!” Fang Qiu said coldly, “and as a doctor, I won’t do it if I’m not sure enough.”

This forceful and lofty word let Shen Chun and Director Su Mudong who worriedly rushed up light up their eyes suddenly.


“He deserves to be respected just through this word!” said Su Mudong in his heart.

“Especially that sentence ‘you are just a patient in front of illness and you are just a person like others in front of me’!”

“Reasonable. Neither humble nor arrogant!

“I estimate that seldom doctors can say such a meaningful word in the whole hospital!”

In fact, he came in a hurry because he kind of regretted after saying this examination just now in the office. After all, the patient was rich and powerful. He was worried that the teenager may make it worse since he did not know anything about the teenager in front of him.

So he rushed up to stop it.

But hearing this, he planned not to stop him for the time being, but to wait and see what would happen.

But Cao Ze aside curled his lips in disdain.

“What you said is highfalutin but who can’t say that? It’s another thing whether you can cure his disease!”


You Sheng snorted, stared at Fang Qiu dreadfully, and then turned his head back to wait for the treatment quietly.

Fang Qiu relaxed and breathed a long sigh with a streak of s.h.i.+ning light suddenly flashed across his eyes.

His temperament suddenly changed.

His energy, Qi, and spirit highly concentrated to contribute to the bone touching.

He closed his eyes and slowly slid down along You Sheng’s spine with his right fingers.

Absolute Touch started!

A blurry image came into his mind at once.

The appearance of each segment of the spine appeared before his eyes.

From the first thoracic vertebra all the way to the fifth lumbar vertebra.

A total of seventeen spinal joints.

As he finished touching, Fang Qiu continued to touch it for the second time.

Still from up to down.

For this second time, he didn’t need to touch it at all, but he needed the contrasting time for each segment of the spine.

He compared these spines to see if there was any problem.

After the second touch, Fang Qiu finally finished comparison and opened his eyes.

His eyes flashed with a trace of surprise.

There was no big problem with the spine.

If the front spines were fine, the problems would only be on the two sides.

Fang Qiu attached his hands on both sides of the patient’s spines and slid down from the first thoracic vertebra at the same time.

The people around looked at Fang Qiu curiously.

It was the first time for them to see bone touching in this way.

Generally, the bone touching was touching a knuckle after another by both thumbs. They had never seen such a straight down way.

Shen Chun, as an expert from the Department of Orthopedics, also used to visit the famous masters all over the place, but he couldn’t tell which sect Fang Qiu’s technique belonged to.

He could only stand on one side and see it curiously.

About the technique of Fang Qiu, Cao Ze kept curling his lips.

“This technique is amateurish as much as I can see!

“He seems not to be a person with any real ability.

“But I can imagine it’s impossible for such a young boy to be so awesome!

“It seems that he has lied to Mr. Shen.”

Su Mudong also quietly looked at it aside and frowned as he saw Fang Qiu’s technique.

When Fang Qiu’s hands slipped to the middle position, his action obviously paused.

Then, he continued down with his eyes closed.

This action made the eyes of the surrounding people fixed.

Especially Shen Chun. Others did not know, but he knew that the position where Fang Qiu paused was the place where You Sheng said it was painful all day long.

And about this painful position, no one ever told Fang Qiu at all.

“Could it be that he really found anything?”

Shen Chun immediately had an interest with a little curiosity and a little excitement.

He did not feel humiliated because he did not find out the cause of the disease which, however, was found out by a little boy Fang Qiu. “People who are more excellent are the teachers. It is true that I am less excellent than him.”

Cao Ze also knew a little about You Sheng’s condition and he was taken aback immediately.

“Could it be said that this fellow really found out?

“Impossible! It’s absolutely impossible!”

Fang Qiu stopped his hands in the position of the fifth lumbar vertebra, opened his eyes, and put his hands again on both sides of the first thoracic vertebra.

He closed his eyes and slid down again to touch the bones.

He had found out the cause of the disease. This time, he just checked it up again.

Ten seconds later, Fang Qiu opened his eyes again and lifted up his mouth.

“What have you got?”

Shen Chun hastily asked Fang Qiu when he saw Fang Qiu stop and open his eyes.

All of them stared curiously at Fang Qiu.

Including the four bodyguards at the door.

They followed their boss here several times without finding out the cause all the time.

Unexpectantly, here came a teenager to treat the old today, which made them curious.

Fang Qiu did not answer. Instead, he stretched out his hand to point to a position on the left of You Sheng’s spine and asked, “You have an ache here, right?”

“Yes! It is right here.” You Sheng said in a m.u.f.fled voice as he lied

Then he looked up and asked Shen Chun, “Did you tell him?”

He didn’t remember that anyone told the teenager about his condition.

“I didn’t! n.o.body told him!” said Shen Chun.

