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Chapter 29 It Was Really The First Time?!

Jiang Miaoyu took out her mobile phone to put on the accompaniment of “Start-of-Term Ceremony”.

A piece of brisk music flowed out.

Six of them looked like they were reveling in the singing at once.

Seeing the appearance of the six of them, Fang Qiu was very speechless. “This is only the prelude. We haven’t started to sing. Can they be mindful of the performance?”

When it came to the music node.

Jiang Miaoyu immediately entered a different state and began to sing the Mandarin version of the lyrics.

“Every student,

Find a seat,

It’s your Start-of-Term Ceremony.”

“It sounds sweeter than just now.”

Fang Qiu immediately said in his heart as he heard the first sentence.

“Sure enough, it is the most terrible thing when people get serious, especially women.”

Six of them were immediately attracted by Jiang Miaoyu’s singing and the reveling expression on their faces became sincere, not as pompous as before.

They were really reveling in the song.

“It sounds too beautiful!”

Especially the three boys, they were reveling when they only saw Jiang Miaoyu’s face.

“Look ahead,

Imagine how beautiful it is to wear a square cap,

First pay unforgettable tuition,

No impoliteness next year,

Tomorrow is always a new term,

Life tenure.

Jiang Miaoyu turned to look at Fang Qiu after she finished singing.

Fang Qiu knew it was his turn. It was the pa.s.sage they had a.s.signed at the beginning.

The lyrics had already been fixed in his mind. He just needed to sing them out.

In an instant, he started singing.

The scene when he just entered the university emerged in his mind again and again.

He even thought of his senior high school.

Besides, he had so much to say to the juniors in his senior high school.

As the lyrics said, they must learn at any cost.

“We always have to learn,

At any cost,

What we learned,

Can always build confidence.

We recited the books,

It’s always useful whenever you’re tested,

At least you know what you don’t understand.

Fang Qiu’s singing was different from Jiang Miaoyu’s. His Cantonese version immediately lit up the eyes of the six people sitting in front of him.

Although they didn’t understand what the lyrics meant.

It didn’t stop them from feeling that it was beautiful.

And they could simply imagine what the lyrics meant.

This melody was relatively low. It must be some major principles.

Even if they didn’t understand, they seemed to have obtained some inspiration too.

Especially since Fang Qiu’s singing was so wonderful.

Not understanding created a wonderful feeling.

Jiang Miaoyu followed him in singing.

“Probably only when we are in love,

There will be no standard textbook,

It has to be tried constantly,

Hoping to convey feelings.

This pa.s.sage’s lyrics were in Mandarin, so they understood.

They all had a malicious look at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu ambiguously.

“Love needs to keep trying!

The relations.h.i.+p between you two looks quite unordinary. Hey hey.”

At the same time, the lyrics also hit their hearts.

At the countless nights in their senior high schools, they told themselves they had to be admitted to college.

And they constantly imagined the beauty of university life.

This beauty included freedom, autonomy, but more included love.

About the romantic love that they longed for in their hearts, they could get into an unforgettable relations.h.i.+p freely when they entered the university.

The eight people present, either sitting to sing or standing to listen, were all looking forward to this wonderful love in their hearts.

Including Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu followed in singing the second pa.s.sage of lyrics.

“Every student,

Find a seat,

It’s your Start-of-Term Ceremony.

If you,

Sometimes find life too hard, don’t cheat.

Complete your degree in the thorns,

Your conduct is still n.o.ble,

When you graduate, what you learn will be,

The advantage.

This pa.s.sage had an extremely delightful melody. Compared to the Mandarin version of Jiang Miaoyu, the Cantonese version of Fang Qiu surprised the six listeners more.

And it gave them an amazing feeling.

They didn’t know the song was originally a Cantonese song.

But somehow they felt the Cantonese version sounded better and matched more with the lyrics.

It was like a feeling that this is what it should be.

A three-minute song seemed very long, but the six of them hadn’t gotten enough of it when the song got to the end.

The end of the song was a chorus by Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu both in Mandarin.

“First pay unforgettable tuition,

No impoliteness next year,

Tomorrow is always a new term,

Life tenure.

A perfect ending.

Fang Qiu looked at the six people in front of him again who were still reveling irresistibly in the song.

