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Chapter 163 MVP!

With the help of Fang Qiu, Zhu Benzheng finally entered the right state, and both his answer speed and his accuracy rate had a very significant improvement.

For five consecutive questions, his every one answer was correct.

This made everyone in UJCM relieved.

After five questions.

UJCM had acc.u.mulated six points and was already ranked in the middle place.

Although the ranking was not high, but compared with other schools that were strong at the beginning, under the increasing difficulty of the topic, it’s good that the ranking was not constantly falling off.

The most amazing thing was that Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, which had always been incomparably strong, had only scored six points after the nine-question.

It let everyone feel surprised.

In the audience, Jiang Hai, the vice president, also looked at one of the students and frowned.

It was already strange that there was a nervous student in UJCM, but he didn’t expect that he got a student who was also nervous and made three mistakes in a row!

This was bad!

Jiang Hai thought that he must think of a way.

So, he turned his eyes to Han Yuxuan.

Han Yuxuan just turned his eyes to Jiang Hai. His eyes were in contact with Jiang Hai.

Looking at the student, Han Yuxuan reached out and knocked the table three times. “Dong! Dong! Dong!”

While knocking on the side, he said to the student, “Calm, and relax.”


Everyone at the scene couldn’t help but smile.

How could he imitate Fang Qiu?

“Shame on you to learn the youngest. Did you pay the study fee?”

Zhou Xiaotian, who was standing in the audience, said with dissatisfaction.

“Maybe it didn’t work… Oh my! Haha, he got it wrong again!”

Sun Hao took the answer board that the student had just raised, and suddenly laughed hard.

Other students in the UJCM also laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

It didn’t work though he used Fang Qiu’s way. What went wrong?

Wrong again?!

Han Yuxuan looked at the student who was like going down to the ground in embarra.s.sment, and his face looked sullen.

Not only because the student made a mistake, but also because his learning from Fang Qiu was useless.

Learning from him was already the bottom line of his self-esteem, and it turned out useless. This definitely broke through his bottom line.


Han Yuxuan snorted and said to the student, “Adjust your state! You know the answers! Why are you nervous!”


The student took a deep breath and said.

Maybe Han Yuxuan’s words were helpful that the student really took his pressure and adjusted to a good state. In the following questions, he didn’t make any mistakes.

Upon seeing it, Jiang Hai, the vice president in the audience, was relieved.

“Huh, finally he stopped making mistakes. It’s good, good and not too late.”

The battle continued.

There were students of the schools making mistakes continually, and every mistake had led to a burst of exclamation among the audience.

The battle was getting fierce.

After answering nineteen questions, UJCM acc.u.mulated 16 points and tied for the first place with Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine, where Tao Yiran was studying, University of Zhongzhou Chinese Medicine, where Su Zimo was studying, and the dark horse, Jiangchang University of Chinese Medicine.

Jingbei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where Jiang Mengjie and Han Yuxuan were studying, ranked second with 15 points.

Below, there were other schools with 14 points and 13 points.

There were not many differences in scores, and each score would gain an exchange of the ranking.

“It’s time for the twentieth question, the special question! Which school can answer it correctly?”

“Now, Fang Qiu, Tao Yiran, Han Yuxuan, and Su Zimo have answered all the questions correctly. If they could answer the last question correctly, they will have answered all the questions right.”

“First, let’s look at what this last special question is. Since it is a special question, it is certainly not so easy to answer it, and maybe even no one can answer it.”

There were clamors of comments.

The audience were all looking forward to the last question and the final result. In the end, who could be the first?

Students from all schools naturally wanted their schoolmates to be right.

“This is the last question.”

The hostess watched the students of the nine schools, smiled, and said, “The twentieth one, the special question.”

Right after she spoke.

The whole arena was quiet.

Everyone was holding their breath and listened to the question.

“As the name suggests, this question is very special.”

The hostess kept the audience guessing and said, “If dividing this question by the type of the questions on the test paper, this question should be considered as an essay.”

Hearing that.

Everyone was stunned.

Essay question?

Was this not a compet.i.tion?

How could there be an essay question, and could each of the partic.i.p.ants finish the answer in five seconds?

Not only the students under the stage but also the 81 students on the stage were stunned.

“Of course.”

Just when everyone was in doubt, the hostess continued to say, “Because it is a special question, the rule of this topic is different from the previous nineteen questions.”

“This question does not require everyone to answer it correctly. As long as one person answers correctly, his or her school team can score.”

“At the same time, the answering time has increased from five seconds to one minute.”

Hearing that.

The crowd nodded.

It turned out to be the case.

It was almost impossible for all the students to answer an essay question correctly to every word, but it would be easier since one person getting the right answer would score. Nevertheless, thirty seconds were still a little short for them.

After all, the answer to an essay question was not short. Even if someone knew the answer, would he write it down in one minute?

“Are you clear?”

The hostess looked at the 81 students and asked.


The students all nodded.

One by one, they all concentrated on the question, and no one was willing to be left behind others. This was the first personal confrontation.

They could not lose!

“All right!”

The hostess nodded and said, “The last question. The Yin and Yang in Chinese medicine restrain yet are rooted with each other. Please state the source of getting Yang from Yin, and the representative prescription of it, and its herbal ingredients.”

