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Chapter 124 The Barrier Became Bigger…

Because everyone was so shocked by the fact that Fang Qiu could make such a constructive proposal, everyone was also very curious whether Fang Qiu, as the proponent, had been picked up by any supervisor.

If he hadn’t been picked up by any supervisor, he would be so ashamed!

It immediately aroused many people’s replies.

“He should definitely be picked up?”

“I don’t know. As a proponent, if he himself wasn’t even selected, wouldn’t it be a shame?”

“What’s a shame? Does the proposal have anything to do with the apprentice? The apprentice depends on strength. For example, I’m so capable but I wasn’t picked up by anyone.”

“Upstairs, go to h.e.l.l! Fang Qiu is just a freshman. During this interview, how many freshmen have been picked up?”

“The Campus Belle Jiang Miaoyu, a freshman, seems to be selected, but I didn’t see Fang Qiu seemingly.”

“Fang Qiu is my cla.s.smate. I saw him on the playground, but he didn’t queue for the interview.”

“He didn’t queue up? He didn’t even attend the interview. Could he not be apprenticed?”

“He should not.”

“I didn’t see Fang Qiu either.”

All of them were making comments. Those who had seen Fang Qiu all said that Fang Qiu did not queue up for an interview. Those who hadn’t seen Fang Qiu simply said that they did not see him.

As a result.

They were more curious.

“Whether Fang Qiu has been apprenticed or not?”

On the other side.

Li Qings.h.i.+ was also browsing this posting.

As the President of the Student Union, he had successfully been apprenticed. Looking at the students crying out in the posting, he could not help being arrogant in his heart.

“Being able to stand out among so many students is enough to prove how excellent I am!”

Especially when he saw the comments about Fang Qiu.

Li Qings.h.i.+ was much happier inwardly.

“Fang Qiu, you are nothing more than this.”

“Even if you got a stroke of luck and made a good proposal for the university, what’s the point? In the end, you just made your own sacrifice to help others?”


When he thought that Fang Qiu wasn’t apprenticed and cried out like the students who were not selected, he couldn’t help feeling comfortable.


Fang Qiu, the target who was warmly discussed by everyone, didn’t know what was happening on the BBS at all. Instead, he was still lying in front of his desk and reading the book.


In Room501, it was unusually quiet.

No one was talking.

The four of them were all reading books.

“Or I just make one call?”

After watching “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” for a while, Fang Qiu found that he kind of couldn’t calm down because Jiang Miaoyu’s figure always appeared in his mind.

“I don’t know if Jiang Miaoyu has succeeded in being apprenticed.”

He was a little restless inwardly.

“Anyway, I can’t absorb anything from the book now.”

Fang Qiu thought for a while and finally took out his mobile phone, dialing the phone number of Jiang Miaoyu.

“Du du du…”

The sound of call waiting came from the phone.

A while later.


Jiang Miaoyu picked up the phone.

“Miaoyu, I am Fang Qiu.”

Said Fang Qiu.

“Hmm. I know.”

The sound of Jiang Miaoyu was very light and it seemed that her mood didn’t swing at all.

Fang Qiu smiled bitterly and didn’t care about it. He asked,

“How are you? Do your feet feel better?”

“Much better. Thank you for your concern.”

Jiang Miaoyu replied still with a very strange voice.

“That’s good.”

Fang Qiu nodded lightly and then asked, “How is the interview today?”

“Not bad.”

Replied Jiang Miaoyu.


Asked Fang Qiu.

He was actually much happier somehow while saying it.

But over the phone.

Jiang Miaoyu’s tone was still faint without any mood swing.

In fact.

She was lying in bed and biting her lip.

She frowned slightly and on her delicate and beautiful face, there was an unknown emotion dimly.

“Yes. Apprenticed.”

In the end, Jiang Miaoyu released her lip and said, “I’m apprenticed to a teacher who specializes in acupuncture. The one who treated the student that got heatstroke on the playground. His name is Zheng Guoqing.”

“It’s him.”

Fang Qiu nodded with understanding and said, “I have heard that he is very awesome. Like Li Meiyan who specializes in acupuncture, he has won many honors. He looks very amiable and teaches very carefully.”


Jiang Miaoyu nodded.

“Why weren’t you apprenticed to Ms. Li Meiyan?”

Fang Qiu asked curiously, “Shouldn’t a girl be apprenticed to a female supervisor?”

“Why must girls be apprenticed to female supervisors?”

Jiang Miaoyu suddenly said with an angry voice, “Every girl’s personality is different. You even don’t know my personality. Why do you think I should be apprenticed to supervisor Li Meiyan? Can’t I be apprenticed to other teachers?”

Fang Qiu was dumbfounded.

“She seems not to be talking about the apprentice thing but something else.”

“Excuse me for my abrupt questions.”

Said Fang Qiu.

Hearing this,

Jiang Miaoyu bit her lip again. She seemed to want to say something, but as soon as she spoke, she changed the topic and asked, “What about you? Which supervisor are you apprenticed to?”

“I didn’t.”

Fang Qiu shook his head.


Jiang Miaoyu was curious.

Because in her opinion, Fang Qiu would definitely be selected if he wanted to be apprenticed.

After all.

As soon as he entered the university, he could do bonesetting and he had been specially recruited into the hospital to be a doctor. With such an extraordinary ability, Fang Qiu should not be rejected.

