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Chapter 146 I Have Finished Reading the Books!


Some people who were at the scene came out.

“I was at the scene. I promise that it’s really true and there is no falsehood!”

“I was also at the scene and I have witnessed everything!”

“I don’t know if the person concerned is willing to disclose his information, but after seeing so many people suspect, I have to come forward and prove that the mysterious man did it indeed and the person who broke through under his guidance is Wan Shuquan!”

As several people who were present explained one after another.

The public opinion on the BBS immediately became active and the pa.s.sion of all the people was ignited.

“Wan Shuquan?”

“I have heard of this person before, but I have never met him. I don’t know how strong his strength is. According to you, Wan Shuquan has been promoted to a first-cla.s.s Martial Superior?”

“No way. Did such an awesome thing really happen?”

“Wow, this is just a piece of explosive news! Who is this mysterious man? How old is he? How tall? Is he fat or thin? Couldn’t you see his face? Don’t you know him? Why do you call him the mysterious man?”

“Please explain. How did he guide Wan Shuquan?”

So many questions came.

The post starter who had personally partic.i.p.ated in the comparing-notes a.s.sembly also began to patiently answer the questions.

“Yes, I witnessed Wan Shuquan break through from a Martial Pract.i.tioner to a first-cla.s.s Martial Superior. Before that, Wan Shuquan also went to the arena and won three rounds in a row. Finally, he was defeated by the expert Liang Yongjie from the neighboring province.”

“Haha, speaking of this, I feel so funny. Do you know? Liang Yongjie was very arrogant. Originally, the mysterious man did not intend to fight with him at all. But after he defeating Wan Shuquan, he provoked almost all our Jiangjing Wulin on the arena as a man from the neighboring province. However, the experts could not go to the arena. If so, the experts from the neighboring province would laugh at us. As a result…”

“What happened as a result?”

“Guess what?”

“Just say it out. Why do you tantalize us?”

For a time.

Under the comment that asked whether Wan Shuquan had really broken through to the first-cla.s.s Martial Superior, a lot of replies emerged as if everyone was waiting to listen to the bedtime story.

As more and more people replied, the answerer who had been tantalizing also replied back.

“As a result, Liang Yongjie kept clamoring. People did not dare to go to the arena and fight with him, which more encouraged his arrogance. Besides, he actually took the initiative to provoke. What’s more, the one he picked from the crowd was the mysterious man. He said that the mysterious man despised him.”

“I don’t know where he saw the mysterious man despise him. Because the mysterious man had been covering his face and never showed his true colors.”

“No one expected that under his provocation, we discovered that the mysterious man was actually the one who sold the treasure in the trade fair last time!”

This made everyone surprised.

“The one who sold the treasure?”

“It is actually him?”

“I have heard that our Jiangjing Wulin came a freak who sold the treasure to make money. I didn’t expect that he is actually a super expert!”

“It’s not surprising. I heard before that this mysterious man is very powerful and even volleyed the car away.”

“I have also heard that the realm of this mysterious man is very high.”

“What happened later?”

“Go on hurriedly.”

“Quickly update.”

During the discussion, they continued to urge the update.


The post starter continued to update.

“It caused a buzz on the spot!” “Hearing he was the one who sold the treasure, everyone was clear. And there was a person who directly stood up and said that as long as the mysterious man could defeat Liang Yongjie from the neighboring province, he would give 200,000 to the mysterious man. Sounds like they have fixed the deal before.”

“At last, under the expectations of all the people, the mysterious man finally came to the arena.”

“The situation afterward was beyond everyone’s expectation.”

The post starter tantalized them again.

It seemed that everyone was attracted by the ins and outs of the whole thing. Everyone replied like crazy and requested for updates.

Just at this time.

Wan Shuquan appeared.

“I am Wan Shuquan. I don’t know if Senior John Doe can see my reply. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you.”

A reply from Wan Shuquan immediately made a stir in the entire BBS.

At this moment.

Everyone knew that this was true.

“Even the person concerned has come forward and explained. How could this be false?”

Many people asked questions to Wan Shuquan, but Wan Shuquan left a reply and then went offline.


The people could only transfer their attention to the post starter and continued to urge the update.

“Afterward, the mysterious man was tied with Liang Yongjie on the arena and was suppressed by Liang Yongjie for a time. But in the compet.i.tion, we found that the mysterious man had been learning Liang Yongjie’s combat skills and fighting with him with his skills. Although the mysterious man was. .h.i.t by Liang Yongjie, he did not lose. Instead, he directly shook Liang Yongjie away and won the compet.i.tion.”

“Then the mysterious man began to guide Wan Shuquan. He put his hand into the water, brought a stream of water flow from the pool, and moved it around him for three laps totally.”

“As a result, Wan Shuquan really broke through and directly rose from Martial Pract.i.tioner Level to the first-cla.s.s Martial Superior Level.”

“At the end, when everyone was in a daze, the mysterious man disappeared.”

“The comparing-notes a.s.sembly ended.”

The post starter finished updating at once.

Seeing the ins and outs of the whole story, the people on the BBS discussed even more fiercely.

“My G.o.d. This mysterious man is so cool.”

“Is this the legendary coming and leaving without a trace?”

“He actually made water float in midair?”

