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Chapter 138 Pay The Debt!

A while later.

Some footsteps were heard.

Tracing the voice.

A young man who looked like a boxer with a fit figure, wearing a hoodie and white gauze on his hands, slowly walked down the stairs not far away.

Fang Qiu said to the middle-aged man without looking at him, “You have thirty seconds.”

“You better leave, or I won’t be easy on you!”

The middle-aged man signaled the dozen or so of people to besiege him while talking.

But those people didn’t dare to step forward.

The middle-aged man was furious.

These motherf.u.c.kers were useless!

“Fifteen seconds left!”

Fang Qiu said.

The middle-aged man gave a vicious order to the young man. “Beat him away!”

Just as he finished the sentence.

The young man who was standing on the stairs suddenly jumped and reached nearly three meters away, like a hunting leopard with extremely fierce momentum, and then he lifted up his fist and rushed to Fang Qiu.


Fang Qiu snorted without care.

Right when the young man reached in front of him, he lifted his right hand and stopped the fist, then grabbed.


He directly grabbed the young man’s fist.

He didn’t even take a step.

The young man’s horrific rus.h.i.+ng inertial power strangely disappeared.

“You got ten seconds.”

Fang Qiu threw his right hand as he spoke.

The young man was thrown far away like a rubber ball and smashed onto the ground.

Then he pa.s.sed out.

The middle-aged man was shocked.

He spent a lot of money to bring the young man, who could smash human heads with his Thai boxing skills, from the underground boxing market.


He saw himself that the young man used the knee crash from Thai boxing and caused serious injury to a strong man weighing 100 kg.

But this guy in front of him didn’t even weigh 75 kg, but he could easily grab the young man’s fist and knock him off in a second?

He found it hard to believe.

While the middle-aged man was shocked, ten seconds had pa.s.sed.

“Time’s up!”

Right after he said it.

Fang Qiu moved his body, appeared in front of the middle-aged man, then reached his hand, grabbed the man’s neck, lifted him in the sir, and said in a cold tone, “Pay the debt!”

At this moment.

The Thai boxing expert suddenly bounced back from the ground, and then rushed to Fang Qiu again, trying to attack his back.


Just when he rushed behind Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu kicked his right foot backward and smashed the man’s chest hard like he had got eyes on his right foot.


The young man let out a scream, and then he was thrown away and couldn’t get up again.

This time he pa.s.sed out hard.

“You guys come fight him, come on.”

The middle-aged man was anxious and furious, screaming at the dozen or so of people.


But it turned out that his people still didn’t move a bit.

This guy in front of them was a monster, and they had tried before, so n.o.body dared to fight him right now, and they knew it would be suicidal to rush to him.

At aside.

On this side, the middle-aged man was still screaming in fear and anger.


The answer for him was a crack sound.

Before he could realize anything, Fang Qiu pulled his left hand and directly dislocated his right arm.

“Ah, ah…”

The middle-aged man started to get scared.

“Your left leg is next, you have three seconds.”

Fang Qiu said in a cold tone, and his voice had no feelings in it.

The middle-aged man’s whole body s.h.i.+vered.

“Too slow.”

Fang Qiu shook his hand. Three seconds had pa.s.sed, and he grabbed the man’s right leg with his left hand and pulled it down, dislocating the man’s leg bone.

The man felt indescribable pain.

“I’ll pay, I’ll pay…”

The middle-aged man couldn’t stand it anymore, and he had never seen such a cruel man.

He just broke his arm and leg!

He said under great pain, “I’ll pay all the debt.”

Fang Qiu threw his hand.

He smashed him on the couch.

Then he walked to the couch in front of him and sat down.


The middle-aged man let out a painful howl.

“You have one minute.”

Fang Qiu said.

The sentence, like a soul-hunting curse, made the middle-aged man scared to his gut.

“I’ll pay, but you have to tell me whom I owe money to. How am I supposed to pay if you don’t me who I should give money to?”

The middle-aged man said in a panic.

“That unfinished building!”

Fang Qiu said.

“I got it, I got it.”

The middle-aged man turned around abruptly and said to the pale housekeeper, “Go to my room and get my account book and some cash, get all of my cash.”

The housekeeper went upstairs in a panic.

A while later.

The account book came.

According to the record on the account book, the middle-aged man gave the right number of money to Fang Qiu.

He got the cash.

Fang Qiu got up to leave.

After the first step he took, he suddenly stopped, then turned around and looked at the middle-aged man, saying, “Don’t mess with those workers, or I’ll make you suffer.”


While he was talking, he banged the tea table with his right hand.

The luxury tea table made of marble was shattered into pieces and fell on the ground.

Watching this.

The middle-aged man was literally dumbfounded.

“I won’t, I won’t, I swear, I swear!”

He was supposed to fix the man’s arm and leg, but this man was just too awful to save. “Let him suffer!”

He walked out of the villa.

Fang Qiu carried a suitcase full of cash in it, and he moved and hurried to the unfinished building.

He arrived at the unfinished building again.

The flames were still flickering in the wind.

