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Chapter 158 What? Handing the Paper???

In the examination room.

After the invigilators saw the test papers, they were all the same as the students who answered the questions. They frowned as they could not help themselves.

Their thoughts were the same as those of the school leaders.

The test was just too hard.

“Can these students finish?”

“This should not be a test for freshmen at all!”

“It’s already something to pa.s.s this kind of exam.”

“Who made such horrible questions?”

The proctor in each examination room all looked at these questions, feeling speechless.

They were such hard problems.

It was not like being used to test students, but as if it’s used to test them.

Not to mention students, even they had a headache seeing them.

As predicted.

Many students were beginning to scratch their heads.

But when everyone was feeling difficult to solve problems and were trapped in them.

In the examination room Number One.

Everyone found out that there was one person who was writing at a fast speed.

Moreover, he had not stopped since the beginning, and the speed of answering questions was extremely fast.

This person was Fang Qiu.

Watching Fang Qiu answering the questions so quickly, the students in the Number One test room were very surprised.

In the room.

They naturally knew to what extent the difficulty of this test had reached. In their eyes, it was impossible for anyone to finish the test paper.

However, in front of them.

Fang Qiu showed this sign.

In amazement.

Everyone was secretly whispering.

“This guy is writing so fast, so he must have skipped the tough problem, and just writes some simple, simple questions, right?”

They knew Fang Qiu.

He also knew that he was the best student of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, and he has gained full score in the previous test.

However, this test was not the same as the previous test. The difficulty of the question was many times higher. Even if his strength was strong, it was impossible for him to answer the questions so quickly.

The students in the first test room secretly questioned.

Even Zhu Benzheng and another cla.s.smate, who were in the same test room as Fang Qiu, felt it also unbelievable.

In the conference room.

The school leaders sat around the three monitors and watched the students’ exams.

“The speed has slowed down.”

Jiang Hai said, “These students have finished simple questions. While the next questions should be difficult.”

“Yes, yes.”

Zhang Guodong nodded gently and added, “The eighty-one students are the top students selected from our nine schools. Although they are freshmen, they all have real talents, but the difficulty of this topic has been beyond their knowledge, especially some of the questions.”

“We have to trust them.”

Chen Yinsheng said with a smile, “They are all hopes for the future of Chinese medicine industry. Although the questions are tough, under the tempering of these problems, they will all get the growth.”


Suddenly, a surprised voice came.

A foreign school leader pointed at the second monitor display, in which a student who was quickly answering questions, completely ignorant of other students who were scratching their heads, and said, “It seems that this student is very powerful.”

As they were talking.

The leader of another school also came over and looked at Chen Yinsheng in a complicated way. He said, “This person seems to be the student named Fang Qiu in your school?”

Looking at the monitor display, and confirming it was Fang Qiu who was solving problems quickly, Chen Yinsheng immediately nodded with a smile.

The leaders of other schools also noticed Fang Qiu at this time.

“This student is very powerful. You see that other students were stumped by the test, but he has never stopped, and it feels like he can do them all.”

Jiang Hai said while admiring Chen Yinsheng, “Old Chen, your student is great!”

Song Wenhua looked at the monitor screen with a slight surprise. “I didn’t expect that this student was quite comprehensive. Not only did he have a high opinion in school management, but he also played so well in the exam.”

“I have been watching him from the beginning.”

The leader of another school also said, “I found that this kid did not stop his hand from the start of the exam. It seems that even thinking is not needed. The test paper is directly answered from the beginning. Not to mention the perfect score, if he can test 80 from this test paper, then he is a well-deserved genius.”

In the praise of everyone.

Chen Yinsheng shook his hand with a smile and said, “It may be that his mastery of Chinese medicine knowledge is relatively solid.”

Hearing that.

The leaders of the schools all seemed to smile.

There were also some concerns in their heart.

After all.

Fang Qiu’s speed was so fast, so if he knew all the answers to the test, then University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would be one step ahead in this knowledge contest.

However, it seemed that this was their subjective conjecture and surface compliment.

What if this kid was doing poorly?

The faster he was, the more mistakes he would make.

Compared with Fang Qiu’s fast speed, they hoped that their students could slow down and answer each question carefully, and at least not to make avoidable mistakes.

In the examination room Number One.

Fang Qiu quickly answered the problem without omitting each of them.

It took him only half an hour to the last subjective question.


Seeing the last subjective question, Fang Qiu squinted a little and then smiled.

This question.

It was to dictate the second part of the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, “The Great Theory of ‘Four Qis Regulating Spirit’”.

“No wonder.”

Seeing this question, Fang Qiu understood why, before the exam, the one-hour examination time set before was extended to one and half an hour.

It did not only take a lot of writing time.

Also, it required them to dictate ancient books.

It was not something that ordinary people could do.

Even if someone remembered, then they had to think carefully, and then wrote it down word by word.


This was a sub-question for him.

He didn’t read one hundred times of “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” and get no result!

Not to mention one of them, even if Fang Qiu needed to write all the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”, it was not a problem for him.

Fang Qiu did not stop and immediately dictated.

