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Chapter 120 All Parties Are Moving

At the same time,

The eight leaders from other universities of Chinese medicine called to report the grand occasion of the interview at Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine as soon as they left the campus.

Running in the forefront was of course Medical University of Jiangjing from the same city.

The leader of Medical University of Jiangjing was Liu Guohua, a middle-aged man in his 40s.

After leaving Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine,

Liu Guohua rushed back to the medical university in the same city.

On his way back, he phoned the school management to hold a meeting.

Medical University of Jiangjing.

The conference room for the management.

“How was it?”

As soon as Liu Guohua arrived, the school management members asked immediately.

“It was completely banana!”

Panting heavily, Liu Guohua answered, “You have no idea. It was a sea of people. Students suffering sunstroke refused to leave.”

“No way!”

“That crazy?”

The school leaders in the conference room suddenly became astonished.

“Tell us more. How is Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine implementing the Apprentice Plan program?”

One of them urged immediately.

“Just an interview.”

Liu Guohua took a sip of water and continued, “Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine this time is investing heavily. They have invited 50 well reputed teachers to be the mentors. Do you know that Li Meiyan? Even she has come out of retirement. And Zhang Zhenzhong and Shen Chun… All influential figures! Originally I thought it was just a list of big names to keep up appearances. I didn’t expect all of them to come. They are all very serious about it.”

“Such a big game?”

One person blurted out in shock.

“Wait for more.”

Liu Guohua said with a wry smile, “The most important thing is that there is a student named Fang Qiu in their school.”

“A student?”

Everyone present was confused.

What could a student have anything to do with this?

They asked questions.

“Before there was a rumor that this Apprentice Plan program was suggested by a student to the management of Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.”

Said Liu Guohua, “This news has been confirmed. Chen Yinsheng has confirmed it personally.

“And this student is not simple. When I was there, he provided three more pieces of advice to Chen Yinsheng and they were all brilliant!

“Most importantly, he’s only a freshman. Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine has enrolled a genius!”

A freshman?

This outstanding?

Everyone was shocked.

“What advice? Share with us.”

One person asked the question on everyone’s mind.

They were all very curious about this student’s advice.

“The first two were just normal.”

Liu Guohua explained, “The first one was about observing order during the interview, requesting students to queue up and complete their interview within a limited time. The second, he suggested to prepare mung bean soup for students in case of sunstroke. These two are no big deal that most people could come up with them. Chen Yinsheng was simply too excited to think about it.

“The best was the last.”

Everyone in the conference room immediately raised their ears.

“He suggested a hard and fast rule regarding students’ basic skills that they must get at least 85 points on each course. For those who have failed to meet the requirement for the first time, their position will be held for them temporarily. If they fail again, they’ll be kicked out directly.”


Everyone on the scene was astonished.

85 points!

It was a high score in university.

And it was set as a basic condition for the apprentices.h.i.+p.

This condition was fairly strict. However, thinking about the good learning atmosphere this proposal could bring, they were amazed.

Very good advice!

Seeing their expression, Liu Guohua suggested immediately, “So we must hurry. We can’t let Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine have an exclusive claim to this fame. We are in the same city. Soon, Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine will definitely use the media for ma.s.s propaganda. We must start to draft a plan right now and carry it out. We might have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity to do some propaganda.

“The most important thing is that we can’t be inferior to them though we are not specialized in Chinese medicine.”

All the leaders nodded.

We must do it!

And make it big!

We can’t let Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine step on our head!”

Of course, Medical University of Jiangjing was not the only one.

The relevant leaders of other schools reported the situation over the phone because they were unable to return at once.

Everyone who was at the interview made it sound urgent. They had started developing a plan to send back to their school as soon as possible. They couldn’t be the first but they aimed to be one of the first three.

Half an hour later,

Seven written reports about Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine’s Apprentice Plan and the grand scene at the interview were respectively sent back to the seven universities outside of Jiangjing.

Because of the phone call ahead,

The management of those universities were well prepared. As soon as the materials arrived, they organized inst.i.tute directors and staff in higher positions to discuss.

Huizhou University of Chinese Medicine. Conference room.

“According to this report, this student interview of Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine was indeed an unprecedented grand event!”

The old exclaimed while reading the materials. “I didn’t expect such a constructive proposal to have come from a freshman.”

“This Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine has got themselves a true talent by chance!”

A friendly looking director in suit commented with a smile.

