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Chapter 143 This Fighting Skill Actually Works?

Seeing this.

Everyone present was excited.

For Fang Qiu.

Coming on the arena was not for the sake of face, but because he had never fought with the people of Wulin. This was the first time and he wanted to take the opportunity to see how the abilities of the people of Wulin were.

It would be better to actually fight rather than watch many times.

When he came to the arena.

Fang Qiu secretly suppressed his combat power to the level of Martial Arts Pract.i.tioner because he didn’t want to expose too much.

At the same time.

The beautiful hostess who had been standing on the arena for quite a while quickly came forward and asked Fang Qiu with a smile, “Excuse me, sir. What’s your last name?”

“John Doe.”

Fang Qiu said.

The hostess was dumbfounded.

“John Doe?

“He doesn’t have a name?”

As a thought came to the hostess’s mind, she smiled again and said, “Then please introduce us your information?”

“No need.”

Fang Qiu rejected him.

This made the hostess embarra.s.sed again.

She glanced at Fang Qiu with her face flushed red and said, “So, since Mr. John Doe likes mystery, everyone please stakes directly.”

Just after that,

The four waitresses appeared again.

All the people present made bets, but most of them still bet on Fang Qiu.

It was not because they believed that Fang Qiu would win.

Although they had heard that the person who sold the treasure had strong strength, after all, it was just what they heard of. No one dared to be sure about it, but the strength of Liang Yongjie was real and they just witnessed a fierce battle with their own eyes.

Even if they hoped that Fang Qiu could beat Liang Yongjie, everyone still thought Liang Yongjie would win.

“But what if you will win? I won’t bet on you.”

“Even if I will lose, I will still bet on the person from my province!”

“I’m just so cool!”

The middle-aged martial arts pract.i.tioner who had been sitting beside Fang Qiu directly filled Fang Qiu’s “John Doe” when he was staking.

“You look very awesome. Please win credit for me!”

As he said.

He took out one thousand to stake on Fang Qiu.

On the other side.

The two rich second generations who had really seen Fang Qiu’s strength, directly staked on Fang Qiu without hesitation.

He Gaoming directly took out a thousand to stake on Fang Qiu.

“Although I don’t know this masked person, I have to support the person from my province even if I don’t have money to lose!”

At the same time.

Deep in the manor.

“Elder Yi.”

A young man walked into the attic and said to Elder Yi who was drinking tea, “The person who sold the treasure last time has come.”


Elder Yi squirted the tea out and asked in surprise, “Who has come?”

“The one who sold the treasure to you.”

“He has also come?”

Elder Yi hastily stood up and asked, “He also came to partic.i.p.ate in the comparing-notes a.s.sembly?”

“Yes, he is about to come to the arena. Would you like to go and have a look?”

Asked the young man.

“I have to go and have a look.”

Elder Yi said smilingly, “I have always been very curious about him. This time, I can just see his strength. You stay here and let me go alone.”


Elder Yi arrived.

Everyone got up and clenched their fists.

Everyone had great respect for Elder Yi.

Walking to a gazebo, Elder Yi sat down and looked at Fang Qiu on the arena.

“Elder Yi?”

In the gazebo, a martial arts pract.i.tioner curiously asked, “I heard that this John Doe is really something. Who do you think will win in this compet.i.tion?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Elder Yi gently shook his head and said, “I always can’t understand the mysterious person wearing a mask. I have never heard of this person in Wulin.”

Over there.

“Compet.i.tion begins!”

After a shout, the hostess stepped down.

Standing on the arena.

Fang Qiu calmly looked at Liang Yongjie who had an extremely strong momentum.

For the first time, he had a compet.i.tion with a person of Wulin, so he had some expectations in his heart.

His practical experience was all from the old master and that was all about the suppression and confrontation of strength. His actual combat experience was not too much.

This time, he came to see the abilities of people of Wulin and to learn practical experience.


The reason why he could see the flaws of Liang Yongjie’s moves was that he had been very familiar with the moves and skills of this kung fu when he studied from the old master.

If he really did it, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to achieve the effect that he expected.


Liang Yongjie folded a fist at Fang Qiu.

“You’d better rest for five minutes.”

Fang Qiu said modestly while suppressing his own strength to the extent with internal force only but without internal Qi.


Liang Yongjie picked his brow and darkened his face.

“This is what I said to Wan Shuquan.

“And Wan Shuquan lost to me.

“Are you despising me by saying so?”

In the surrounding.

Everyone laughed.

Liang Yongjie used this word to play cool before. But now this word was used by the masked person to diss him. How could people hold back laughter?

“There is no need to rest to deal with you.”

Liang Yongjie said arrogantly.

“Then let’s start.”

Fang Qiu smiled softly.

As he said.

Liang Yongjie shook his entire body without hesitation and clenched a fist, which made his momentum become completely different from before.

Having perceiving Liang Yongjie’s change, Fang Qiu secretly noticed him.

He clenched fists of both hands and rushed toward Liang Yongjie.

The two of them collided with each other quickly.

A fierce battle immediately broke out.

“Bang bang bang…”

The fists of both of them collided crazily like raindrops.

Unlike before.

In this compet.i.tion, Liang Yongjie did not have the upper hand at all.

Because Fang Qiu had already observed his fighting skills when he was under the arena, he immediately used the same fighting skills with Liang Yongjie when the fight started, which was directly attacking hard.

The two of them punched each other.

The sound of the explosion constantly spread.

It made the whole audience burst into an uproar.

