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Chapter 116 The Apprentice Plan Is Really Proposed by a Student?!

“Yes, we have to hurry up!”

Sun Hao said hastily.

“The youngest, go with us.”

Zhou Xiaotian said to Fang Qiu who was reading a book as he packed up.

“I won’t go.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I will stay and read books. Anyway, I will neither be interviewed nor be apprenticed. It is a waste of time for me.”

He had already been apprenticed, so today’s apprentice meeting had nothing to do with him.

So it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t go.

“No, you have to go!”

Sun Hao immediately answered, “We are friends, do you know?”

“Our bright future will be decided today. Even if you won’t be apprenticed, don’t you have to stay with us at our crucial moments?”

“That’s right!”

Zhou Xiaotian echoed. “You can also see the scene of our apprenticing so that you won’t say we have no action.”

“Let’s go together.”

Zhu Benzheng also persuaded, “Don’t always stay in the dormitory and read books. It’s rare that our university is so bustling. Just take it as a walk! The point is what if you meet a right teacher. Won’t it be a pity if you don’t go this time?”

Fang Qiu smiled bitterly.

He really didn’t want to go.

However, it would be ungracious to refuse them.

He also couldn’t say that he had found a teacher.

“Hurry up. What are you waiting for?”

Sun Hao came forward, grabbed Fang Qiu’s arm, and said, “If you stay any longer, I will secretly take a nude-photo of you and upload it to the BBS!”

“You win!”


Fang Qiu answered Sun Hao, put down the book in his hand speechlessly, and lightly let out a sigh. Without taking anything, he came down from the bed, quickly put on shoes, and rushed to the playground with his three roommates.

When they came to the playground, they were all dumbfounded.

The playground was full of people.

“It’s really a sea of people. It has never been so lively even when welcoming new arrivals!”

Zhou Xiaotian was shocked by the scene in front of him.

“There have never been so many people in the playground!”

Fang Qiu was also surprised at the scene in front of him.

He hadn’t expected it to be such a big event.

It was estimated that all the students were in the university were here.

A total of more than 30,000 people all gathered in the playground, which could be imagined why the scene was so lively.

“The senior over there is so pretty!”

Said Sun Hao as he stood on tiptoe to look at somewhere.

“Where? Where?”

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian hurriedly looked around.

Fang Qiu quickly took hold of the three of them and said, “Don’t forget why are you coming here?”

The three of them hurried to return to normal.

They immediately decided a gathering place and then dispersed to inquire about the news around.

Fang Qiu just wandered around the playground.

Wherever he went, what he heard were all praises and expectations of the apprentice meeting.

And inner nervousness as well as encouragement to others.

“My G.o.d. Before I inquired, I even didn’t know that all the doctoral students have come here!”

Sun Hao said with emotion as the four of them met near the rostrum at 8:45 am.

Both Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian nodded in a grim face.

“Things are in a bad way!”

“There are too many compet.i.tors who are too strong. Compared to them, we are just rookies who know nothing and who can do nothing!”

“Cheer up and believe in yourself!”

Fang Qiu immediately encouraged them as he found the three of them lack of self-confidence.


The three of them nodded hard.

At this time.

Vice President Chen Yinsheng and several school leaders came.

Under the gaze of all the students, they walked to the rostrum.

Chen Yinsheng walked in the front of the rostrum and picked up the microphone. Looking at the students who were filled with pa.s.sion in front of him, he was very happy.

“Since we have such students, why should we worry about the prosperity of our university?”

“Why should we worry about the prosperity of Chinese Medicine?”

“Please be quiet.”

Said Chen Yinsheng as he took a deep breath.

All the students present quieted down instantly.

The entire playground was terribly quiet.

All the eyes were focused on Chen Yinsheng.

Chen Yinsheng said loudly without being fearful for these eyes, “Everyone, today is the first day of the official opening of the apprentice plan of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

“I can see great enthusiasm from everyone’s face. I am very pleased and also very moved.”

“But what touches me more are the fifty professional supervisors who spare no effort to contribute to the university!”

“Many of them are old professors who have already retired. Some people have been teaching at the university for decades while some have been treating patients in hospitals for decades. Each of them has made outstanding contributions to the university and they have dedicated all their youth to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!”

“Even today, when they should sit pretty, they still choose to stand up and contribute to our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!”

“Actually, our university management also talked about it, saying that we shouldn’t let these retired old professors work anymore because their contributions to the university have been very huge and they should enjoy their lives quietly.”

“But when these old professors heard the news that they could teach students, they all chose to give up their comfortable lives and the opportunities to make money. Instead, they chose to guide the students and continue to make contributions to the development of Chinese Medicine!”

“They are selfless devotees and the real doctors of Chinese Medicine!”

“Come on, let’s applaud these selfless seniors! They are our role models!”

The applause burst out.

The sound rent the air.

Everyone applauded genuinely.

Thinking that these old professors still came out to teach them despite the age over seventy years old, they were grateful and moved genuinely.

