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Chapter 126 Fifty-One vs Fifty-One?



Han Zhen was shocked.

The reason he inquired how many people Fang Qiu had examined was to see how he could get so many votes after only one day’s work.

After all, last week’s votes were cleared.

The votes of two people could only be counted as one vote. Based on this almost impossible, horrible probability, Fang Qiu would have to examine at least a hundred patients to get fifty votes.

Was it possible to examine a hundred patients a day?

But when he heard the number of the patients that Fang Qiu had examined from the intern, he was completely shocked.

The votes of two people could only be counted as one vote. In his opinion, what Fang Qiu did border on the miraculous.

To his surprise, Fang Qiu got all the votes!

That was impossible!

“Fang Qiu can’t fake it, can he?”

The intern whispered incredulously.


Han Zhen’s face darkened. He shook his head and said in a deep voice, “There were so many people watching him in the hospital. If he faked it, he couldn’t make it so unreal.”

“Make sense.”

The intern nodded gently and added, “I didn’t believe it before, and I went out of my way to inquire about it. I heard that the patients Fang Qiu examined this time were all referred to him by previous patients.”

“Fang Qiu is a formidable adversary…”

Han Zhen whispered.

Just then.


With a knock on the door, a nurse in her thirties came in with a patient.


Han Zhen looked up and saw an acquaintance following the nurse.

That man was a frequenter in the hospital.

Every once in a while, he would come to him and vote for him almost every time.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t cured his illness; it was just that his living habits were so bad that he had so many minor problems.

Without much thinking, Han Zhen looked at his watch immediately.

There was one last minute.

It was only a minute, but he couldn’t help laughing.

This time.

He would win!

After examining this patient and receiving the most precious vote in his hands, he was sure to win over Fang Qiu.

Han Zhen went to examine the patient immediately.

His att.i.tude was unusually good.

The patient was unable to react to it.

After diagnosing the patient, Han Zhen saw the patient out.

Meanwhile, he winked at the intern aside.

The intern immediately followed the patient out.

Although it was time to get off work, Han Zhen didn’t leave.

He still stayed in the consulting room.

Two minutes later.

“Doctor Han.”

The intern ran over and said to Han Zhen with a happy face, “The patient voted.”


Han Zhen wore a dazzling smile and asked, “How many votes do I have now?”


The intern replied.

“What about Fang Qiu?”

Han Zhen questioned closely.

He still couldn’t rest a.s.sured.

“Fifty, the same as before.”

The intern answered.

Hearing this, Han Zhen couldn’t help laughing.

He laughed and breathed a great sigh of relief.

“I had one week, but he only had one afternoon. Although the victory isn’t honorable, the truth is, I do win! Last week, he beat me, but this week, I beat him!”

Han Zhen said with a faint smile.

But there was no sign of shame on his face.

“Of course!”

The intern immediately opened his mouth and said, “You are recognized as the best among young doctors in our hospital. I came here for your fame. Fang Qiu is still a student. How can he compare with you?”

“You can’t say so.”

Han Zhen shook his head with a smile and said, “Since Fang Qiu was able to diagnose fifty patients in one day, he’s really something.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

The intern nodded hurriedly and said, “Dr. Fang Qiu is great, but you are even greater.”

Han Zhen laughed heartily.

Everybody had to admit that the intern was a good kiss a.s.s.

He had a promising future!

“Let’s go!”

After laughing, Han Zhen said, “Let’s go to the orthopedics department and see Dr. Fang Qiu.”


The intern nodded in agreement.

After that, the two men, who had taken off their white coats and put on formal clothes, walked out of the consulting room toward the orthopedics department on the seventh floor.

They came to the seventh floor.

The two met Cao Ze, who was leaving, in the corridor.

“Doctor Han?”

Seeing Han Zhen, Cao Ze was slightly surprised.

Immediately, he thought of the contest between Han Zhen and Fang Qiu today and understood the intention of Han Zhen.

Of course.

Cao Ze took a neutral position in the contest between the two of them. It didn’t matter to him who won.

But as a member of the orthopedics department, Cao Ze was inevitably partial to Fang Qiu inside.

“Hey, Cao Ze!”

Han Zhen greeted Cao Ze with a smile and said, “You’re learning from Dr. Shen Chun. Before long, you’ll be able to enter the hospital, right?”

“It’s still early to talk about that. I need to be tested before entering the hospital.”

Cao Ze responded with a smile.

“The test is a piece of cake for you.”

Han Zhen said with a smile. He then changed the subject and asked, “What about Dr. Xiao Fang in the orthopedics department?”

“He’s still in the consulting room.”

Cao Ze replied faithfully.

“He’s still in the consulting room?”

Han Zhen was shocked and asked suspiciously, “Isn’t it the time to leave work? Why is he still there?”

While asking, a bad feeling came over him.

“He’s still in the consulting room! Is he diagnosing the 51st patient?”