“It was just a piece of advice. Is it enough to make him a talent?”

Said a dean, with a tone of dissatisfaction.

As a dean.

How could he easily admit the gift of a student from another school? Moreover, as a member of the senior management, he had never thought of such a brilliant Apprentice Plan. It was proposed by the president of Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine and it was all thanks to this Fang Qiu.

Admitting the gift of Fang Qiu would be admitting his incapability in work compared to Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine.

“Not just one. It’s a whole system.”

The old gently shook his head and said, “Besides this apprentice plan program, this student Fang Qiu has provided three more suggestions. The first two were about the student interview. We can put it aside. This last one is very good.”

“What’s the third one?”

Asked the director.

“A hard and fast regulation on results of study.”

Answered the old “This student suggested the school to limit the apprentices.h.i.+p and tutors’ utmost care to students with a score of 85 or higher to prevent some students from aiming too high without a solid foundation. If they are unable to get a good result in the next exams, the tutors will kick them out.”

Hearing that,

Everyone in the conference room had lights in their eyes.

That dean felt a little embarra.s.sed.

He didn’t thought of this at all.

This hard and fast rule sounded harsh but it was actually an excellent spur to the students, encouraging them to work harder.

If all the students could give their best effort on study, the school’s overall performance would inevitably rise.

This would be a great thing.

“This Fang Qiu is not simple.”

The old sighed and said, “It is unfortunate that he is not with us or this great opportunity would be ours.”

“President, what shall we do?”

Asked the director.

“What shall we do?”

“Carry it out now!”

The old made up his mind and said decisively, “Contact our experienced teachers and convince them. It would be okay if they could only do part-time. We must complete this Apprentice Plan program as soon as possible. We can’t let Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine monopolize the limelight. We must grab this opportunity. We are not the first one but we can’t be the last!”

Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. Conference room.

“I didn’t expect this Apprentice Plan to become such a big deal.”

A senior member of the school management stood by the conference table, handing the just received materials to the president. He said, “Looks like our school should take action quickly as well.”

“Send out the notice and introduce the Apprentice Plan to the students. Contact our teachers in active service and retired and convince them to take partic.i.p.ation.”

After reading the report, the principle gave order.

Then he added, “Pay attention to a student called Fang Qiu in Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine and see if he’s on the list of contestants for the quiz.”

“Ah? Fang Qiu is a freshman?”

Asked a dean with shock.

He was already astonished enough to find out that such a proposal was from a student. He didn’t expect him to be a freshman at all.

“That’s right.”

The president nodded and said, “This student made three suggestions to the leaders of Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine and the management there valued them dearly. Soon it will be the freshman quiz. If he didn’t have any talent, the school management wouldn’t have taken this student so seriously. If he is on the list for the quiz, this year’s quiz won’t be that simple.”

At the same time,

Other Chinese medicine schools also held meetings to study and discuss.

After just one hour,

The eight Chinese medicine schools issued notice and immediately began to carry out the Apprentice Plan program. The shools were busy contacting their experienced teachers, giving announcements, and doing propaganda.

With the actions of the nine universities including Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine, other Chinese medicine schools across the country were stirred.

After seeing the relevant details,

The top management of those Chinese medicine schools were stunned.

They learned that the news they had received became a reality.

It might even become a hit!

“Looks like all Chinese medicine schools across the country are to go through great changes!”

“Apprentices.h.i.+p will become the mainstream of all the Chinese medicine school in this country.”

“Apprentices.h.i.+p is the general trend!”

Surprised and emotional,

All the Chinese medicine schools across the country began to organize discussions immediately.

As the discussions went on, detailed reports reached the top leaders of those Chinese medicine schools all over the country.


The name Fang Qiu quickly spread among the management of different Chinese medicine universities across the country.

Just like the leaders of the other seven universities, the management of these Chinese medicine schools were amazed to find out such a great proposal was made by a freshman.

Without any doubt.

The name Fang Qiu left a deep impression on these university leaders.

Over there, Chinese medicine schools all over the country were busy working on their own apprentices.h.i.+p program as the intervie continued in Jiangjing University of Chinese Medicine in an orderly way.

On the sports ground, Fang Qiu was still wandering about, observing those tutors’ healing methods.

Perhaps due to the great excitement,

Xu Miaolin also came to the sports ground.

“Mr. Xu, what brought you here?”

Seeing Xu Miaolin, Fang Qiu immediately went forth to greet him.

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