Near the log fire, Wei Dong sat on the ground and stared at the fire with his lifeless eyes. The tears on his face had dried off, but his eyes still looked red.

Fang Qiu didn’t see any sign of decadence on his face but just some depression.

He took some soft steps.

He walked over in front of Wei Dong.

“Go grab something to eat, find a place and have a good rest.”

While he was talking, Fang Qiu placed the suitcase full of money in front of Wei Dong and said, “This is the money the foreman owns you, I got it for you. The rest is for your co-workers. You have a good rest tonight, then distribute the money tomorrow.”


Hearing what he said, Wei Dong s.h.i.+vered.

He looked at the suitcase in front of him, then lifted his head and looked at Fang Qiu. There seemed to be more crystal-clear tears running out of his dry eyes.

“Thank you!”

Wei Dong squeezed out a thank you in his dry throat.

Then he burst into tears.

“Thank you, thank you!”

Wei Dong cried, and he was choked with tears, but there were hope and smile s.h.i.+ning in his eyes.

He laughed; he cried.

That was right.

He used to be a bad guy, and he didn’t have to be so humble and submissive when he asked for wages. Now he was living a poor and hard life because he wanted to be a good man now.

His sharp spirit was still there, and his pride was still there.

It was just that he was willing to use them to do good things and help the poor.

Even if he was cornered like this, he wouldn’t do one more bad thing again.


Staring at Weidong, Fang Qiu stayed silent.

Only Wei Dong’s “thank you” kept echoing in his ears.

“Go ahead.”

A while later, Fang Qiu sighed slightly and said, “Take care of yourself, because only when you are fine and healthy, could the students you supported financially live a good life. They still got a long way to go, and so did you.”


After he said that, Fang Qiu turned around.

“It wasn’t me.”

Watching Fang Qiu who was about to leave, Wei Dong said in tears, “On behalf of my co-workers and the kids living in the poor mountain area, I want to say, thank you.”

Fang Qiu smiled.

Apparently, Wei Dong made sense of it all.

While smiling, Fang Qiu moved his body and went away quickly, and then he disappeared in the dark in the blink of an eye.

“Thank you, thank you…”

Behind his back, Weidong screamed as loud as he could.

In the next morning.

“Dee dee dee…”

Just when he finished breakfast and got back to the dorm, Fang Qiu’s phone rang.

It was He Gaoming.


Fang Qiu answered the phone with confusion.


He heard He Gaoming’s loud laugh from the other end of the phone, and then he heard him saying, “Sure, one good turn deserves another, and one evil act attracts another. Before I can kick some, someone did it already.”


Fang Qiu was confused.

“Wei Dong!”

He Gaoming laughed out loud and said, “This morning I was about to help him out, but I couldn’t find him. Then I used my Dayin Detective Agency to look it up, and guess what?”

“I found out that there was someone who got the wages back for Wei Dong, not only Wei Dong’s, he also took back the rest of the workers’ wages. This morning, Wei Dong went to the bank and wired the money to his co-workers.”

He Gaoming didn’t expect it would be Fang Qiu.

It was mainly because Fang Qiu looked like a good student and didn’t look like the type that would do such a thing.

Hearing that.

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

He believed in Wei Dong, and Wei Dong didn’t disappoint him.

“Really? Great.”

While smiling, Fang Qiu answered, pretending to be surprised.


He Gaoming continued saying, “I also found out that after he wired the money to his co-workers, he immediately took twenty-eight thousand out of the remaining thirty thousand and sent it to the students in the poor mountain area.”


Talking for a while, He Gaoming couldn’t help sighing. “That guy is a good man!”

Fang Qiu nodded and agreed.

At the same time, he felt happy inside.

It looked like that Wei Dong listened to what he said last night, or he would donate all the money to the kids.

Wei Dong left two thousand for himself, so he must have thought through it all. He knew that only if he was well, could the poor kids be well.

“Speaking of this, I do need to ask you for a favor.”

Fang Qiu said.

“What is it?”

He Gaoming was confused.

But anyway, he still owned Fang Qiu a free service.

“I want to take out three hundred thousand yuan and let Wei Dong keep it. I want you to supervise the whereabouts of the money.”

Fang Qiu said directly.


He Gaoming was a bit shocked, and he asked, “Are you the rich second generation?”

Fang Qiu only smiled slightly but did not answer.

“Three hundred thousand was a lot.”

He Gaoming hesitated and said, “But, I don’t want to warn you, this money will only be used for good deeds when in Wei Dong’s hands. Besides, I still owe you a free service. Chill, I’ll look out for you.”

“Thank you.”

Fang Qiu answered.

“We’re friends, no need to thank me!”

He Gaoming laughed out loud, then immediately lowered his voice and asked mysteriously, “Are you free tonight?”

“For what?”

Fang Qiu asked.

“Nothing serious, you have money, I have a taste. I want to make some money with you. Wonder if you’re interested?”

He Gaoming said.

“Make money?”

Fang Qiu was taken aback, and then asked, “By what?”


He Gaoming laughed mysteriously, and said, “Just tell me if you’re free tonight or not. As for the money, you’ll see. I won’t lie to you anyway.”

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