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Chapter 130 Fang Qiu You Creep!

He went back to school.

Fang Qiu randomly grabbed something to eat in the canteen.

It was already past eight o’clock at night when he got back to his dorm.

In the dorm room.

Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng were all lying on their separate beds, reading something about the medical skill and learning about the foundation of Chinese Medicine.

They did it for the test in cla.s.s tomorrow.

Three weeks had pa.s.sed, tomorrow was the day of the last evaluation and selection for the Chinese Medicine basic knowledge compet.i.tion.

This time nine partic.i.p.ants would be chosen in the whole school.

So the three of them determined to try their best, even if they couldn’t be selected, they needed to beat the youngest!

But they might be selected if they beat the youngest…

At eight o’clock the next morning.

All the students of Cla.s.s Three gathered in the cla.s.sroom.

Qiao Mu appeared in the cla.s.sroom on time with a stack of test paper.

As soon as Qiao Mu appeared, all the students immediately locked their eyes on the paper in his hands.

“Everyone, attention.”

Qiao Mu walked onto the rostrum, then laughed and said, “This is the final test, I know everyone is ready for it.”

“In addition, I want to warn you guys in advance, this test is related to the final grade, if you pa.s.sed this test, you will pa.s.s the final examination of this course.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up suddenly.

What was the college students’ biggest fear?

Failing the final examination!

According to what Qiao Mu just said, pa.s.sing this test meant pa.s.sing the final examination.

This made the students really excited.

Besides, not only was the result of this test related to the final grade, but also related to their apprentice plans!

“Do you guys believe in yourselves?”

Watching everyone’s excited faces, Qiao Mu screamed immediately.


Their loud answer shook the roof.

After the scream, many of them turned around and looked at Fang Qiu with antic.i.p.ation.

Everyone knew about this test.

Everyone worked hard to prepare for it. How could they be willing to lose when they all lost to Fang Qiu the last time.

After preparing for so long, they had to be selected this time!


Qiao Mu nodded with satisfaction, then handed out the test paper.

“The duration of this test is sixty minutes.”

“And the test begins now!”

Right after Qiao Mu’s order, everyone started to write pa.s.sionately.

Everyone was reading the questions carefully and writing down the answers quickly.

Qiao Mu slowly wander around. Watching them writing down answers, he nodded with great satisfaction.

It looked like:

All of them worked hard in the past two weeks!

It was naturally the teacher’s biggest satisfaction that the students were willing to study hard.

After a stroll.

Qiao Mu went back to the rostrum and looked at Fang Qiu.

At this moment, Fang Qiu was still reading and answering the questions calmly, like he used to. He looked rather relaxed, but he was writing really fast.

“This kid hasn’t changed a bit.”

“With his capacity, he could definitely get into the compet.i.tion. He even pa.s.sed the hardest test, this will be easy for him.”

Thinking about it.

Qiao Mu couldn’t help nodding with a smile on his face.

He got emotional when he remembered Fang Qiu still got more than eighty on the hardest test.

A lot of the students lifted their heads occasionally, only to find Qiao Mu was staring at Fang Qiu, showing his great confidence in Fang Qiu.

Watching this.

The students who wanted to make a name for themselves on this test, suddenly became more compet.i.tive, wanting to beat Fang Qiu in this.

You could do this? So could I!

If the test was like a turbulent river to them and they needed to go against the current, then Fang Qiu was like the gateway to success standing at the headwater of the river.

The fish needed to jump across the gateway, those who made it could become the dragon!

Fang Qiu was fast.

They were faster.


The test was just too hard.

Even if they had the courage and determination to go against the current, they couldn’t speed up.

Looking back at Fang Qiu.

He was still writing down answers calmly, question after question.

Time flew.

Half an hour had pa.s.sed soon.

At this point, everyone was thinking hard about the questions.

But Fang Qiu suddenly stood up.

With the test paper in his hand.

At this moment, everyone stopped writing.

They were dumbfounded and staring at Fang Qiu.

What were you doing?

Handing in the paper again?

“Mr. Qiao, I’m finished.”

Fang Qiu walked toward the rostrum and handed the paper to Qiao Mu.


Everyone couldn’t help cursing in their hearts.

He really did hand in the paper again?

He was fast last time!

He was still fast this time!

Besides, the test was really difficult this time!

The rest of the students looked at Fang Qiu’s paper full of answers, then looked back at theirs, only to find they hadn’t even finished half of the questions.

Right now.

Everyone was speechless.

They had been working hard for two full weeks but in the end, Fang Qiu could still beat them easily.

Fang Qiu, you really were a creep!

You arrogant a.s.shole who didn’t know how to be modest!

Everyone was too frustrated to comment on him.

They never saw Fang Qiu studied hard in normal times, then how could he be so smart?


All kinds of low crying and wailing echoed in the cla.s.sroom.

After Fang Qiu handed in the paper, on his way back, when he pa.s.sed Zhou Xiaotian, he saw Zhou Xiaotian rolled his eyes on him, then he said in a low voice, “You are a creep.”

Fang Qiu put on a wide smile to Zhou Xiaotian.

It looked like an innocent smile, but it was actually sarcastic.

Zhou Xiaotian got hurt badly again.

On the rostrum.

Qiao Mu picked up the paper Fang Qiu just handed in, and glanced over it, then nodded and put down the paper with satisfaction.

“Genius. He is indeed a genius!”

“He could definitely get selected into the compet.i.tion with this grade!”