“So awesome!”

“It turned out that the mysterious man has the terrifying strength to make people directly get a promotion without the treasure. No wonder he used to make money by selling the treasure. It’s because the treasure is simply useless to him.”

“This mysterious man is simply a monster! What realm has he reached? Which cla.s.s of Martial Superior?”

Most of the people couldn’t help marveling.

But there were still a few people who didn’t believe it.

After all, there was China.

In such a big country with vast resources, too many haters emerged.

“Isn’t it too amazing? Are you telling a story? If he has the ability, why doesn’t he guide another one? Maybe he was acting!”

“Yes. I also don’t believe it. What kind of mysterious man is he? Why don’t you show us some videos and pictures?”

“That’s true. There were so many people but none of you saw his appearance. What mysterious man is he?”

“You even can’t figure out the ident.i.ty of a person. Don’t call yourselves martial arts pract.i.tioners. You don’t deserve it!”

“These people can only imagine casually?”

“Seeing is believing. In my opinion, this is simply a hype. Did a few people go to the comparing-notes a.s.sembly? They can’t recover their cost, right?”

Various terrible doubts and comments appeared one after another.

They began to open verbal fire.

The post starter appeared again.

“If you don’t believe it, just go and see it yourself!”

“Elder Yi has invited the mysterious man to the comparing-notes a.s.sembly next Thursday. Although the mysterious man did not respond, I believe he will definitely go there. Go and see it yourself by the time!”

As the news appeared.

They immediately got excited.

Haters didn’t speak any longer and many people also said they were looking forward to it, hoping to go to see the true colors of the mysterious man.

Some people even said they were itching, wanting to challenge him.

But here.

In the discussion of the entire Wulin.

Fang Qiu had returned to the dormitory and fell asleep immediately.

The next day.

After cla.s.s in the afternoon.

Fang Qiu came to the reading room in the library. When he saw Xu Miaolin, he said with a smile, “I have finished reading.”

“What have you finished reading?”

Xu Miaolin, sitting behind the seat, was dumbfounded. Then he immediately realized and asked in surprise, “So fast?!”


Fang Qiu nodded and said,

“You can test me.”

Xu Miaolin took a deep look at Fang Qiu and said immediately, “No need. I believe in you.”

Fang Qiu smiled.

He did not expect Xu Miaolin to say so.

He was very happy in the heart.

After all, it was not so easy to be approved and trusted by Xu Miaolin.

“Mr. Xu, what’s next?”

Asked Fang Qiu.

“Well. Tomorrow is Sat.u.r.day. Accompany me to see patients.”

Said Xu Miaolin.

Fang Qiu looked at Xu Miaolin puzzledly.

After hesitating for a moment, he still asked in a low voice uncertainly, “To see how awesome you are?”

“To teach you!”

Xu Miaolin was immediately filled with anger. “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh oh!”

Fang Qiu hastily nodded and responded.

“It turns out that he doesn’t mean to prove how awesome he is like last week!”

“I thought too much.”


He was also very confused in his heart.

“I just finished reading the books and Xu Miaolin is going to teach me on the spot?”

“Is this too fast?”

“However, think carefully.”

Xu Miaolin, a top-ranking expert in the field of Chinese Medicine, should have his own unique teaching methods. He must know how to teach the apprentices.

Thinking of it.

He was a little relieved.

“Thank you, Mr. Xu!”

Fang Qiu bowed to Xu Miaolin to thank him.

“Go with me. Wait for me at the bus stop at the school gate at 8:00 tomorrow morning.”

Said Xu Miaolin as he nodded.

Fang Qiu nodded and turned away.

But after Fang Qiu left.

Xu Miaolin immediately picked his brows. Looking at Fang Qiu’s back, he couldn’t help sighing with emotions, “How did this fellow read so fast?”

“It’s just been three weeks.”

“There are so many books, most of which are obscure. It is even difficult for ordinary people to read the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor.”


“Among the twenty books, except for the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor which he needs to read for a hundred times, for the other 19 books, he needs to read for twenty times for each book. It will take an ordinary person two years to finish reading even if he reads one book a day.”

“But this fellow only spent three weeks?”

“How can I not be surprised?”

Despite doubtful, he still decided to believe Fang Qiu first.

After dinner.

When Fang Qiu returned to the dormitory, he found that Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian were all wearing the same looks in the dormitory, hanging their heads with bitter looks.

“Shouldn’t you be at Yaow.a.n.g Mountain now?”

Fang Qiu asked puzzledly.

“These days, the three of them are working very hard in Yaow.a.n.g Mountain!”

“Do not mention it.”

Sun Hao glanced at Fang Qiu speechlessly. Then he turned his head himself and did not want to talk.

“The youngest, we are screwed.”

Zhou Xiaotian looked sad.

“What happened?”

Fang Qiu was surprised and asked.

“We have been driven out!”

Zhu Benzheng sighed helplessly and said, “The administrator of Yaow.a.n.g Mountain has come back. We went to be apprenticed to him with excitement, but before we said our intentions, he started to yell at us and said that we have destroyed all the herbal medicine of Yaow.a.n.g Mountain. We could hardly reply even one word. Then we were driven out!”

“It’s really depressed!”

Sun Hao added a word timely.

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