The hostess uttered the question.

After listening to it, all the candidates were shocked.

They knew the relations.h.i.+p between Yin and Yang, which was written in the book.

But what was getting Yang from Yin?

Didn’t people always use Yang to supplement the lack of it? How could one seek Yang from Yin?

Many candidates already had panic in their eyes. Obviously, they could not answer it, so no one started to write.

Under the stage.

The audience was also shocked.

This question was very unknown!

Some senior students had heard of getting Yang from Yin, but they didn’t understand it, neither knew the specific source because it was clear in their records.

The deficiency of Yang should be made up with “The Source of Benefiting Fire”, to eliminate shadows of Yin, which also meant “Fixing Yang deficiency could also rule Yin”.

How come there was a getting Yang from Yin?

The students could not be blamed, because the leaders off the stage also smiled bitterly.

The question was just too hard.

How could the students know how to seek Yang in Yin? This was what great doctors who could use medicine very skillfully could understand and apply.

This group of naive kids only knew what’s written in textbooks. They only knew how to use Yang to fill Yang, and they didn’t know that Yang could be sought in Yin.

This question was really creative.

Perhaps the person who made the question did not mean to have someone answer it correctly and just wanted to remind these students that they didn’t know this key knowledge and should go back to study it.

Sure enough, after ten seconds, there was still no one writing on the stage including Han Yuxuan, an apprentice of a great doctor, and everyone from the families of Chinese medicine.

They were all frowning and thinking hard.

Zhu Benzheng and others could only smile bitterly as they gave up. Since they didn’t know the answer, they could only give up, because they would only be laughed at if they pushed themselves to answer.

Getting Yang from Yin?

Fang Qiu, who had finished listening to the question, closed his eyes directly.

He had an explanation about this aspect in his impression, but he needed to sort it out.

“There are still forty seconds.”

At this time, seeing half of the time had pa.s.sed, the hostess gave out a reminder.

Hearing that.

The brows of every one were furrowed more tightly.

Han Yuxuan raised the pen several times but could not write a word.

At this moment, Fang Qiu’s eyes suddenly opened, and he smiled.

Directly, he started writing.

Once he began to write.

“Oh my, he knows the answer?”

Other candidates looked at each other, and their brow wrinkles became tighter.

Han Yuxuan looked at Fang Qiu, and a hint of doubt crossed his eyes.

He didn’t believe that such a man like Fang Qiu, who had no medical background, could know such a difficult knowledge point.

However, Fang Qiu wrote very fast under everyone’s attention, and he didn’t stop at all.

A magical scene emerged there.

Everyone present seemed to be still, with no sound.

Only Fang Qiu was writing there.

As if there was only him in the world.

“Time up!”

After sixty seconds, the hostess immediately shouted.

When the hostess’s words sounded, Fang Qiu just put his pen back.

“The time is up. Please show your board.”


The boards were all blank, and there was no word on them.

Everyone immediately focused their attentions on Fang Qiu’s answer board.

They were all curious about what answer he gave.

The people under the stage also stretched out their necks to see curiously. Even if they could not see the answer, they tried hard to see.

“It came from Zhang Jingyue’s ‘New Eight Brief Introduction’: Therefore, if one is good at tonifying with Yang, he will seek Yang in Yin, then Yang could get help from Yin and be in continuing reproduction. If one is good at tonifying with Yin, he will seek Yin from Yang, then Yin will grow with the help of Yang and be inexhaustible.”

“Representative prescription is The Kidney-Yang-Reinforcing Decoction: Rehmannia, yam (fried) hawthorn, licorice, medlar, Eucommia (Ginger fried), cinnamon, and aconite.”

Fang Qiu scribbled the answer because it was really difficult for him to write more than one hundred words in forty seconds.

But it still could make people understand.

The students on and off stage were all in confusion and didn’t know if it was correct.

While the leaders under the stage were looking at him with unbelieving eyes.

Someone could actually write the answer down, and it was right!

These leaders could not help but look at Fang Qiu with amazement.

How incredible his knowledge of Chinese medicine could be?!

He could even answer such a trick question.


The leaders of the other eight schools had to admit that this student of UJCM was really better than their students.

“Correct answer!”

At this moment, the hostess finished checking the answer, and announced aloud, “Because Fang Qiu answered the last question correctly, one more point will be added to University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, while other schools do not get the points.”

“In the first round, the board answering was completed.”

“Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine ranked first with 17 points!”

After the words.

The whole arena was boiling.


The people were talking with excitement while applauding.

“Haha, our school is the best. We won first place in the first round, and only Fang Qiu got the right answer to the last question. The other top students of other schools couldn’t even write a word down.”

“Did you find out that only Fang Qiu answered all the 20 questions correctly?”

“His answers were all right??”

“Really! Oh my! Fang Qiu is so freaking awesome!”

“Not only that, it could be said that the compet.i.tion was completely turned by Fang Qiu. First, he saved our school from making mistakes at the beginning, and then surpa.s.sed everyone, helping the school get the first place.”

“Amazing! MVP!”

“Fang Qiu is indeed the MVP in this around!”

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