But on the other side.

Fang Qiu returned to the desk and took out the ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’ under the desk, then studied the book in the corner of the cla.s.sroom alone.

After Fang Qiu handed in the paper.

The rest of the cla.s.s soon gave up on fighting for the first place, then focused on fighting for the second place.

They definitely couldn’t beat Fang Qiu.

Since they couldn’t beat him.

They decided to go for the second place.

The second place might not sound nice, but they would absolutely look nice when they got in the compet.i.tion.

Everyone kept their heads low and continued to write with this idea in their mind.


An hour had pa.s.sed.

Time was up.

“Put down your pen!”

Qiao Mu, who had been observing from the rostrum the whole time, opened his mouth suddenly.

As soon as he gave the order.

It started to get noisy in the cla.s.sroom immediately.

The students were all crying and wailing, looking at each other, they surprisingly found out that none of them finished the test.

Judging from their speed, they couldn’t even win the second place!

In the bitter complains, all the papers were handed in.

After everyone handed in their paper.

They all laid eyes on Fang Qiu who was reading in the corner.

“This creep!”

“This d.a.m.n creep!”

“Why did I end up being his cla.s.smate? Is he even human?”

All the unspoken criticism echoed in their hearts.

They definitely wouldn’t take a test with Fang Qiu ever again, it was too humiliating.

In the gloomy atmosphere.

After collecting all the paper, Qiao Mu said something to brighten the mood, then began the cla.s.s.

This test made a lot of them upset.

But they all kept their spirits up and listened to the lesson carefully when Qiao Mu began the cla.s.s.

The cla.s.s was over.

Qiao Mu left the cla.s.sroom with the paper, and gathered with the other teachers who supervised the test.

This test.

Basically it could be finished within a day.

Of course, the school had prepared well for it in advance. To avoid the test being leaked, every cla.s.s had different test paper, but the degree of difficulty was the same.

Today’s course had ended.

After their cla.s.ses.

Fang Qiu, Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng left together, they planned to have something in the canteen then head back to their dorm room.

On the halfway.

The four of them walked past Yaow.a.n.g Mountain.

The three of them were talking about the questions in the test and how horribly fast Fang Qiu finished them.

Fang Qiu, who didn’t join the discussion, was looking around.

When he laid eyes on the Yaow.a.n.g Mountain, he saw an old professor taking a group of students to identify herbs on the Yaow.a.n.g Mountain.


Fang Qiu was a bit shocked when he recognized the old professor.

Professor Ma Wenxuan.

He was one of the fifty masters, he was very knowledgeable, apart from knowing the dialectical treatment of some normal diseases and some difficult miscellaneous diseases, he was also very good at Herbalism.

He was one of the top professionals who specialized in the understanding and application of Chinese herbs, and he was given many important awards.

On this side.

“Is that Professor Ma?”

The three people who were talking about the test, got distracted by Fang Qiu’s question, turned around and looked at the Yaow.a.n.g Mountain.

“Are Professor Ma actually taking his students on a field trip?”

Sun Hao looked surprised.

“Professor Ma is very kind.”

Zhu Benzheng was very jealous.

“Why didn’t he choose me? Mr. Ma, your real disciple is right over here!”

Zhou Xiaotian cried.

“Only if we could follow a master, then we would have done better in the test.”

Sun Hao sighed deeply.

“Yeah, if I had worked harder back then, I would have found my master by now.”

Zhu Benzheng had regretted written all over his face.

“Little brother…”

Zhou Xiaotian looked Fang Qiu with a sad face and said, “Do you really have the heart to see us suffer like this?”

Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng looked at Fang Qiu at the same time.

What he meant was simple.

Could he go easy on them about reading ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’ for twenty times?

They thought it would be easy to read it for twenty times, but it was too hard to understand.

Fang Qiu couldn’t stand them, asked, “How many times have you read it?”


Zhu Benzheng felt embarra.s.sed, then added. “I read it intensively, I didn’t just glance over it.”

“Me, too.”

Sun Hao said.

“I also read it very intensively.”

Zhou Xiaotian also said.


Fang Qiu pondered, a.n.a.lyzing the situation.

They finished reading ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’ in a week.

Judging from that, they were pretty hard-working.


‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’ wasn’t a book you could understand by just reading it roughly.

Besides, they were indeed very hard-working this week.

He stopped pondering.

“Alright, I’ll find something for you guys.”

Fang Qiu nodded and said.

Hearing what he said.

Their sad faces disappeared completely.

“Little brother, you are truly our life savior!”

Sun Hao looked really touched, said, “You are making me cry, believe in me, I’ll always remember what you did for us.”

“Yeah, you’re making us cry!”

Zhe Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian both nodded.

Fang Qiu was like, “… Where is the tear?”

“Why don’t you guys go back first, I want to go to the library.”

While talking.

Fang Qiu turned to another direction and left.

The three of them looked at one another and smiled, then headed back to the dorm happily.

Fang Qiu didn’t go to somewhere else but directly to the reading room in the library, and he saw Xu Miaolin.

At the moment, Xu Miaolin was sorting out the books on the desk that other students returned.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Xu.”

Fang Qiu greeted him respectfully.

“Here you are.”

Xu Miaolin took a look at Fang Qiu, then continued to sort out the books.


Fang Qiu walked over and helped him, then he asked while sorting the books, “Mr. Xu, I want to ask you something, in our school, apart from you, are there any other well-learned impressive teachers that people don’t know about?”

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