“The appreciation levels of these six people are a little low.”

Fang Qiu touched his chin and said, “Reveling in the song just because of this.”


Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t help bursting into laughter as she heard that. She gave Fang Qiu a look and said, “It is your roommates whose levels are low, mine are not.”

“Yes! Yes!” said Fang Qiu with a smile.

The six people were woken up by the laughter.

After being woken up, they looked at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu with their eyes lit up and suddenly clapped with their hands.

“Sounds pleasant, sounds really pleasant indeed,”

Said Sun Hao sincerely.

The other five immediately nodded in agreement.

They clapped so hard that their hands turned red.

Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu smiled as they heard that and were a little relieved.

“I have a question!”

Zhou Tian suddenly raised his hand and asked, “Is this really your first cooperation in the song? Didn’t you deceive us?”

The others immediately looked at Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu doubtfully.

They suspected it because the cooperation of the two was so natural and smooth.

Both expressions and gestures were both so natural.

When the song ended, it was totally as perfect and natural as a concert performance.

“The first time.”

Fang Qiu replied faithfully.

Jiang Miaoyu also nodded.

Seeing this, the six people were all taken aback, with admiration in their eyes instantly.

“It is really the first time!

They cooperated so well for the first time.”

They couldn’t help thinking about their performance that night. It was also the first time in a hurry. But they couldn’t see any unfamiliarity in the cooperation. It was perfect.

“You two are born to be music stars!”

Zhu Benzheng said with emotion, which spoke their minds.

Then Sun Hao said the punch line.

“Through the performance just now, no one will believe that you are not lovers!”

The other five nodded one after another.

Suddenly a kind of awkward and ambiguous atmosphere spread between Jiang Miaoyu and Fang Qiu.

At this time, Jiang Miaoyu’s mobile phone suddenly rang, breaking the complicated atmosphere.

Soon after Jiang Miaoyu answered the phone, she said to Fang Qiu, “The senior of the Student Union who is in charge of the Start-of-Term Ceremony asked me to come over. She said that we should communicate in advance, probably to arrange the order of play.”

After that, she suddenly clapped her hands and said in regret, “Terrible! I should have recorded our chorus just now so that they can listen to it.”

“It’s easy. Why don’t I sing it again?”

Fang Qiu said.

“Hey hey…”

The six people present all took out their phones at the same time.

The six of them all recorded it.

This made things easier. Jiang Miaoyu accepted the audio sent by her roommates, made an appointment with Fang Qiu to continue rehearsal at the same time and place tomorrow and then left with her roommates in a hurry.

“Wake up!”

Fang Qiu said to his three roommates who still stood on tiptoe to see the beautiful figures disappear.

“We’ll still come tomorrow!”

Zhou Xiaotian reacted immediately and excitedly said.

“Hm hm!”

Zhu Benzheng and Sun Hao constantly nodded in agreement.

“Which one do you like? I like Yuan Bei who is tall and slim. Don’t take her from me!”

Zhou Xiaotian said.

“I like Huang Manman, the lady type. My favorite!” Sun Hao said with a look of fantasy.

“The oldest, what about you?”

Zhou Xiaotian asked Zhu Benzheng nervously.

He didn’t want to have an internal feud with his roommates over a girl.

“w.a.n.g Yu, the innocent type. My ideal type,” said Zhu Benzheng at once.

After that, the three people looked at each other and all smirked tacitly.

They seemed to have formed an alliance.

“Hey! Hey!”

Fang Qiu reminded them. “There is still a living person standing here. You can’t leave me with nothing, can you?”

Sun Hao looked at Fang Qiu with a disgusted look and said, “Anyway, we won’t take Jiang campus belle from you. Go away.”

“Go! Go!”

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian also drove Fang Qiu away disgustedly.

Fang Qiu returned to the dormitory with a hurt expression and continued to read books!

One night pa.s.sed.

Fang Qiu still got up at five o’clock in the morning to go to the island in Central Lake for cultivation. Chen Cong still exercised in Yaow.a.n.g Mountain. Fang Qiu went to have a look every day.

The military training was over. The drill masters had all left but the military officer had not.

For three consecutive days, he still appeared around where Chen Cong exercised on time every day.

