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Chapter 21 The Help From A Mysterious Man

Vice President cleared up his mood.

Then he shouted to the girl on the roof, “This student, I am your Vice President Chen Yinsheng. I have a few words to tell you as a veteran.”

“Firstly, we always inevitably encounter many setbacks and hards.h.i.+ps in lives. We must face them bravely.”

“Secondly, when you cannot bear it and want to give up, think of your parents, think of their expectant eyes, think of their sorrow after your death…”


Maybe the words of Vice President Chen Yinsheng worked, the girl cried louder and louder.

At this time, a few boys and girls squeezed in.

“Irrelevant people, don’t come near.”

Chen Yinsheng angrily whispered to warn them immediately after he saw that.

“President, we are her roommates.”

The girls said with a worried expression.

“And you?”

Chen Yinsheng looked at the boys.

The few boys said with a little embarra.s.sment, “We are her boyfriend’s roommates.”

“Where’s her boyfriend?”

Chen Yinsheng’s eyes immediately lit up. “Since she is lovesick, so who started the trouble should end it. If her boyfriend arrives here and says some good words, even if falsehood, it’s better to coax the girl off the roof first.”


The few boys looked at each other more embarra.s.sedly and said under the girls’ angry gaze next to them, “He went for a date.”

“What a terrible student! He still goes for a date when such a big thing happened!”

Chen Yinsheng was so angry that he swore directly. “I don’t expect that there is such a student at the university who is inferior to animals.”

Fang Qiu also disdained the sc.u.mbag in the heart when he heard this aside.

But he didn’t think it should be simple cheating.

Cheating caused a girl to die for love. People at his age could not have such fragile hearts, especially all of them had experienced the baptism of the college entrance examinations.

“You, as her roommates, may be able to persuade her. Ask her never to do stupid things.”

After saying to the girls, Chen Yinsheng turned to the boys and said angrily, “You guys find the guy back! Hurry on, now!”

“Yes! Yes!”

The boys ran away in dejection.

“Xiao Qi, what are you doing? Don’t take things too hard!”

The girl’s bosom friends anxiously shouted at the roof.


Hearing the voice of her bosom friends, Sun Qi finally had a reaction. She glanced down and continued to cry before she finished saying chokingly.

“It is just a man! What a big deal? You wouldn’t go so far to repeatedly attempt suicide?”

“Come down here. Didn’t we agree to spend the wonderful four years together at the university? Didn’t you say you’d be our bosom friend forever? Didn’t you say you’d be my maid of honor at my wedding? What you said doesn’t count, does it?”


Sun Qi covered her face and cried bitterly.

At the same time, the students around also contributed to comforting her.

“Student, cherish your life!”

“Yes, you are still young. Why do you make light of your life so much? You still have a lot of wonderful time and a good future!”

The clamor was like a wave upon another wave, but Sun Qi still covered her face and cried.

At this point, the young military officer came over. He looked at the roof and said to Chen Yinsheng as well as others, “You go on. We are ready to go up there. Remember to distract her attention!”

“OK!” replied Chen Yinsheng.


But before his voice had died away.


There was a sudden cry on site.

Just now Sun Qi suddenly moved her body outward and stood on the limestone below. She leaned forward and held the wall with her hands. Her weight had s.h.i.+fted out of the wall with only a pair of arms supporting her. She could fall down immediately as long as she let go.

“Don’t do that!”

“Go back! Go back!”

Everyone shouted hurriedly.

“Sun Qi, please don’t do that! Go back, go back!”

Her bosom friends cried and shouted worriedly.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t keep my appointments with you.”

Sun Qi cried and murmured to the people below.

The young military officer knew it was terrible at a glance because it was too late.

Any solution needed time, but the girl didn’t give him time at all.

But he had dealt with the dead so many times that he knew at a glance that the girl had made the decision to die.

He became immediately anxious inwardly.

“I, as a soldier, can only helplessly look at that at the end of my resources?

“No, I have to think of a solution again!”

Just then, Fang Qiu squinted slightly and quietly left from the crowd.

Leaving from the crowd, Fang Qiu immediately ran back to the dormitory in the fastest speed and turned inside out the black smiling-face mask.

“It seemed that I have to take this with me forever.”

Fang Qiu said to himself in the heart and picked up the mask, directly going to the roof instead of going downstairs.

He jumped down to the grove downstairs from the roof of the dormitory!

Before the people realized that he had just come down, he directly rushed out and dashed toward the teaching building.

This time he didn’t slow down but moved at full speed. Anyway, no one knew it was him.

The grove only left a group of confused students.

“What was going on just now?

“What fell down?

“Why did it disappear then?”

When Fang Qiu arrived at the scene, he was relieved to see that the girl had not yet jumped down.

He didn’t have time to think more of it and instantly turned into a figure. He jumped up from the crowd and flew to the wall of the teaching building.

Everyone was stunned when they saw a figure popping up over their heads.

Until they saw the man’s dress-up.

The military training uniforms and the black mask.

Someone in the crowd exclaimed immediately.

“Ah, the mysterious man!”