What’s more, not only the old professors but also some current school leaders and the directors of the hospital had come out. “Although they are so busy, they are still willing to come out to help us and lead us by the hand.

“How lucky we are!”

Most of them determined to study hard after being apprenticed inwardly and to repay the university and the teachers for their directions!

The applause stopped.

Chen Yinsheng continued to say emotionally, “Since the supervisors are making contributions selflessly, I hope that you can also cherish the opportunities and don’t waste the painstaking efforts of the supervisors!” .

“I hope that everyone can cherish this opportunity which seems to be easy to get. Everyone needs to remember one sentence: Those gotten easily can be lost more easily!”

“You must treasure this opportunity!”

“Everyone, you have to know that if you don’t study hard, it won’t only be a personal matter, but it will also have an impact on every teacher and every student at the university!”

“A student who doesn’t study hard will take up a quota and this quota is very likely to squeeze out a self-motivated student!”

“In this case, you will not only ruin yourself but also others, even the earnest teachings of the teachers!”

“So I hope that everyone can study hard and make great progress as well as improvement. Can you do it?”

Chen Yinsheng asked aloud.

In the playground.


Everyone shouted in unison.

Including Fang Qiu!

“Good! Very good!”

Chen Yinsheng said aloud, “Remember, this is what you have promised me. As a man of indomitable spirit, you have to be faithful to your promise and never break your word!”

“In addition, there is one thing that you may not know. I didn’t want to say it at first, but to motivate you, I want to tell you.”

“Since you have the opportunity to be apprenticed to famous supervisors today, not only should you thank Qi Kaiwen, the Director of Hospital of Chinese Medicine and the Vice President, Zhang Xinming because the apprentice plan has been gradually formed under the promotion of the two of them.”

“But you also need to thank a person who is a student like you. The apprentice plan was just proposed by him!”


Hearing this.

All the students present were shocked!

“A student?”

“Is the apprentice plan really proposed by a student???”

“The grapevine is actually true?!”

Not only the students but also the teachers who joined in the fun were shocked.

They did not expect that it was actually put forward by a student.

“The most important thing is that it has been adopted by the university!”

“It has never happened since the founding of the university!”

“It turned out to be proposed by a student.”

In the crowd, Jiang Miaoyu thought about it.

“Who on earth is it?”

“Jesus! It’s really a student. This student is really something! Screwed! Screwed. There is one less quota of the apprentice because this guy will definitely be chosen.”

Sun Hao said depressingly after being shocked.

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian were also shocked and depressed.

Hearing the words of the Vice President, Fang Qiu was stupefied indeed at the side.

He had never expected that the Vice President actually said this in front of everyone at this time.

“Is he going to expose me?”

Sure enough.

On the rostrum, Chen Yinsheng stretched out to beckon everyone to be quiet.

The playground quieted down immediately.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Chen Yinsheng to see if he would announce the ident.i.ty of this student.

They were quite curious inwardly. “Which great man proposed the apprentice plan to the university management?”

“This student is a freshman.”

Said Chen Yinsheng.

Everyone was even more shocked.

“This is exactly the same as the grapevine on the BBS.”

Some of them were admiring the people who spread the grapevine while some were looking in shock at the freshmen group.

“A freshman put forward such a constructive suggestion just when he entered the university?”

“Is this too exaggerated?”

“This is not the point.”

Chen Yinsheng continued saying, “The reason why I said that he is a freshman is to ask each of you to learn from this student. He is a student and you are also students. All of you are good!”

“So if you have any constructive suggestion afterward, please put forward more to the university. I’m thanking you on behalf of the university!”

Just as everyone was going to applaud.

Chen Yinsheng suddenly continued to say a sentence, bringing a stunning piece of big news.

“His name is Fang Qiu!”

He knew how much trouble this student would have when he mentioned the student’s name in front of everyone.

“But this student has put forward such a suggestion that is beneficial to everyone. I need to mention his name!”

Therefore, he said it in public.

In order to thank the student named Fang Qiu.

As expected.

Just after that.

All in an uproar!

“Fang Qiu?!”

“Is that Fang Qiu who has become a celebrity on the BBS?!

“Is that Fang Qiu who sang together with the campus belle at the Mid-Autumn Evening Party?”

“Is that Fang Qiu who sang at the Start-of-Term Ceremony?!”

“It’s actually him?!”


The moment when Zhou Xiaotian, Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng, who were standing together with Fang Qiu, heard Fang Qiu’s name, they immediately dispersed in all directions.

Keeping Fang Qiu at a distance, each of them goggled at Fang Qiu in disbelief.

As if they were looking at an alien!

“It is actually Fang Qiu???” .

Standing next to Jiang Miaoyu, Yuan Bei was shocked.

“It’s actually him. Why has he never told us?”

Huang Manman said, “My G.o.d, this person is too awesome and too tolerable! After doing such a big thing, he could have never said it!”

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