“I want to lay the foundation first and will come back next year.”

Fang Qiu told a fib.

“Good idea.”

Replied Jiang Miaoyu.

“It’s not much of an idea. Hope you won’t leave me way behind by then.”

Said Fang Qiu.

“I won’t.”

After Jiang Miaoyu said that.

Suddenly, both of them were silent.

They seemed to have a lot to say, but they seemed to have nothing to say.

Jiang Miaoyu suddenly did not know what to say but lied on the bed and bit her lips. Normally, when she had nothing to say, she would take the initiative to say goodbye and then hang up the phone, but this time, she did not. She just put the phone stuck to her ear, seeming to be reluctant to hang up.

She seemed to be waiting for something.

Fang Qiu was also silent.

He didn’t know what to say either. He had already known what he wanted to know. He was also a little happy because Jiang Miaoyu had succeeded in being apprenticed.

On the phone, the time was ticking away.

Both of them were silent without saying anything, but none of them was willing to hang up.

After a long time.

Fang Qiu just took a deep breath and said, “Congratulations on your success of apprentice. Nothing else.”

“Thank you.”

Said Jiang Miaoyu in a low voice with a little disappointment in her heart.

In a short while.

At the same time, both of them removed the mobile phones that had been attached to their eares for a long time, glanced at the name of each other displayed on the mobile phone, and then hung up at the same time.


After hanging up the phones, both of them were in a daze.

They both had the same feeling that there seemingly was a barrier between the two of them suddenly.

Just like the last time when the two of them couldn’t sing the chorus at the Start-of-Term Ceremony, but this time, the feeling was deeper.

This made both of them a little inadaptable.

Of course.

Both of them were also clear.

This barrier appeared because of that night.

The night when Fang Qiu did not go back to school but stayed at the hotel to accompany Jiang Mengjie instead.


For this matter, Fang Qiu could not explain it at all and could not find any reason or excuse to explain it.

Moreover, for this kind of thing, the explanation would be concealing.

“Since there was no other choice.

“Then that’s it.”

Putting down the phone, Fang Qiu took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling in a daze.


“Dee dee dee…”

The phone, which was just put down, rang.

Fang Qiu picked up the phone and found it was Jiang Mengjie.


The line was connected.

“Fang Qiu, congratulations on the praise from the university. In addition, you are now such a famous person that you are even well-known at my university. My cla.s.smates are all talking about you!”

The voice of Jiang Mengjie was still so full of vitality.

Fang Qiu was surprised at the sound of this.

He was a little puzzled.

“Why don’t you speak?”

Jiang Mengjie said with a sweet smile, “I just knew the apprentice plan that has been highly praised was actually proposed by you—my old cla.s.smate. I should treat you differently from now on!”

Fang Qiu understood and said with a smile, “It’s just an immature suggestion.”

“You are modest!”

Jiang Mengjie said, “Why have you always been so modest? Sometimes, you are so modest that I think you are showing off to me!”

Fang Qiu smiled lightly.

“Well, if you have nothing to say to me, I will go to read books.”

Jiang Mengjie said simply.


Fang Qiu did not know what to say at the moment but only replied one word.


Jiang Mengjie said in a little harsh voice and then hung up.

Fang Qiu looked at the phone and smiled bitterly.

He put the phone on the desk, picked up “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” which had been placed aside, and started to read it like crazy.


For a whole week, Fang Qiu had been reading like crazy and his speed was extremely fast.

It was not reading books but was turning over books.

And his speed was faster and faster as he turned over books!

After reading “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” for a hundred times, he read the six books out of the remaining nineteen books for twenty times.

For him, he had attained a lot this week.

Every time he read, he could gain something.

While reading and studying, Fang Qiu also gradually understood why Xu Miaolin asked him to read.

Because only when he understood the books thoroughly one by one could he integrate the knowledge in the books.

A week later.

The fifty supervisors who had partic.i.p.ated in the apprentice plan officially began to train their apprentices.

For example, Shen Chun took an apprentice to the hospital every day for teaching guidance and occasionally, he also gave his students some practical opportunities.

Some supervisors with too many honors just set goals directly for their apprentices. Of course, the goals were not scores but the learning and understanding of the knowledge of Chinese Medicine that must be mastered.

As for the current teachers and the old teachers who had retired, they just started to give public lectures. Many students who hadn’t been apprenticed all rushed to sit in on the

For less than a week.

The teaching atmosphere in the university had become extremely strong.

Because the university advertised the apprentice plan in the media, there were also many teams of other Universities of Chinese Medicine coming for visits and the leaders of the Education Bureau also came here for inspection.

Seeing the teaching atmosphere of the School of Chinese Medicine so strong, the leaders of the Education Bureau were extremely satisfied.


The school leaders were happy every day.

Even when they went out for meetings, they were all dignified.

The other eight universities.

Like University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, they chose the same day to officially carry out the interview a.s.sessment for the apprentice plan.

On Sunday.

Jiangjing Medical University.

Because it was in the same area as University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, the students in the university had already heard that the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine had taken the lead in carrying out the apprentice plan.

The students were looking forward to it very much.

Especially when they were with the students from University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, they were even more envious.

When the apprentice plan was officially implemented in the university, the students of Jiangjing Medical University were all like crazy.

Like University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

The interview was held in the playground.

More than forty famous old teachers had joined in it.

All the students were waiting in line for interviews. The scene was extremely lively.

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