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Chapter 14 I Am So Handsome

“Come on, Chen Cong! Come on, Chen Cong!”

The whole Cla.s.s Three all burned with rage and loudly cheered for Chen Cong.

Chen Cong now had no ears to the surrounding. He could only see the opponent in the eyes. Even if he knew the opponent was not as good as himself, he still went all out like a goshawk fought a rabbit.

w.a.n.g Kang stepped in front of Chen Cong and found that Chen Cong still held out his hands without any movement. With a cold smile, he quickly got close to Chen Cong and directly punched Chen Cong in the face with his left fist.

The punch was quick, accurate and relentless!

But this was still not his deadly kill action. This punch was only on Xu Huang’s level. The real deadly kill action was the round hourse kick of his right leg.

Just when his left fist was shaking back quickly, his right round hourse kick had already hit Chen Cong’s head hard from the side.

Chen Cong seemed not to realize, still motionless. w.a.n.g Kang was very happy inwardly and thought he would succeed.

But when his round hourse kick was going to hit Chen Cong, Chen Cong suddenly moved, but without moving footsteps. Chen Cong held the body back directly in a dramatic angle and escaped the round hourse kick.

His right foot gave a quick kick to w.a.n.g Kang’s left leg gently.

It was too late for w.a.n.g Kang to react in the moving process of round hourse kick. He lost his balance and exclaimed, directly falling on the ground heavily with the face down on the floor.

“Balance is lost and the legs are not strong.”

Chen Cong commented.

w.a.n.g Kang stood up, looking pale. He clenched his fist to Chen Cong and stepped down in dejection.

An expert could prove the truth with only one movement. From the stroke just now, he knew he couldn’t defeat Chen Cong definitely. Many people once stood to lose from his stroke, but he never thought he was knocked down by only one stroke.

It was better to step down rather than remaining on the stage disgracefully.

No first ranking for literati and no second ranking for martial artists. He lost definitely and had nothing to say.

The audience offstage looked at each other in dismay. No one expected it had ended so soon.

From the beginning to the end, it took less than 10 seconds. The opponent was directly knocked down.


“Clap, clap, clap…”

The applause burst out.

The whole Cla.s.s Three shouted, “Chen Cong! Chen Cong!”

The people offstage from the Martial Arts a.s.sociation looked pale but the situation was stronger than a person. They also knew how awesome Chen Cong was, so they were sincerely convinced of their losing.

The President of Martial Arts a.s.sociation had already been thinking about how to recruit Chen Cong to the a.s.sociation at the recruitment fair next Sunday.

If they had a signboard like Chen Cong, there would be more people signing up to the a.s.sociation at the registration time!

The currently lost reputation could be found back then. The greater Chen Cong’s reputation was, the more famous the Martial Arts a.s.sociation would be!

Chen Cong enjoyed the cheers offstage very much. He clenched the fist to the audience and then continued to wait.

The man he was waiting for hadn’t come yet.

Time was almost up. It was 7:18. Only two minutes left.

“Don’t let me down, Fang Qiu!”

At this time, the lights at both sides of the rostrum were on, lighting up the dark rostrum.

The clock ticked away and it was 7:20 now!

Chen Cong looked at the position of Cla.s.s Three. Fang Qiu did not come. He spontaneously sighed with great disappointment inwardly.


Suddenly there was someone crying out in the crowd.

The crowd looked at him puzzledly.

The person pointed in horror to the shed with an all-steel frame above the stage.

All of them looked in the finger’s direction and stared blankly at the current situation.

There was a man impressively sitting on a steel structure eight to nine meters high above the ground.

A man wearing the military training uniforms and a mask!

n.o.body knew when he got on it.

They also didn’t know how he got on there.

They looked to the left and right but didn’t see any ladder or any place for him to go up.

Chen Cong also looked at the man sitting leisurely above his head, shocked.

He knew clearly that there was n.o.body up there when he came and was also sure that if anyone went up there, he would find out.

But by now he had not found how and when this guy went up there.

And at this height, he would never do it so leisurely.

“Who is this guy?”

A question arose in his mind.

Not only him, but the audience offstage were also all whispering and discussing. They all had no idea who this person was and why he came here.

While everyone was discussing, the man above him made another amazing move.

He jumped down.

He jumped down from a place where was seven to eight meters high.


Everyone cried out involuntarily.

This was a place of eight to nine meters in height. Normal people would get hurt if they jumped down like him!

But something even more surprising happened.

The man landed firmly on the ground, silently!

It made people feel that he did not jump from a height of eight to nine meters at all, but from a height of eight or nine centimeters.

Otherwise, how could he land so silently!

“How come there was no sound!”

Chen Cong stared at the feet of the man in front of him, his eyes full of horror.

What his opponent did was really too scary.

What kind of Kung Fu was this?

Chen Cong had never seen anyone who could do this and never thought anyone who could do this.

“You are?”

Chen Cong raised his head and stared at the man in front of him.

“Aren’t you looking for me, are you?”

He was Fang Qiu, and his voice changed. His figure was not as straight as before and he was very casual and slack.

“Fang Qiu?”

Chen Cong frowned and denied the answer immediately. Fang Qiu’s voice and body obviously were not like his at all.

“Then who is it?”

“Could it be my letter of challenge accidentally brought out an awesome guy and this person was also a freshman like me?”

“Who are you on earth? Why not show your real appearance?”

