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Chapter 20 Model Company

Fang Qiu turned his head to see Shen Chun who was in a hurry to catch up with him.

“Student, I’m wondering where did you learn the bonesetting technique?”

Shen Chun was obviously very interested in Fang Qiu.

“From an old man in my hometown.”

Fang Qiu did not tell the truth, which was very shocking if he told. And it was his big secret.

Shen Chun obviously believed Fang Qiu’s words and sighed with emotion, “There are talents in the folk!”

After that, he smiled and asked, “I’m wondering if you have the interest to go to the hospital’s Orthopedics Department for an interns.h.i.+p?”


Fang Qiu muttered to himself for a moment and asked, “Is there any salary?”

Shen Chun, “…”

He had never expected that the student was so direct. He thought Fang Qiu would make other requests.

“For example, the cla.s.s is intense.

“For example, study pressure is heavy.

“And for example, I don’t have time.

“But you are asking if there is any salary???”

Shen Chun helplessly said, “Generally, there is a subsidy for a student’s interns.h.i.+p—eight hundred yuan every month.”

After he said that, he saw Fang Qiu frown, so he hurriedly said, “However, your situation is a little special. You can be invited specially. But it needs to a.s.sess you to see if you have the ability or not.”


Fang Qiu agreed directly.

The hospital interns.h.i.+p really tempted him because it was a great opportunity to improve his bonesetting skills.

And now he was really in the red and was badly in need of money.

As for the a.s.sessment, he was not worried at all because of his skills.

“Well, which day are you free?”

Shen Chun asked with a smile. He had already thought of how to a.s.sess the student’s level in the examination.

Fang Qiu thought for a moment and said, “According to the cla.s.s schedule, I am free on Wednesday afternoon.”

“OK. At 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon, let’s see on the seventh floor in the Orthopedics Department of our affiliated hospital.”


Two people shook hands as a formal agreement. Then they gave their phone numbers to each other and separated.

Fang Qiu returned to where his cla.s.s was, seeing Jiang Miaoyu had been carried away by the infirmary’s stretcher.

He hoped it would not affect her speech tomorrow.

The first round of the rehearsal ended and the second round began.

At night.

In the girls’ dormitory.

Jiang Miaoyu lay on the bed, feeling some pain from the ankle. She kind of could not fall into sleep.

So she picked up the phone and hesitated for a moment, finally making up a text message.

“I have a question for you. When I was silent, I saw a dash of desolation and sadness in your eyes. Was it on purpose or was it true?”

Her finger hung for a moment above the “send” b.u.t.ton.

Finally, she sighed.

She clicked the “delete” b.u.t.ton.

The next day, early in the morning, all the freshmen stood on the playground in high spirits, waiting for the final parade.

At half past eight in the morning, the parade began.

Fang Qiu, who was standing at the forefront of the cla.s.s, saw Jiang Miaoyu slowly walking to the rostrum.

Her pace was slow.

But Fang Qiu clearly perceived that she was struggling with the pain and trying to walk normally.

“This was a hardy girl.”

Fang Qiu sighed inwardly.

“Dear leaders, drill masters, teachers, and students: Good morning, everyone!”

Jiang Miaoyu walked to the rostrum strongly without taking any speech draft. Her sweet voice pa.s.sed through the whole playground by the acoustics.

n.o.body spoke and the applause burst out.

“It is my great honor to make a speech here on behalf of the freshmen of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine… ”

During the speech, the applause burst out.

They all greeted Jiang Miaoyu with the warmest applause.

Three minutes later, the speech ended and then the parade began.

Orderly square formations walked past the rostrum, one by one. When pa.s.sing the rostrum, they all saluted together.

“Come on, guys!”

It was Cla.s.s Three’s turn soon. The drill master walked beside the square formation, correcting the students’ standing postures while whispering seriously.

“Come on!”

Everyone whispered, looking grave.

They were slightly excited and nervous.

At this moment, they were really like the army which was going for an expedition, solemn and respectful.

Everyone was full of boundless pa.s.sion in their hearts and held back the strength to show extraordinary talents at the upcoming moment.

“Here comes Cla.s.s Three of Chinese Medicine.”

With the introduction of the host, the students of Cla.s.s Three walked toward the rostrum neatly under the leaders.h.i.+p of Fang Qiu and a female student.

Having not arrived at the rostrum, that neat and uniform footsteps had made the ground of the rostrum shake.

The leaders and ephors on the rostrum all looked in surprise at the coming Cla.s.s Three.

Looking at the straight head figure whose action was powerful and vigorous and extremely standard, the ephors could not help lighting up their eyes.

“What a bright and brave boy!

“What a standard posture!”

The military officer, who stood in the corner of the stage and was brought here by a drill master previously, looked at Fang Qiu who was the head of the queue with slight surprise in his eyes, then appreciating him a lot.

But more attention was focused on Chen Cong who was standing in the first line.

This was the good candidate he found in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

As for the mysterious man, he was a little too mysterious. He still hadn’t found out who he was.

Skimming over Fang Qiu, all the ephors and the leaders couldn’t help giving a high evaluation to the students of Cla.s.s Three who had the neat and uncluttered pace as well as the indomitable momentum.

When they walked close to the rostrum, Fang Qiu sank his breath to his lower belly and solemnly shouted, “Goose-step ~ Go!”


The whole Cla.s.s Three changed their step together into a goose-step.

“Pah!” “Pah!”

The unified landing sound.

Their regularity and straightness were even better than that of the army!


The discerning ephors on the stage praised.