This word made the whole consulting room suddenly become quiet.

The next moment, they all looked in shock at Fang Qiu.

“No one told him about the illness, but he was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with the patient.

“What does this mean?

“It means this teenager found out the illness and knew about the cause of the disease!

“The most important thing is that the expert Shen Chun in the Department of Orthopedic did not find out, the CT did not find out, and all the major hospitals did not find out. But now the cause of the disease was found out by a teenager!

“And he is a freshman!”

This made everyone shocked!


“It’s impossible!”

Cao Ze looked a little fl.u.s.tered.

“He is so young that it’s impossible to be so awesome. Even Mr. Shen did not find out, why could he find out? He must guess it!

“Yes, he guessed it!”

He absolutely did not want a younger man than him to appear in his own orthopedics room as an a.s.sistant physician. Nominally, he was an a.s.sistant physician, but actually an attending physician.

It showed that he was a total mediocrity. How could he bear this since he was extremely arrogant in his peers!

“You find it out it by yourself? Can you cure me?”

You Sheng turned over immediately and looked at Fang Qiu in surprise.

He really couldn’t stand the ache anymore.

He was too painful to fall asleep night after night.

Now, someone could cure him finally. How could he not be excited!

Upon hearing You Sheng’s plan, all the eyes were fixed on Fang Qiu.

They were all looking forward to his answer.

“I can!” said Fang Qiu as he nodded his head.

Two simple words made all the people present burst into an uproar.

About the disease, so many people were at a loss what to do and so many machines could not scan it out. But the teenager before them said he could cure it.

“Can you really cure it?”

Shen Chun also asked excitedly.

The Director also stared steadily at Fang Qiu.

“Yes,” said Fang Qiu again in a forceful and lofty voice.

This word let Cao Ze feel like that his chest was. .h.i.t heavily. He couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“What a heavy blow!”

A younger man than him actually said he could cure the disease that even his teacher Dr. Shen could not cure. How could he bear this as he saw himself as G.o.d’s favored one?

“Then hurry to give me a treatment!”

You Sheng quickly lied again, but his tense muscles all over his body showed that he was very restless inwardly at the moment.

Fang Qiu stretched out a finger and pointed to the painful position of You Sheng, finding his muscle very hard.

“Breathe out and relax!” said Fang Qiu.

To other doctors, bonesetting may require the patient to relax, but it did not affect him.

His word was merely to distract You Sheng’s attention.

Hearing that, You Sheng breathed a long sigh.


Just then, Su Mudong shouted suddenly.

But before he finished shouting, Fang Qiu pressed hard with his fingers as his eyes shone.

A crackle was heard.

Everybody heard it clearly.

It sounded like something was relocated.

Fang Qiu stopped at this point and looked at Su Mudong curiously. He seemed to hear Su Mudong say something just now.

Seeing this, Su Mudong smiled wryly and said, “I just wanted to ask about his illness.”

Actually, he was trying to stop Fang Qiu from treating, but he didn’t expect that Fang Qiu was so fast that Fang Qiu had already started treatment before he finished shouting.

Just now, when he heard from Fang Qiu that it could be cured, he kind of did not believe it inwardly. He was not the person who believed whatever others said. In accordance with the principle that being responsible for the patient as well as the hospital, he wanted to ask first about the patient’s condition.

“If you say you can cure it, you can definitely tell his condition.”

If what Fang Qiu said about the patient’s condition was reliable, he would let the little boy treat the patient. If not, he could only stop Fang Qiu.

But he didn’t expect that Fang Qiu had already started before he finished shouting. It was too late to stop him.

Shen Chun curiously looked at Fang Qiu because he also wanted to know about the patient’s specific condition.

“The ninth spine got scoliosis to the left,” said Fang Qiu.

Just after that, Cao Ze immediately interrupted his words and loudly said, “It is impossible. Scoliosis can be felt out and can be found out by taking a CT. How could it be scoliosis?”

It was not polite of Cao Ze to interrupt in, but he also questioned everyone’s doubt inside their hearts.

“Scoliosis is visible and tangible!”

But Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “This scoliosis is very small and right presses on the nerve. It is normal not to be seen or felt. I also felt it through my experience.”

He couldn’t say he had absolute touch.

He could only attribute it to some illusory experience thing.

Actually, the people from the School of Chinese Medicine all bought so-called “experience”.

Sometimes experience was more accurate than instruments.

“If it is scoliosis, even a very very small radian, it is impossible to relocate it by a single finger,” said Shen Chun doubtfully.

Fang Qiu said with a smile as he heard that, “My finger power is very big.”

It was more than just big!

He actually used the internal force.

His finger was extremely explosive in a short time so that the bone could be quickly relocated.

Otherwise, no one else could do it with just a single finger.

“So now I’m cured?”

At this point, You Sheng interjected suddenly.

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