“Spring March, this is about growing. Everything is born, everything is proud…”

The whole article contained nearly eight hundred words.

Fang Qiu wrote it for half an hour, and he wrote it all word by word.

The main reason was that he was afraid if his writing were not neat, and they would make a mistake, thinking that he had written a wrong answer.

Therefore, he was very careful to write every stroke.

After carefully reviewing the entire test paper, and confirming that there was no problem, he stood up directly.

“Teacher, I’m handing in my paper.”


The words of Fang Qiu just spread.

All the other students in the entire examination room were all dumbfounded.

Holy c.r.a.p!

It was after just one hour.

He handed his answer sheet when there were still 30 minutes left before the end of the exam???


Seeing Fang Qiu’s answering questions madly without stopping, everyone thought that this guy gave up and kept writing indiscriminately.

Unexpectedly, now he was handing in his sheet!

This guy really finished it without giving up?

Everyone started to feel upset.

“This d.a.m.n weirdo!”

At the corner of the examination room.

Zhu Benzhen, who was far away from Fang Qiu, looked up and took a look at Fang Qiu, and swore in his heart.

He speeded up immediately and answered questions quickly.

Another student from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who was in the same room with Fang Qiu felt very happy though.

Because since Fang Qiu was doing this, the pressure of other students in the school would be great.

If there was a lot of pressure, there was a possibility of error.

Then University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine would naturally continue to gain the upper hand.

Handing in the paper?

In the examination room, nine proctors heard the words and turned to look at Fang Qiu.

Seeing that Fang Qiu really stood up and wanted to hand over the sheet.

All nine people were surprised, with their eyes and their mouths wide open, looking in a huge shock.

Having proctored the exam for an hour.

They all read the questions on the test papers.

They were very clear how hard this test paper was.

It was also because of this.

They did not think of it at all, that actually someone was doing it so fast.

He only used one hour to finish the test paper?

How could it be possible?

This was impossible!

Based on this idea.

Among the proctors, a teacher from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine quickly reminded him. “Student, you really don’t want to check the test papers before you hand over the papers?”

“I have reviewed my answers.”

Fang Qiu answered.

“Well… okay then.”

The proctor sighed secretly.

In the conference room.

Perhaps it was because the time of the exam was too long, or probably because the candidates were not too outstanding, the attention of the leaders had been diverted from the monitor display early, laughing and talking to each other, not paying attention to the examination room.

At this time.

A leader whose smile did not fall from his face yet, lifted his cup and drank tea, and then glanced at the monitor between the conversation.

“Ah? Someone has handed it over!”

Seeing the footage on the monitor, the leader was startled. While leaning his body leaned forward, he gulped the tea in his mouth, and then reached out and shouted.

After saying that.

Other leaders suddenly became shocked.

Two of the leaders who were drinking tea were even shocked so hard that they couldn’t help but spit their tea.


Had someone handed in the paper?

All leaders quickly looked at the monitor display.

They just saw Fang Qiu holding the test paper to the podium.

Of course, it was him!

When hearing the news of someone handing over the paper, the first person in their minds was Fang Qiu.


Seeing the Fang Qiu handing in his paper on the monitor display.

They couldn’t believe it either. They looked at each other.

The performance of Fang Qiu’s quick answer before did make them very surprised, but everyone thought that since the difficulty of the test was so high, even if his speed was fast, this kid couldn’t hand in the paper in advance. Surely, some questions would give him a headache.

However, in front of them.

The performance of Fang Qiu once again surprised their expectations.

He actually handed it in!


All the leaders were silent.

After a long time.

“It has been only an hour, right?”

Jiang Hai said.

Everyone looked at the time.

As expected.

It was precisely after one hour.

This time, everyone was even more shocked.

He took one hour to complete the difficult test papers.

In other words.

Apart from the last subjective question that took 30 minutes to dictate, Fang Qiu only spent half an hour to solve the rest questions?

This speed was like a rocket!

When they were silent in shock.

All the leaders of the schools turned their heads to look at Chen Yinsheng.

“Old Chen, seriously?”

Zhang Guodong looked at Chen Yinsheng with suspicion and said, “You didn’t find someone to ghostwrite the test, did you?”

“Yeah, how can an ordinary freshman be so powerful?”

Song Wenhua also asked.

“How can it be?”

Recovering from the shock, Chen Yinsheng quickly shook his head and said, “I am also very surprised. How did this kid have been handed over so early? Lao Qi, what is going on?”

As the dean of the School of Chinese Medicine, Qi Kaiwen was also in the conference room, paying attention to the examination room.


Upon hearing Chen’s inquiry, Qi Kaiwen smiled and said, “Fang Qiu is a freshman. It is beyond doubt. If the leaders want to check, they can thoroughly check his resume from elementary school to university.”

“However, I can give a message to the leaders.”

Speaking of this, Qi Kaiwen was trying to make them guess.

“What message?”

“What is it?”

“Did this kid has also study Chinese medicine before entering the university or has he been treated in a Chinese medicine family?”

Everyone asked questions.

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