But Fang Qiu did not appear.

This was his college life and he didn’t want to be disturbed.

After the whole morning’s and lunch break, Fang Qiu went to the Department of Orthopedics of the First Affiliated Hospital of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

It was time for the appointment with Dr. Shen Chun.

Since there was no cla.s.s this whole afternoon, he had plenty of time.

Now Fang Qiu almost ran out of money. He was in urgent need of a part-time job to earn living expenses.

“h.e.l.lo, I am looking for Dr. Shen. Where is Dr. Shen, please?”

Fang Qiu went to the Department of Orthopaedic on the seventh floor and stopped a young doctor in a white gown.

“Looking for Dr. Shen for treatment? Have you brought the casebook?”

The young doctor frowned as he looked at Fang Qiu and asked in a cold voice.

“I’m not seeing a doctor. I’m looking for him for something.”

Fang Qiu explained.

“Dr. Shen is seeing a patient. Don’t bother him if you are not seeing a doctor. Go look for him in private!”

After that, the young doctor was about to leave.

He felt that Fang Qiu looked like a student who didn’t have proper business at a glance.

“This is a hospital. There’s not much time for personal affairs.”

The young doctor’s att.i.tude made Fang Qiu frown, but Fang Qiu didn’t say anything.

He waited for a moment and stopped the second doctor, finally finding out where Dr. Shen Chun was.

Fang Qiu went to a consulting room.

“Queue up first to see the doctor. Come when you are called!”

Just as Fang Qiu was about to enter the room, a doctor at the door suddenly reached out his hand and stopped Fang Qiu. When he saw Fang Qiu, he was shocked and lost his patience. “You again? Don’t rush in if you are not going to see a doctor. We are seeing patients now!”

“I’m looking for Dr. Shen. I have an appointment with him.”

Fang Qiu explained patiently.

After all, this was the hospital that treated patients and saved lives. It would be better not to have a conflict.

“An appointment?”

The young doctor looked up and down at Fang Qiu and said sarcastically, “In this place, there is only one possibility. That is making an appointment to see a doctor. But if you even don’t have a casebook, how can you make an appointment? You are not good at making up lies.”

Fang Qiu darkened his face immediately.

It was his first time seeing such a person who didn’t understand personal issues again and again. “This is a hospital. Can the patients be in a good mood to see a doctor if the hospital has a doctor like him?”

Before Fang Qiu took any action, Shen Chun just finished seeing a patient inside and was about to call the next patient. He raised his head and suddenly saw Fang Qiu. He immediately said in surprise, “You came!”

Seeing Shen Chun’s reaction, the young doctor was immediately surprised. He did not expect that they really knew each other actually and made an appointment. “How terrible. Will he tell on me?”

Shen Chun’s next action made the young doctor more upset.

Shen Chun unexpectantly stood up and strode to welcome the boy at the door.

Fang Qiu directly went around the young doctor and greeted Shen Chun.

“I’m here to study,”

Fang Qiu said humbly.


Dr. Shen said with a smile and then beckoned to let Fang Qiu sit down.

“This place is a little shabby. There is nothing to entertain you.”

“You are welcome,” said Fang Qiu.

At this time, a middle-aged patient walked in, holding the CT that was just taken.

“Doctor, the CT has been taken.”

“Let me see.”

Shen Chun glanced at Fang Qiu embarra.s.sedly. Fang Qiu beckoned to let him see the patients first.

After watching the CT, Shen Chun asked the patient to place his foot on a stool covered with cotton cloth and touched his injured ankle.

He nodded clearly after knowing all about the disease.

As Shen Chun was about to start, he suddenly thought of something. He looked up to Fang Qiu and said with a smile,

“You want a try?”

The voice sounded very expectant.

He saw Fang Qiu’s bonesetting skill with his own eyes which was absolutely professional.

And what Fang Qiu treated last time was an ankle sprain.

So it was not that he was irresponsible to his patients for letting Fang Qiu treat them. He didn’t carelessly let any disreputable person treat his patients..

The young doctor and the patient were taken aback at once when they heard this.

The young man looked hastily at Fang Qiu.

“Mr. Shen let this teenager treat his patient?

“What’s going on?”

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