“The mysterious man?!”

“Here comes the mysterious man!!!”

All of them were in tumult immediately.

Obviously, these people were those who saw the campus BBS the day before yesterday.

A lot of people who believed “Seeing Is Believing” about the video contents didn’t expect to see the mysterious man this time.

“The mysterious man?!”

Vice President Chen Yinsheng quickly asked the staff around, “Who is the mysterious man?”

“There was a student delivering a letter of challenge in public at our university yesterday afternoon. Finally, an awesome student came. It is said that he can leap onto roofs and vault over walls. It is this mysterious man.”

The staff said as he looked at the figure with reverence.

“Leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls?”

Vice President Chen Yinsheng had a deep sense of disbelief and absurdity in his heart.

“Look at the time. Why all these people came to join in the fun?”

The young military officer stared steadily at Fang Qiu.

“You finally showed up!

“I must not let go of you this time. Let me see who you are and how awesome you are.”

Chen Cong in the crowd also jolted his entire body. He looked at the figure of Fang Qiu with his fist clenching tightly.

“Finally I see the senior again!

“It turns out that the senior has been at the university!”

All the people below focused their eyes on Fang Qiu, wondering what he would do and how to do.

What’s Fang Qiu going to do?

Of course, he was trying to save the girl!

As for how to save?


Without saying a word, he jumped up directly and went head on!


All the people had amazement written all over their faces.

It had made all the people stunned when he could fly above people’s heads. The scene happened next made people more shocked.

The mysterious man came under the wall like a cheetah.

He jumped up with a rush and grabbed the windowsill on the first floor. Then he pulled down at full tilt with both arms and pushed off with both feet.

The whole person ran on the wall like a beast.

“My G.o.d!”

Everyone covered the mouth and watched all these in shock.

“This is a wall!

“This is a vertical wall!

“He just climbed up like this?

“He is like a Spiderman, but better than Spiderman!”

Fang Qiu’s action was extremely fast and did not stutter at all. Even on the wall, he still walked as easily as though walking upon a level road!

The young drill master’s eyes sparkled when he looked at this.

“Someone could be so strong like him!”

He, as a martial arts pract.i.tioner, thought that his strength was much greater than that of ordinary people and he could climb the stairs with his arm muscles.

“But I definitely won’t walk as easily as though walking upon a level road like a beast!

“Who on earth is this guy?

“How awesome is he?”

The secret excited him to reveal the mystery.

He believed that if such a person could be recruited to the army, he would absolutely be a strong help and an invincible soldier in the army!

“I must succeed in recruiting him!


Chen Cong’s eyes had stopped moving. He just stared steadily at the mysterious man.

The mysterious man showed the martial arts beyond his knowledge again.

Vice President Chen Yinsheng who had never seen the mysterious man was even more astonished.

“How could anyone violate the laws of mechanics?”

He had never dared to think that anyone in the world could really leap onto roofs and vault over walls.

And now this man appeared alive before his eyes.

The important thing was that he was a student from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!

A student who was wearing freshman military training uniforms!

“Has the world changed?”

The crowd downstairs was shocked, but Fang Qiu’s action did not stop.

He kept running and climbing.

He came on the third floor instantly.

He was less than ten meters away from Sun Qi.

Just two climbs.

Everyone below renewed the hope.

“Perhaps this person can save Sun Qi.

“Hurry on!”

A lot of people cheered nervously for the mysterious man in their hearts.

But at this point, the situation suddenly reversed.

“Mom and dad, I’m sorry.”

Sun Qi said with the blank eyes and loosened her grip!

All the people were frightened and they cried out.

Some people even closed their eyes because they dared not to see this scene of a tragedy.


Fang Qiu squinted his eyes slightly and a streak of pure light flashed across his eyes.

He put forth his strength with hands and feet at the same time and suddenly thrust against the wall with a rush. He directly slanted his body and soared toward Sun Qi.


Everyone was shocked to see this scene.

“He was risking his life needlessly!

“Even he soared to catch Sun Qi, these two people would fall down!”

They could foresee two dead bodies!

The military officer below stared at Fang Qiu. He felt that the action of the mysterious man whose sense of justice was overwhelming was too impulsive.

“Can he really soar?

“It is impossible at all!”

As far as he knew, only a few old fellows could do it, and all of them were the top men.

“This mysterious man can’t do it!

“He is too ras.h.!.+ It is very likely that this mysterious man does not save the girl, but kills himself!”

Would Fang Qiu kill himself?

Of course not!

When people downstairs were worried, he had been close to Sun Qi who was falling.

He threw his right arm around her waist with a rush.

During this short period, these two people had fallen to the third floor!

And the falling speed was faster and faster.

It wouldn’t take many seconds to fall by two floors.

At a very urgent moment, Fang Qiu changed his mind fast and immediately had an idea.

With a secret roar, he stretched out his left hand quickly and grasped the windowsill on the fourth floor.

Grasped tightly!

Although the downward momentum stopped.

The inertia made the body collide toward the wall hard!

He suddenly turned around and protected Sun Qi with his body. His back and the wall collided hard.

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