“We’re not going to draw, are we?”

“He couldn’t help it!”

Cao Ze shook his head gently and said, “Half a minute before Dr. Xiao Fang should leave work, he suddenly received a patient. Although the patient was in rags, he had already come to him, so he could not refuse to diagnose him and had to continue to work.”

“Half a minute?”

Han Zhen frowned.


Cao Ze said, frowning, “But Dr. Xiao Fang worked quickly today, and he was able to diagnose one patient in almost three or four minutes. Nevertheless, more than ten minutes have pa.s.sed, and the patient has not come out.”

In fact, he was curious about that.

Because they were both in the orthopedics department, and their consulting rooms were very close. From the first day when Fang Qiu started to work, everything about him was exposed under Cao Ze’s nose.

He knew everything clearly.

Fang Qiu diagnosed fifty patients today, and almost all of them were treated in two or three minutes, with few occupying five minutes. It was the first time a patient hadn’t come out after ten minutes.

Han Zhen could not help but worry.

The longer Fang Qiu spent diagnosing a patient, the more careful he was, and the more likely he was to please the patient.

The patient would vote for him if he liked him.

“Couldn’t it just happen to be fifty-one vs fifty-one?” thought Han Zhen.

“Dr. Han, would you like to come over there?”

Cao Ze was aware of the purpose of Han Zhen, so he invited him.

Han Zhen nodded.

The three of them immediately went to the chairs in the waiting area and sat down.

On the bed inside the consulting room lay a middle-aged man, whose clothes were somewhat dirty and ragged.

Standing in front of the bed, Fang Qiu didn’t care if the middle-aged man’s clothes were dirty. He placed his hands directly on the man’s spine and touched it carefully from top to bottom, again and again.

Originally, with his Absolute Touch, he could easily feel a patient’s physical condition and cause of disease. But this patient’s illness was too serious.

He had a dislocation of almost every bone of the spine.

According to the normal situation, he must undergo high paraplegia with this kind of injury.

But this patient, however, was able to support this body and come to the hospital for medical treatment. In the eyes of other doctors, this was a miracle.

Fang Qiu was surprised as well.

As a result, he touched the bones so carefully that he did not want to miss a tiny place.

The middle-aged man lay on the bed silently and allowed Fang Qiu to touch his bones.

On closer observation, the clothes he was wearing were ragged, but not dirty.

He just hadn’t washed his hair for a long time, which made him look a bit untidy.

In addition to his greasy, dirty hair, the man had a beard, which had not been sheared for a long time. Moreover, he was a little thin.


Fang Qiu stopped and took a deep breath.

After several rounds of careful touches, he finally grasped the patient’s whole situation.

He could not help but frown.

The patient was in serious condition.

After a moment’s reflection, Fang Qiu decided to give the patient the right to choose how to treat him.

“It is difficult to treat you. There are two treatment options. Do you want to cure the injury all at once, or do you want multiple, separate treatments?”

“It can be very painful to cure you at once because you have so many dislocations in your spine. The dislocations must have to be rectified completely. If you treat them multiple times, the pain can be shared equally.”

“Cure me at once, please.”

Without hesitation, the middle-aged man looked up, smiled sheepishly, and said, “I don’t have much money.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu was silent.

At last, he said, “Fine!”

“You have to hold back. Let me know if you can’t stand the pain.”

The patient smiled and nodded.

Then, Fang Qiu placed his hands on the patient’s first thoracic vertebra.

He did not act for a long time.

Setting the thoracic vertebra itself would not bring pain to the patient, but the act would impact the ribs. And when the ribs moved, it could be very painful!

The pain was unbearable to ordinary people.

He was afraid that the patient could not stand it.

“Well, tell me your story, so you won’t feel too much pain.”

Fang Qiu finally sighed and said.

“My story is not good.”

The patient lay on the bed and smiled sadly.

“Everyone has a story, and I’m sure you do, too. Can you tell me that? I’m interested,” said Fang Qiu.

When he touched his bones, he felt that this guy was a man with a story. And he felt in him the power of good.

Therefore, he was very curious about it.

A moment of silence.

The patient took a breath and nodded. “All right.”

Then he asked, with a wry smile, “How bad do you think a man can be?”

“I don’t know.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen anyone particularly evil.”

He had been in school these years and had little contact with society.

The evilest people he had ever seen were riffraff in society when he was in high school. They bullied his cla.s.smates, and he beat them back.

The others should be those who collected the medicine on his trip to Mount Taishan.


The sick man smiled sadly and said, “There’s one right in front of you.”

As he finished the sentence, a sound was heard.


Fang Qiu suddenly forced his first thoracic vertebra back into place in an instant.


The patient grunted painfully, and his muscles and body, which had been relaxed, suddenly tightened.

“This is only the first time. It will hurt more. Are you sure you don’t want to cure the injury little by little through many times?”

Fang Qiu asked thoughtfully.

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