The other were also shocked by Cla.s.s Three’s regularity and formation.

Usually, they didn’t show off, but they became serious in the parade.


Fang Qiu commanded loudly.


All of them turned their heads to the right and raised their right hands beside the eyebrows, performing a standard salute.

“Pah Pah Pah Pah~”

The leaders and ephors on the rostrum couldn’t help applauding.

It was their first time to applaud today.

And it was spontaneous.

They did not applaud for that many before. It was the first and probably the last time today.

They thought there couldn’t be a better cla.s.s than this cla.s.s.

The leaders in the university remembered the head Fang Qiu while the ephors remembered this drill master in the military training because he trained well.

“Ceremony completed!”

As they just pa.s.sed the rostrum, Fang Qiu shouted full of power.

All the students in Cla.s.s Three put down their right hands and changed goose-step to quick march instantly.

As they walked slowly away from the rostrum, their parade was over. Their ten-day military training was also officially over while their college life was about to begin.

Other’ parade continued. All the that finished the parade stood on the rostrum, quietly watching.

At half past ten in the morning, the parade ended.

The “Model Company” awards started to be issued. Cla.s.s Three, where Fang Qiu was in, became the only name to be announced and they deserved it.

During the whole parade, the only applause from the leaders and ephors was given to Cla.s.s Three.

The drill master of Cla.s.s Three accepted the award excitedly on the stage. The students of Cla.s.s Three below burst out the most enthusiastic applause and shouted loudly, “Good”!

The remaining was eight “Good Company”.

During the whole parade, it could be said that only Cla.s.s Three made a hit.

But other had no choice but to be convinced when they compared the shapes of their square formations with that of Cla.s.s Three.

The difference was obvious at a glance.

They were convinced, totally convinced.

After issuing the awards, when a university leader was going to announce the end of the parade, suddenly a staff hurriedly ran to the rostrum. He was about to report something in a low voice to Vice President in the middle of the rostrum.

Unexpectedly, the microphone was on in front of the Vice President.

“President, this is awful!”

Xiao Chen said anxiously, “There is a junior female student wanting to jump off the building to commit suicide. She is on the teaching building. Please go to see it!”

He said as he pointed to the teaching building near the playground.

He made a blunder.

All those present heard it and everyone was in an uproar.

“Someone wants to commit suicide?!”

All the people looked at the teaching building outside the playground. It seemed that they really saw a figure on the roof of the building. And many people gathered downstairs.


Vice President was so stunned that he jumped to his feet directly. He covered the microphone and asked hurriedly, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know clearly. She seems to suicide for love. Please go to see it quickly,” said the staff hastily.

The others did not hear, but Fang Qiu heard clearly.


“Suicide for love?


Vice President even didn’t have time to announce that the parade was over. He directly ran to the teaching building in a hurry.

“This new semester just starts, but there is a student going to commit suicide.

“How immature the children are now. Don’t they think of their parents?”

Other leaders followed closely.

Several ephors, the military officers offstage, and the drill masters all ran towards the teaching building, ready to help.

The freshmen who were still standing on the playground looked at each other and then all ran towards the teaching building outside the playground.

Fang Qiu also lost no time running to the teaching building.

He ran faster and lost no time coming downstairs. As soon as he arrived, he heard the discussion from the people around.

“What’s the matter? How could anyone commit suicide?”

“I heard it was a couple. The boy is a junior and the girl is a soph.o.m.ore. But the boy cheated on her even from the beginning of their love affair. The girl can’t bear it after hearing that, so she wanted to commit suicide.”

“That boy is really a sc.u.mbag, but the girl also can’t take things too hard. No one can avoid a sc.u.mbag!”

“I don’t know. Maybe there are some inside stories.”

Fang Qiu frowned and looked up to the roof.

On the roof, the girl was now sitting on the opposite corner of the two walls, holding her head and crying.

He calmly looked up and down the teaching building.

The teaching building had only five floors, which was not very high. But if a girl really wanted to die, she would surely die if she jumped down head over heels.

“All step aside! Step aside!”

Vice President who was hurriedly running headmost spared no effort to push his way through the crowd.

The students all gave way to the Vice President when they saw he was coming.

The young military officer and the drill masters all arrived. They immediately observed the situation around them and began to discuss how to save her.

Soon, the young military officer went to Vice President who was learning about the situation and said in a low voice, “h.e.l.lo, President, please call 119 and 120. Maybe they can’t rush over in a short time, so we should first arrange the students to get enough quilts. We need to make a protective mat by ourselves.”

“OK! No problem.”

Knowing the urgency of the matter, the Vice President immediately arranged students to get quilts.

The young military officer looked up at the girl and said, “Besides, try your best to calm her down. She is suffering from violent mood swings. Try not to irritate her. You keep talking to her to distract her attention. Of course, it would be better to convince her not to commit suicide.”

“Now my guys and I are going to prepare some ropes and stuff. Then I will go up and slowly approach her from behind to pull her back. It needs your cooperation to distract her attention by all means.”

“Of course, if she finds us, I’ll try to hold her back and convince her. We should wait until 119 comes here or we get enough quilts at worst.”

Vice President asked at once.”Do you have confidence?”

The military officer nodded his head firmly and said, “As long as you distract her attention, I will have confidence. I’ve just found and saw the photos of the roof. I know what to do.”

“This child must be saved, please!”

Vice President said sincerely.

The young military officer nodded his head seriously. He took off his service uniform at once and loosened his collar and b.u.t.tons, setting out to prepare.

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