Chen Cong said as he sank his voice.

The audience offstage were all stared at Fang Qiu with sparkling eyes and wanted to see who he was.

“This is not necessary.”

Fang Qiu looked at the crowd offstage. Then he looked at Chen Cong and said, “I am so handsome that I will make you jealous.”

Chen Cong was so speechless.

The crowd offstage almost fell to the ground.

Shortly, a burst of boo and hoots came out.

“He doesn’t dare to show his face. He must look very ugly!”

“Yes, it is! If he is not ugly, why not dare to show his face?”

“Very ugly! He must be ugly!”

“Hey hey, you really want to see my face?” asked Fang Qiu who burned with rage to the crowd offstage.


The crowd offstage roared in a chorus.

“OK, I’ll let you see what a handsome boy looks like!”

Fang Qiu put his hand behind his ear and was going to take off his mask.

Chen Cong stared at the action of Fang Qiu. He wanted to see who he was on earth first.

The audience offstage all craned their necks to see what this guy looked like.

“Ugly or handsome?”

“Do I know him?”

Fang Qiu looked at the expectant expression of everybody, a crafty look came to his eyes.

“Hey hey.” He smiled.

He pulled the mask away.

“What the h.e.l.l!”

The crowd offstage swore in unison.

There was another mask under the mask.

And it was painted with a snicker face of a vertical brow and two rows of big white teeth.

It seemed to be laughing at them!

If they had rotten eggs on their hands, they would all throw them to that guy on the stage.

He made a fool of everyone!

This guy did not look like a serious person at all!

“Let’s start.”

After fooling them, Fang Qiu no longer paid attention to the crowd’s reaction offstage. He said to Chen Cong directly.

“OK! Let me see how awesome you are today! Please!”

Chen Cong said with his fists clenched.

After Chen Cong stopped speaking, the audience offstage found Chen Cong’s temperament changed.

It was completely different from that just now. Just now if he looked very casual, now he was like a tiger waiting for hunting, peeping at his prey.

Compared with the appearance when he contested with w.a.n.g Kang before, they all knew that Chen Cong was really serious this time.

He could use one movement to defeat the expert from Martial Arts a.s.sociation without looking in the face. Then what kind of strength would he burst out if he became serious?

All of them were looking forward to it.


Fang Qiu clenched his fist and slowly stretched out his right hand, just as Chen Cong had done before when he battled with w.a.n.g Kang.

This movement made Chen Cong pick his brows.

It was just the same as he had done before. It was OK if they were the same but the meaning behind it was more than that.

It meant that Fang Qiu had come when he battled with w.a.n.g Kang!

Otherwise, it was impossible for him to see this movement and make this movement again!

The opponent went up to the steel beam under his nose, but was not found by him. His evaluation of the mysterious man in front of him became higher again.

Chen Cong moved his feet and stared at Fang Qiu.

He was not going to wait for the opponent’s attack. He was ready to attack first!

Fang Qiu did not move at all and looked at Chen Cong with a half-smile in his eyes.

As soon as Chen Cong just moved his feet to the side of Fang Qiu, he suddenly gave an attack without any fancy action like a performance. With a direct punch, he hit toward Fang Qiu’s chest as fast as a flash of lightning.

The punch could have hit his temple or even his head.

But he didn’t do it. It was not risking lives, so he should stop in time and leave some leeway.

But the next second, a sound of “bang” was heard. Chen Cong was. .h.i.t back over ten meters. He could only stop his body against the stage wall.


Everyone offstage opened their mouth widely and hadn’t realized what happened completely.

“What the h.e.l.l is going on here?”

“Haven’t seen what happened, how did he fly away?”

They only saw Chen Cong’s attack, but didn’t see how Fang Qiu stretched out his hands at all.

From Chen Cong’s attack to his flying out, it was just a flash and then ended.

“Was that too soon?”

“Was that too awesome?”

Chen Cong clutched his chest and looked at Fang Qiu in front of him with a full face of horror. Others didn’t know what was going on, but he was very clear.

Just when his fist reached Fang Qiu’s chest, Fang Qiu drew back slightly and waved the left hand directly, striking him in the chest.

He perceived that it was too late and the defense was impossible. His opponent was too fast!

Chen Cong flew away under only one hit.

The opponent’s force was so precise that it immediately drew back once generated.

It just made him fly off, but didn’t hurt him.

Chen Cong kind of couldn’t accept this result.

One move!

With only one move!

His opponent defeated him with only one move!

The Kung Fu he had been proud of was so vulnerable in front of his opponent!

It was also difficult for the audience offstage to accept the result.

When Chen Cong battled with the expert of Martial Arts a.s.sociation a.s.sociation, he defeated the opponent with only one movement!

And smart Chen Cong even couldn’t make one movement in front of Fang Qiu!

“He was too awesome!”

They just forgot that they were fooled by the masked man on the stage just now and looked at him with awed and adoring eyes.

The students of Cla.s.s Three ceased all activities at this time.

Only some cheering could not work. It was about the gap of strength.

And the masked man shocked them directly with his strength.

He seckilled Chen Cong. It was not well-matched. It was seckilling!

He had to be convinced!

Liu Feifei stared at the masked man on the stage with her eyes widely opened.

Disbelief was all over her face.

“When did such an awesome guy appear in the university?”

“Never heard about that!”

“Appear out of the blue?”

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