“This John Moe is so awesome.”

“I heard that the most awesome thing of Liang Yongjie is his pair of fists. That Xingyi Fist is only his amateur kung fu. In the neighboring province, no one dares to fight with him directly. This John Doe can actually take his iron fists.”

“Invincible Iron Fist, Liang Yongjie?”

“It is actually him!”

“I didn’t think of it at first.”

“I heard that he crossed the threshold by Iron Thread Set and he has been invincible in the neighboring province.”

The scream was heard from all around.

Everyone was not optimistic about Fang Qiu at first, but this scene made everyone surprised.

“John Doe’s strength is also very strong, but unfortunately, he met Liang Yongjie.”

“Yes, if he continues fighting, his final result can only be a failure. Liang Yongjie’s t.i.tle of Invincible Iron Fist is not unworthy.”

“I hope that he won’t be hurt. It’s good to take the edge off his spirit.”

After the amazement, everyone talked about it and felt pity for Fang Qiu.

On the arena.


Liang Yongjie seemed to be aware of something. He squinted his eyes and moved his feet suddenly as he quickly punched, bringing out a gust of wind. He instantly changed to another fighting skill, stretching out his hands and feet together, which was fiercer and more awkward than before.


As Liang Yongjie changed his moves, Fang Qiu secretly praised.

“Liang Yongjie is really extraordinary as expected, not only having amazing fighting power but also changeable.”

From the perspective of strength, Fang Qiu could completely beat Liang Yongjie. But from the perspective of actual combat experience and the change of moves, Fang Qiu was relatively weak.

After all, he learned kung fu from the old master, which could be regarded as self-taught. There were few opportunities for actual combat. Despite he was familiar with all kinds of moves, in terms of skill change, he was worse than Liang Yongjie indeed.

As he thought in his heart.

Fang Qiu began to observe Liang Yongjie’s movements and secretly remembered.

Under the fierce attacks of Liang Yongjie, Fang Qiu stepped back while observing.

The scene in other people’s eyes.

The meaning had changed.

“Sure enough, Liang Yongjie’s pair of iron fists are really invincible. Although John Doe’s strength was also very strong, it is normal to be at a disadvantage in such a fierce compet.i.tion.”

“They have only fought for a while, but John Doe has been at a disadvantage.”

“Alas. Looks like there is no hope of the younger generation of our Jiangjing Wulin.”

“They were just on a tie. How come John Doe has been at a disadvantage in a moment?”

Under the arena.

They all shook their heads and sighed.

“Alas. He pretended to be mysterious. My money!”

He Gaoming said with a bitter face.

The two rich second generations that were sitting at the same table with him were wearing a weird look.

“It’s strange. With senior’s strength, he can completely beat the guy from the neighboring province. Why is he suppressed on the contrary?”

One of them murmured as he raised his eyebrows.

“Can this person be not the senior?”

Another person asked in a low voice.

“It shouldn’t be wrong.”

The first person shook his head depressingly and said, “Let’s continue to observe first, maybe the senior has any other thoughts.”

On the arena.

“It explained the matter.”

Fang Qiu, who had been chased and hit at a defensive position by Liang Yongjie, suddenly lit up his eyes.

He learned the fighting skills of Liang Yongjie all over again.


He moved his feet.

“Pah pah pah…”

His speed was very fast, just like Liang Yongjie was before. He changed defense to attack, colliding madly with Liang Yongjie again.

At this moment.

Everyone on the scene was astonished.

“What on earth is going on?”

“Wasn’t he suppressed just now? Why are they on a tie in a short moment?”

“Why do I feel a bit strange?”

“Look, why are his fighting skills exactly the same as Liang Yongjie’s?”

At the sound of this.

Everyone just came to sense.

Taking a closer look, they found that the fighting skills that Fang Qiu was using were exactly the same as Liang Yongjie.

For a moment.

Everyone present was shocked.

“It’s not that he couldn’t beat Liang Yongjie but he was learning Liang Yongjie’s fighting skills all the time.”

“No way. Even if he was studying, he couldn’t be so fast.”

“Think about it carefully. When the two of them just fought with each other, how could John Doe be on a tie with Liang Yongjie? It was because the attack methods and skills he used were exactly the same as Liang Yongjie. After Liang Yongjie changed his moves, he was immediately at a disadvantage. Now they were on a tie again and what he was using was also the practical skills that Liang Yongjie used after changing moves. Could it be a coincidence?”

A word woke up the confused people.

At the sound of this, everyone widened their eyes and stared at Fang Qiu on the arena. They wanted to see if Fang Qiu was studying while fighting.

On the arena.

“What the h.e.l.l?”

Liang Yongjie was also shocked.

When he changed his moves to suppress Fang Qiu, he was very confident that he could definitely defeat Fang Qiu. However, in a short moment, Fang Qiu actually used the same fighting skills as him, which made him very shocked.

“Impossible. He can never learn in such a short period of time.”

Although he firmly denied inwardly.

The movements of Liang Yongjie couldn’t help changing.

He changed his moves again.

He wanted to see if Fang Qiu was really studying while fighting.

Because Fang Qiu was using his fighting skill, he naturally knew what kind of skill could restrain Fang Qiu.

As expected.

When Liang Yongjie changed his moves, Fang Qiu would gradually be at a disadvantage.

But over there.


Fang Qiu, who was on the back foot, did not panic. Instead, when he saw the change of Liang Yongjie’s fighting skills, his eyes lit up and he said inwardly, “This fighting skill actually works!”

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